Move or Die v12.0.0 - SKIDROW

Move or Die Game Free Download Torrent
Already from the title Move or Die it is clear that in the game you have to move in order not to die. We offer you to download an entertaining platformer to play together with friends. And you can play up to four people with one computer. The game contains a huge selection of various modes, so you will not be bored. Call your friends and go to the small cards to fulfill the set conditions, which generally come down to stay the last one alive on the map. The game received more than one prestigious award, which is not surprising, because the graphics, mechanics and a variety of modes are truly pleasing. Enough bombing mode you need to transfer a ticking bomb to another player as soon as possible to understand that the authors' fantasy works fine.

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Workers and Resources Soviet Republic v0.7.7.0

Workers and Resources Soviet Republic Game Free Download Torrent
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Workers and Resources Soviet Republic is the economic strategy of 2019 of the 3Division studio, whose task is to create a fictitious state that is part of the USSR. For this purpose, a wide range of buildings and other structures were provided, which allow not only to create an efficient industry, but also to satisfy the needs of residents. In the game Workers & Resources Soviet Republic, the gamer assumes the role of a manager, and his task is to develop the city. An important feature of the game is its freedom. The game does not set specific goals, the direction in which the state will develop, is left to the discretion of the player.

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Monster Jam Steel Titans - CODEX

Monster Jam Steel Titans Game Free Download Torrent
If you are a fan of crazy drive with mad adrenaline, cool cars and dizzying stunts, you just need to download the Monster Jam Steel Titans torrent. Here you expect uncompromising racing on steel monsters, complete destruction and total chaos. Game developers have fulfilled their promise — all the cars presented in the project, in the smallest detail, recreate the most famous models of monster trucks. In total, the player can choose for himself the favorite model of more than a few dozen, and each such monster mobile has completely unique characteristics.

Dark Devotion v1.0.3 (26.06.2019) - Razor1911

Dark Devotion Game Free Download Torrent
Razor1911 Full game FREE DOWNLOAD Latest version TORRENT
Dark Devotion is an exciting adventure that promises to be quite dangerous and unpredictable. This time you have to become the luminary of faith and pilgrimage, which should bring light through darkness. To succeed, you have to defeat a huge number of demons, try to bring light into the most mysterious and dark corners of the temple, but most importantly, you need to return faith in the neighborhood so that they are no longer subjected to poisoning by foul darkness. The game adventure has a number of interesting features, starting with an unusual, but still pleasant pixel graphics, ending with a huge choice in terms of the development of certain things.

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Diesel Brothers Truck Building Simulator v1.1.9999 - CODEX

Diesel Brothers Truck Building Simulator Game Free Download Torrent
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Diesel Brothers Truck Building Simulator is a very cool car tuning simulator, and with the support of custom modifications. The game was created based on the TV program «Diesel Brothers» and will allow you, just like the main characters of the TV show, to tinker with powerful four-wheeled monsters pickups. And the first thing I would like to say about the main features of this game — it is in the detailed tuning of pickups. And the word «detailed» is very appropriate here, because you will not only have to choose the parts you need and press the installation button, but personally install every detail, personally screw in each new bolt, and adjust all the elements yourself. Think it easy? You are mistaken! Lost to screw in just one bolt and all — all your labors down the drain.

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The Sinking City v1.0 - CODEX

The Sinking City Game Free Download Torrent
The game The Sinking City unfolds in America in the 1920s. A small town called Oakmont, in Massachusetts, was subject to a local cataclysm. Suddenly, the deluge slowly began to grow throughout the town. Most of the townspeople were evacuated at the first opportunity. However, a number of people remained in their homes — representatives of the city government, indigenous inhabitants, insane and other narrow-minded. In Oakmont, everything became aggravated also because strangers began to appear in the city, who found new houses on the flooded streets and trapped control over them. True, their appearance in the city is not a mere coincidence of circumstances, but a clearly planned act of action.

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Hitman 2 v2.40.0 + DLC - PLAZA

Hitman 2 Game Free Download Torrent
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Despite the fact that Hitman 2 of the 2018 model has the number 2 in its name, the game is not the second part of the series. Before us, attention, the seventh game of the eponymous franchise of stealth action games. Over the years of its existence, this series has changed, and for the worse, and for the better. With this representative of the franchise, the developers decided not to experiment, but only to perfect the well-working mechanics to the ideal. The plot of the special delicacy is not replete. Hitman 2 events begin with the search for «Mystery Client». In the process of performing the task, the well-known Agent 47 reveals the truth about himself and his past life.

This game Hitman 2 version 2.40.0 is latest, and included: HITMAN 2 — New York / HITMAN 2 — Special Assignments Pack 1 DLC's.

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Generation Zero v20190625 + Bikes DLC - CODEX

Generation Zero Game Free Download Torrent
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Generation Zero is a great first-person shooter. Here you will have to go to the territory of Sweden in the 80s and fight with the robots that destroy everything in their path. According to the plot, robots of unknown adventure were attacked in Sweden, with which almost all of the living defenseless population of a particular region of the country was destroyed. As a result, the region has become a deserted place, an abandoned zone, into which stalkers and adventurers rush. You just have to play the role of one of these seekers in Generation Zero.

This version of game Generation Zero included Bikes DLC and updated to v20190625.

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Rocket League Rocket Pass 3 v1.65 (Ghostbusters Ecto-1 Car Pack) - PLAZA

Rocket League Rocket Pass 3 Game Free Download Torrent
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Computer games developers constantly implement various ideas without fear of responsibility for new styles. Studios Psyonix was also not afraid to rush in with its unique product, and so far the end justifies the means. We are talking about the game Rocket League Rocket Pass 3, which you can download torrent on our portal with little effort. This is a unique in its kind game that combines motor racing and football. Players have the opportunity to play auto-football and the first to evaluate yet a non-existent sport, although there is often talk about its creation. Gamers will be able to drive at a crazy speed, overcoming various obstacles in the form of lightning, exploding barrels and the like. However, the main task is a goal scored and a match won at any cost.

This version of game Rocket League Rocket Pass 3 included new DLC: Ghostbusters Ecto-1 Car Pack, and Update's: v1.62, v1.63, v1.65.

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Warhammer Chaosbane v1.05 Build 20190625 - CODEX

Warhammer Chaosbane Game Free Download Torrent
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Warhammer Chaosbane — a third-person role-playing action game that continues the story of the Warhammer universe. Here you are waiting for battles with numerous creatures of Chaos, four heroes to choose from, an advanced pumping system and a great storyline. But at once I would like to say that this is inherently the first game in the history of the series, which resembles the typical «Diabloid» rather. As in any other «diabloid», here you will also have to wander through partially open locations, kill mobs with monsters, fight heroes and mini-bosses, get pumped, search for all kinds of loot, complete quests and do much more.

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