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Bounty Train is an adventure strategy in which a player will create and manage a railroad in America. Before you, the Wild West with all the consequences. It is extremely difficult to conduct business here, because apart from diplomacy, a brute physical force is inevitable. Route routes between cities, improving your trading potential, upgrade trains, train a team, get away from the robbers' ambushes and watch shootings in real time. The game free download Bounty Train torrent will plunge you into the days of the Wild West, at a time when the railway was one of the most promising businesses.

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Railroad Corporation v0.1.7463

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Railroad Corporation is a tycoon strategy about the 19th century in North America in the days of steam engines. Create your own railways, build paths, buy rolling stock, and try to succeed in cities that have connected, and of course you should not forget about competitors that you definitely need to beat. If you consider yourself a professional manager, then we have an excellent task for you to build and prosper the railway.

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