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Armored Xpress — is a new unique story game in the genre of three in a row, built using rich elements of a role-playing game. Embark on an unusual journey with Armored Xpress Agent 117 and MECH, as they set out to deliver the first parcel, fighting dangerous pirate gangs hired by the villainous Defiant BOB, who, incidentally, nominated the award for the parcel. To pass through Sector 2, a region on the planet Entriga, Armored Xpress has found it necessary to take more protective measures. MECH is an advanced military-level delivery robot that can be equipped with a variety of weapons and items that allow agents to defend themselves against enemy threats. You can help citizens to complete a variety of side quests, for which you can get special rewards.

This game has been updated 21-01-2022, 17:02 to the latest version Build 2 upd.21.01.2022.

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