Captain Tsubasa Rise of New Champions v1.30.0 (upd.21.04.2021)

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Captain Tsubasa Rise of New Champions — is a captivating soccer manga in which football players perform incredible stunts, use incredible feints and generate enchanting combos. A killer football with familiar characters from the Captain Tsubasa universe awaits you. The adrenaline-filled action and gripping story will not let you get bored even for a minute. This is a football game based on the manga of the same name. Its main character is Tsubasa Ozora, an ingenious football player who knows how to copy the techniques of other football players. Together with his comrades, Tsubasa must lead the football team of his school before winning the local championship.

This game has been updated Yesterday, 16:21 to the latest version v1.30.0 (upd.21.04.2021).

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Fishing North Atlantic v1.5.584.6748 (upd.21.04.2021)

Fishing North Atlantic Game Free Download Torrent
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Fishing North Atlantic — is a realistic fisherman simulator in which you go commercial fishing, surf the ocean, fish, pack fish and more. Your goal here is to make as much money as possible and become successful. The game takes place on the vastness of the ocean in Nova Scotia. Here you will be engaged in commercial fishing, plow the immense waters of the ocean and look for fishing spots, develop your business, making money by selling your catch, discover more and more new opportunities, and much more. And don’t think fishing is easy. In fact, this is a work in which you have to invest so much effort and patience that it is difficult to imagine.

This game has been updated Yesterday, 15:38 to the latest version v1.5.584.6748 (upd.21.04.2021).

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The Infected v9.1 (upd.21.04.2021)

The Infected Game Free Download Torrent
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The Infected — is an action-adventure sandbox with a first-person view and survival elements. The world is on the verge of destruction a malicious virus has practically destroyed humanity. Vaccine developments seemed promising many were getting better and the death rate dropped. But, as usual, something went wrong. Some unexpected side effects began to emerge, causing human DNA to mutate into something unknown. A new species has emerged Wambi, which seem to be a mixture of vampire and zombie. You have to fight for life in this dangerous world.

This game has been updated Yesterday, 15:33 to the latest version v9.1 (upd.21.04.2021).

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Dont Forget Me v1.0 (upd.21.04.2021) - Razor1911

Dont Forget Me Game Free Download Torrent
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Dont Forget Me — we watch the action from the outside. During the game, we receive patients who want to copy their memories to the clinic. Communicating with them, we learn about their interests, experiences and even emotions. In this way, we discover keywords that allow us to penetrate the client’s memories and, in a sense, move to their location, where we can explore the secrets hidden in them. The matter is a little complicated by the fact that we enter certain keywords manually, so we must not only correctly identify them, but also remember them. In addition, during the game, we often make decisions that affect the further course of history. There is no multiplayer mode in Dont Forget Me. However, the game has been fully integrated with Twitch and has features that allow you to play along with viewers during a live stream. Dont Forget Me has colorful pixel art. The game is played with an original soundtrack that combines the sounds of jazz and synthwave.

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Resident Evil 7 Biohazard v20210419 - PLAZA

Resident Evil 7 Biohazard Game Free Download Torrent
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In the hot season, the performance of companies in the game world is somewhat reduced — both gamers and developers are attracted to the sun. However, in autumn the turbines begin to work in full, new cool games and cult continuations are coming out. So, there is a chance that rainy time can be spent in company with zombies from Resident Evil 7. You heard right! The assumption was shared by the prominent organization SuperData.

This game has been updated 20-04-2021, 19:07 to the latest version v20210419.

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Granblue Fantasy Versus v2.51 (upd.20.04.2021) - CODEX

Granblue Fantasy Versus Game Free Download Torrent
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Granblue Fantasy Versus — a classic fighting game that contains all the newest and most unique trends of the modern world. This is an amazing game that should be released any day, so we look forward to it. Judging by the reviews, the fighting game came out very good, high-quality and unbanal, which is quite difficult to do in our time, when the gaming industry is full of an abundance of products of this kind. Install the game and start playing it, making your evening even richer and more attractive. As in all similar fighting games, the main goal is to destroy the opponent on the contrary. You can use various combinations of attacks by pressing certain keys, or you can simply beat with single blows, doing normal lunges of an arm or leg. Also, make combo hits that appear under certain circumstances. At the top there will be several bands with the level of health, mana and energy.

This game has been updated 20-04-2021, 19:00 to the latest version v2.51 (upd.20.04.2021).

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Street Fighter 5 Champion Edition v6.020 (Season 5) - CODEX

Street Fighter 5 Champion Edition Game Free Download Torrent

Street Fighter 5 Champion Edition is a side-view arcade fighting add-on in the popular Street Fighter series. In the updated version, you will find a complete collection of all the content that came out earlier. The game will have 40 characters, 34 locations for battles, more than 200 costumes and new variations of V-skills. In a simple and understandable form, the game will introduce you to the basics of the combat system: six basic strokes, several special techniques common to most characters. At the same time, complex and incomprehensible for a beginner actions remain as if off screen to gradually learn them during the further passage.

This game has been updated 20-04-2021, 18:55 to the latest version v6.020 (Season 5).

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Manifold Garden v1.1.0.15463 (upd.20.04.2021) - CODEX

Manifold Garden Game Free Download Torrent
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Manifold Garden — is a game that, moreover, is made in a very unusual style that you have never seen before, this game will completely force you to change your mind about the laws of physics and gravity. Rediscover gravity and the laws to which it is subject. Immerse yourself in the world of incredible architecture. You will need to admit that everything that you knew before does not mean anything here, only then you can solve all the mysteries of this world and solve its puzzles. Develop an unusual garden and open new paths on the level.

This game has been updated 20-04-2021, 19:21 to the latest version v1.1.0.15463 (upd.20.04.2021).

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Death Stranding v1.06 (upd.20.04.2021) - CODEX

Death Stranding Game Free Download Torrent
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Death Stranding — is a fantasy adventure action game with a view in the open world, in which you have to go on a long and dangerous journey through the unusual world of an alternative future. And in the distant future, there was a cataclysm that led to the apocalypse. The earth has changed beyond recognition, the cities are empty, people are destroyed by ghostly creatures that have come from nowhere, and the rains of time that change everything around are constantly erupted to the surface of the planet. In other words, civilization is in decline. But there is still hope, and you in the role of Sam Porter-Bridges will have to do everything possible to restore the world to its former state and save people. But it will be very, very difficult to do this.

This game has been updated 20-04-2021, 18:35 to the latest version v1.06 (upd.20.04.2021).

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Mech Mechanic Simulator v20.04.2021 (Update 3) - CODEX

Mech Mechanic Simulator Game Free Download Torrent
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Mech Mechanic Simulator — is a realistic simulator of building and repairing mech robots, enriched with economic elements. The authors of the game are the independent Polish studio Polyslash from Krakow. The team is responsible for creating a survival horror game called Phantaruk. The game takes place in the near future, when mankind abandoned classic modes of transport in favor of huge robots and mechs. Players take on the role of a workshop owner who builds, modifies and repairs these machines. During the game, we make a decision on the choice of components, and then manually and using specialized tools we carry out the accepted orders, earning money for maintenance and development of the plant.

This game has been updated 20-04-2021, 18:25 to the latest version v20.04.2021 (Update 3).

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