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Transport Fever 2 is an economic strategy game in which players create a diversified communications infrastructure. Developed by Swiss studio Urban Games also known as developer Train Fever. One of the tasks is to develop infrastructure and increase the stability of the operating system, including various types of transport — trains, buses, trucks, ships and even airplanes. In the game, players will find genuine logistic tasks based on real events, as well as several hundred cars from different eras.

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Transport Fever Game Free Download Torrent

​Transport Fever is an economic simulator in which the player has to create a transport company. Start your journey from 1850 and pass 150 years of transport history. Build railways, airports and ports, lay roads, waterways and airways. See how cities and metropolises grow out of your transport empire. For the player are given two single campaigns, in which you can go through the history of transport of the XIX–XX century on the American and European continents. Transport Fever will allow you to manage not only trains, but also airplanes, ships and other equipment.​

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