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Superfuse - is an isometric action role-playing game for fans of dynamic gameplay. In the near future, the resources of the Earth became scarce and mankind had to leave their homes and go to explore the vast expanses of space. Having settled on one of the planets, people split into two camps: the rich top and the pale working class between which conflicts regularly broke out. This time, people will have to forget about the differences, because there is a common threat in the face of alien invaders. From now on, all hope is only for heroes endowed with unique abilities who will have to protect their species from extinction.

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    Kabounce is a fairly simple-looking game that, nevertheless, can get you into a joke. The fact is that the developers with full responsibility approached the creation of not only the visual style, but also the elaboration of the gameplay, due to which they managed to achieve full player interaction with the game world. To a large extent, a significant impact on the project brought the movie «Tron», because its visual legacy is felt literally every second of the gameplay. At the same time, the developers could not even think that their project would be able to achieve such great popularity, since even critics from the CIS countries started talking about it.

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