These Doomed Isles v0.0.78 upd.01.10.2022

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These Doomed Isles — is a combination of city builder, card game and roguelike. In These Doomed Isles, by collecting cards, you will develop settlements on small islands. The game will delight with interesting construction mechanics, and will also greatly infuriate with various difficulties. Starting from natural elements that can destroy your buildings, ending with various enemies who plan to plunder your settlement. Learn from your mistakes so that you can correct all the shortcomings the next time you build. Since the game is currently under development, there is very little content waiting for you, but still the main mechanics and prospects of the project can already be assessed.

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  • Scathe v11.1.1 upd.01.10.2022

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    Scathe — is a dynamic first-person shooter game that invites players to join forces and go inside a huge labyrinth, fraught with many insidious enemies and traps. Try to find all the hellish stones hidden in this world and crush everyone who dares to stand in your way, not forgetting to upgrade your character’s skills. In total, up to four players can take part in the cooperative mode, each of which will have to pick up cool weapons and engage in a furious battle with all kinds of monsters. The search for hellstones can take a long time, so take care to look for supplies and medicines in advance, monitoring the health of your fighter.

    This game has been updated Today, 07:04 to the latest version v11.1.1 upd.01.10.2022.

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  • Cult of the Lamb Cultist Edition v1.0.17 upd.01.10.2022

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    Cult of the Lamb — is a rather dark roguelike that puts you in the role of a cute little lamb. At some point, your ward becomes obsessed with some sinister ideas that continue to develop after a life-threatening incident. Then a stranger saved your character, and now the lamb decides to thank his savior. He does this in the strangest way, creating a kind of sect with hundreds and thousands of followers. They preach incomprehensible ideas, the meaning of which is to increase enmity.

    This game has been updated Today, 06:41 to the latest version Cultist Edition v1.0.17 upd.01.10.2022.

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  • Dungeon Master Build 9619354 upd.01.10.2022

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    Dungeon Master — is a unique 3-player action adventure with a deep story. You will have to go through many trials to meet the one who left you. Trust the one your heart is searching for. Choose what is more important to you, revenge or happiness. This game is completely unique and made in a very interesting style, it has its own features and capabilities. Many different funny enemies. The gameplay will be more interesting with atmospheric music. An incredibly exciting story awaits every player. Nice and fun combat system. Go through this adventure, defeating your enemies and restoring justice, you are free to choose the path you take.

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  • Northgard v2.9.13.27942 (The Viking Age Edition) - GOG

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    GOG version for PC game Northgard — is an exciting strategy based on the legends and tales of Scandinavian mythology. You will get a unique opportunity to find yourself inside this unusual world in order to take a look at the heroes and enemies of that time with your own eyes. You must establish a small settlement for the local residents, and then take care of their welfare. Build some insulated homes to withstand the harsh conditions of the north, then provide food for your people. Send detachments to hunt or fish and provide citizens with food supplies for a long period. Explore the surrounding locations in search of deposits of useful resources and do not forget about the wild animals that roam nearby.

    This game has been updated Today, 08:35 to the latest version v2.9.13.27942 (The Viking Age Edition).

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  • Have a Nice Death v0.4.0 upd.30.09.2022

    Have a Nice Death Game Free Download Torrent
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    Have a Nice Death — is a great mix of 2D platformer and roguelike, where the atmosphere is quite creepy, and sometimes even scary. Here we have to take on the performance of a rather unusual role the role of Death, who is overtired and tired of her mission and has long wanted to go on vacation. But the dream was again put on hold due to suddenly rebellious employees who began to do something completely unthinkable. Help the main character cope with the uprising and set up the work of the corporation in order to finally get the long-awaited rest.

    This game has been updated Yesterday, 15:39 to the latest version v0.4.0 upd.30.09.2022.

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  • Metal Hellsinger Build 9468409 upd.30.09.2022

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    Metal Hellsinger — is a project in which a gamer controls a vengeful half-demon known as the Nameless One. The protagonist is a descendant of humans and hellspawn who wants revenge on the monster known as the Scarlet Judge. But in order to get to the sworn enemy, the Nameless One will have to overcome the numerous worlds of the underworld. Contrary to stereotypes, Hell is not just a giant fiery wasteland. It unites hundreds of demonic kingdoms and dimensions, which are arranged in different ways. Somewhere, sinners are actually roasted in flames and boiled in cauldrons, but somewhere, on the contrary, they are forced to wander through icy wastelands or deadly swamps. Accordingly, the enemies in each world are original. They have different skills and weaknesses, which encourages you to carefully consider the strategy of passing.

    This game has been updated Yesterday, 05:40 to the latest version Build 9468409 upd.30.09.2022.

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  • Foundation v1.9.0.22 upd.30.09.2022

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    Foundation is a game project presented to us in the style of a simulator. Ole you will take responsibility for the construction of multifunctional and prosperous cities. The complexity of the gameplay lies in the fact that you will develop your activities during the Middle Ages, where there are no technologies yet, and developed industry. A plus to you will surely be enough developing a construction system that will allow you to create everything that you just think of. Every building that you want to build, an airplane to adapt to any surface, this is what gives you the advantage to build your city in any place you like.

    This game has been updated Yesterday, 05:06 to the latest version v1.9.0.22 upd.30.09.2022.

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  • ORX v0.9.3 upd.30.09.2022

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    ORX — is a game developed in the popular tower defense genre where you will need to show strategic skills in order to achieve a positive result. Embark on an exciting world where you can build and fortify your own castle. Before you there will be quite a few obstacles and dangers, insidious opponents and deadly traps. It will be very difficult to cope with all this, so always try to develop the skills of the main character.

    This game has been updated Yesterday, 05:01 to the latest version v0.9.3 upd.30.09.2022.

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  • Human Fall Flat Build 9515861 upd.30.09.2022 - DOGE

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    Human Fall Flat is a puzzle game with a cooperative mode, the gameplay of which is based on real laws of physics and difficult control of the main character. The last is a completely faceless creature of white color, with all its appearance resembling a man. He has no emotions, but he has arms, legs, a body and a head. Interestingly, all the limbs can be controlled separately.

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