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Irritability and Mood Swings Game Free Download Torrent

Irritability and Mood Swings — is a simple but scary psycho-horror game created by an independent developer. He uses beautiful 3D resources and Unreal Engine 4 to create a scary hallucination in an old Victorian house. This game has a great variety of sounds and music to put the player in this horrible situation. The player is faced with the task of finding his mother, opening the door with hidden keys, trying to survive the dangerous hallucinations caused by mixing drugs and alcohol.

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  • Death or Glory upd.09.02.2022

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    Death or Glory — is a card duel game in which fighters compete in the arena. Defeat your opponent using any character imaginable, with a unique deck that embodies this style of combat. Unlock more and more cards to adjust your deck on the way to becoming the ultimate champion. In a world where magic and balls collide, where gods and monsters fight for dominance, whether you’re beating with claws or a hammer, light or prayer. Only one can go to the last battle for death or glory.

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  • Deadswitch 3 v1.6.6 upd.07.02.2022

    Deadswitch 3 Game Free Download Torrent
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    Deadswitch 3 is a great action game. Even in the vastness of two-dimensional space, the authors were able to create a wonderful atmosphere for you to have a great time and demonstrate your own responsiveness and other skills. There are hundreds of weapons here, which allows you not only to make a decent choice, but also to hit a series of experiments and new attempts. The game project pleases with variety, an excellent set of modes and maps. Play with friends, invite and in a fight decide who is the best in this arena. The competitive element is top notch. Dynamic gameplay and many settings. Make a choice in favor of a comfortable game.

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  • Retro Commander v2.0.30 upd.06.02.2022

    Retro Commander Game Free Download Torrent
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    Retro Commander — is a real-time post-apocalyptic military 4X strategy. Fight in a world where there has been a cataclysm on Earth. Wage wars alone, against artificial intelligence or fight with friends in multiplayer matches. Create teams and clans and fight against AI and other players for the ultimate victory. This game is in pre-alpha testing. Single player against AI and multiplayer, including cooperative multiplayer, are fully operational. The game has nuclear bombs. There should also be some bugs in the game. There are currently no such items in the game, no tutorial, no campaign, no graphics, possible imbalance, AI under development, no localization, map download disabled, ie you can edit the custom map, but it will not work in future releases. The in-game guide is also incomplete, plus some other things that the developer may have forgotten to mention.

    This game has been updated 6-02-2022, 06:09 to the latest version v2.0.30 upd.06.02.2022.

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  • Coronation v0.13.4 upd.05.02.2022

    Coronation Game Free Download Torrent
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    Coronation — is a multiplayer medieval online game. It is inspired by Mount and Blade Bannerlord, Rust, Sims 4, Runescape, Anno 1404 and Tropico 6. Build, decorate, and populate your own castle town with a thriving economy, where you will be staffed by many residents. Gather people into your army to fight enemies for honor and more. Dedicated server for online PvE / PvP. Build your own furnished castle to provide yourself and your residents with houses with exquisite furnishings. Assign work to the villagers so that they work for you. To your army to defend the city and help in battle. Participate in battles in person as one of the fighters in the army to gain more control over the battle. Declare independence and become king queen. Capture the locks of other players.

    This game has been updated 5-02-2022, 12:38 to the latest version v0.13.4 upd.05.02.2022.

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  • Naev v0.9.2 upd.21.01.2022

    Naev Game Free Download Torrent
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    Naev — is a game about space exploration, trade and battles. Players travel the galaxy and earn money by trading, fighting and completing missions. A large galaxy with hundreds of planets and moons to explore. A half-Newton real-time gameplay reminiscent of Escape Velocity. Many different ships for buying and piloting, as well as many ways to customize each one. Many factions, each with its own unique design and character of ships. Open source, which means complete freedom of modding.

    This game has been updated 21-01-2022, 17:26 to the latest version v0.9.2 upd.21.01.2022.

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  • Steel Salvo upd.14.01.2022

    Steel Salvo Game Free Download Torrent
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    Steel Salvo — is a free-to-play first-person combat mech shooter set in a sci-fi setting. In the game you will find yourself in the cockpit of a huge and deadly mech. You have to fight with different enemies from spider robots to humanoid machines and whole flocks of drones. At the same time, the game is made in good cartoon graphics. In Steel Salvo, the player will have to control a huge mech and fight hordes of robots while protecting Triton. The team of the protagonist will take part in dynamic battles and will resist evil forces. In the first-person shooter, you will have to use firearms and an energy sword. Each opponent has individual abilities, characteristics, weaknesses and strengths.

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  • Order of Battle World War 2 v9.0.7 (upd.27.12.2021) + All DLC - PLAZA

    Order of Battle World War 2 Game Free Download Torrent
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    Order of Battle World War 2 — a game in the style of a classic strategy, where the gameplay is based on step-by-step action. Here you have to take one of the warring parties, each of which has distinctive features and advantages. You will have the opportunity to independently turn the whole story upside down. The interface is quite simple, which is fashionable to say about management. The game world has the ability to change at random, which will make your walk more interesting. The visualization is executed perfectly, it has vivid animation and special effects. You will take control of a huge army, which includes infantry, tanks, ships and air assets, which will allow you to take control of the entire captured territory.

    This game has been updated 27-12-2021, 14:51 to the latest version v9.0.7 (upd.27.12.2021) + All DLC.

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  • Backbone upd.27.12.2021 Artifact Edition - CODEX

    Backbone Game Free Download Torrent
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    Backbone — is a new version of a noir detective with stealth elements. Visit the skin of a private raccoon detective Howard Lotor. Sneak through rainy streets, sniff out evidence, interrogate witnesses and uncover the secrets of anti-utopian Vancouver. Take on the role of the anthropomorphic raccoon and private detective Howard Lotor. Explore the nooks of anti-utopian Vancouver, look for clues, solve puzzles, interrogate witnesses, and decide which trail to take. Disclose complex cases, solve difficult tasks, conduct their own investigations. You have such an opportunity to try on yourself all the charms of such a profession from life in the game «Backbone». This game is a pixel cinematic adventure with elements of stealth and action.

    This game has been updated 27-12-2021, 13:47 to the latest version upd.27.12.2021 Artifact Edition.

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  • Chill Corner upd.20.12.2021

    Chill Corner Game Free Download Torrent
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    Chill Corner is an extremely simple casual game for relaxing. Lo-Fi direction in music is waiting for you, which perfectly suits the gameplay. Complete simple quests, take care of your pet and simply decorate your room. The game is extremely simple, but perfect to calm your nerves after a hard day. Among the possibilities offered by the game, there are many different actions. For example, you can go about customizing your character. You can change his clothes, customize his appearance, and even change his overall appearance, including his habits.

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