Minecraft v1.14.1

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A huge open world with a lot of opportunities and various interesting tasks awaits you in a popular game called Minecraft. Here you will meet interesting characters, and also you will be able to equip your own world. You start with the creation of a hero, and then you will be engaged in arranging your own home. Be very careful when building, because your house needs to be protected as much as possible.

Project Wingman v0.4.5

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Project Wingman — a new and very realistic fighter flight simulator in which you can ride with the wind and feel the wind under the wings of your fighting bird. It is noteworthy that this game was made by only one person, which means that it has a lot of time, since there is time to sit at the computer for hours! Before you simulator of air battles, which you will conquer alone, fighting with the artificial intelligence of the enemy. Different planes and types of weapons, different missions and air locations. The game is developed and updated regularly, let’s follow its progress together.

Yet Another Exhausting Day v0.5.1

Yet Another Exhausting Day Game Free Download Torrent
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Yet Another Exhausting Day is a three-dimensional crawling platform game in which you will control a person falling asleep. Avoid pillows and do everything to keep awake. The lethargy and drowsiness almost overwhelmed you, you are lying, but you can still move, don’t worry! Fight to the very end. Funny 3D crawling platformer with physics, in which you play as an exhausted person who must avoid comfortable pillows, break photo frames and flower pots, fight with vacuum cleaners and do everything possible to overcome drowsiness.

This game has been updated 27-01-2019, 07:14 to the latest version v0.5.1.


N++ / NPLUSPLUS v09.12.2017 - SKIDROW

N++ / NPLUSPLUS Game Free Download Torrent
​The game N++ / NPLUSPLUS is a two-dimensional, unpretentious indie platformer with hardcore levels, filled with puzzles and traps. Actions take place in the distant future, you play as a ninja. As a true ninja, you must move quickly and clearly. Only excellent coordination will allow mega-complex levels to pass.​

Unravel v1.0 - STEAMPUNKS

Unravel Game Free Download Torrent
In the computer game Unravel, the main character is Jarni. The hero was weaved from a small bundle of yarn. The developers were inspired by the northern landscapes, and they happily set about creating a platforming puzzle that would act according to all the physical laws. The character consists of metaphorical ties that connect close people with each other. You have to manage Jarni, and with him to go on an unforgettable journey, during which all long-forgotten memories of the family will be restored.