Sludge Life v200601 (upd.02.06.2020)

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Sludge Life — is an adventure game where you will need to travel across a dirty and limitless island, solve puzzles and various puzzles. Also, it is often necessary to carry out various kinds of tasks that will come from somewhere above. Travel, seek adventure on your own head, play in an open world with complete freedom of action. The camera view is very convenient from the first person. The island is rather polluted, you will have to become its king. You have the opportunity to draw unique graffiti through which you can stand out and draw in front of other participants in the battle for survival. Pump the main character, train him and improve your abilities.

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SCUM Build 5054925 (upd.22.05.2020)

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SCUM — a game that is an excellent representative of the genre of survival, where you have to go to both an interesting and dangerous adventure. Here, you will take on the role of a criminal, who has a unique opportunity to reduce his arrest to a minimal prison sentence. One day you get a tempting offer, where you have to become a member of someone. The winner is rewarded with a prize in the form of freedom, but for this it is necessary to pass a number of cruel tests. Here then begins your struggle for life. A certain number of criminals will be released to the so-called battlefield, where everyone will have their own story, but everyone has one single goal — to reach the final line in any possible way.

The version of the game Build 5054925 was downloaded on 22.05.2020, completely identical to the activated licensed copy of the game on Steam.

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STRAFE Gold Edition - PLAZA

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STRAFE Gold Edition — this game is a brand new first-person shooter created by independent studio Pixel Titans. At the first glance at this toy, it becomes clear that the developers were inspired by such retro projects as «Doom», «Heretic» and «Quake». All this should definitely attract fans of these game veterans to the new toy. There is no global, constantly evolving plot in this project, but there is a background that every player needs to know before proceeding with the passage. So, not so long ago, a large space research expedition was organized, the main stronghold of which was the huge ship Icarus. But for some time now he disappeared from the radar, stopped sending signals, any connection with him was lost, which in itself is very suspicious.

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Exit the Gungeon v2.0.6h3 (upd.09.04.2020)

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Exit the Gungeon — Enter the Gungeon spin-off, continuing the adventure of gunmen. Armed with constantly changing weapons, each hero must escape from Arms in his own way. In the game you are waiting for new and old enemies, bosses, changing rooms, a large number of amazing weapons and items, and much more.

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Crossing Souls v1.2.4 - GOG

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Crossing Souls — two-dimensional action-RPG in the style of the games of the 80-ies on the engine Unity. The game tells of the adventures of a group of teenagers who travel between the two worlds. According to the plot and setting, the game is a pixel retro-remake of the series «Very strange cases.» The gameplay game is reminiscent of the classic parts of the Legend of Zelda series. The player will have to take control of the management of five characters, each of which has unique skills and weapons. You expect a huge number of heavy battles, dialogs and puzzles, tied to the unique characteristics of the characters.

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Weedcraft Inc v1.3.2 - CODEX

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You can start your business on almost any product, including a not entirely legal one. Get to know drug smuggling and try to climb in this dangerous area. Weedcraft Inc is an economic strategy game where you need to grow and sell marijuana. At your disposal there is a small farm, hidden from the prying eyes of neighbors and police. For planting the fields you need to hire and train reliable staff. After receiving the first harvest, you should think about the markets. Negotiate with customers, offer interesting prices or terms of delivery and sales.

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Metal Wolf Chaos XD v1.03 - CODEX

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Metal Wolf Chaos XD — america is in danger: Vice President Richard Hawke and his robotic squads have launched a full-blown revolution, and only President Michael Wilson can defend the country. You are the 47th president of the United States, and your duty is to crush this vile rebellion and bring the country back at all costs! Put on modern mechanical armor, arm yourself to the teeth and take part in the battles taking place in the most famous places in America, including the Brooklyn Bridge, the Grand Canyon and the White House.

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The Messenger upd.04.10.2019 - SiMPLEX

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The Messenger is a great platformer in the spirit of the old classics, in which you as a ninja messenger will go on a journey through the same world, but in different eras. You are waited by the twisted plot, fascinating gameplay and non-standard physics. Acrobatic stunts, fights with various opponents, which are exclusively demons, a curse from which you need to save a whole ninja clan, prophecy and exciting adventures. All this makes The Messenger a really exciting and interesting game. Moreover, what is equally important is that the plot in this game is very unpredictable, and is served simultaneously in two different forms.

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Serious Sam Classics Revolution v1.02 - PLAZA

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Serious Sam Classics Revolution is an action and shooter game developed by Croteam for the PC platform. The environment in the game belongs to the style of fiction, and the following features can be distinguished action, first-person shooter, indie, shooter, classic, cooperative, first-person, multi-player, humor and others. You will have access to such game modes as for one player, for several players and joint game.

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Ruiner v1.6c - Razor1911

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Many modern developments ignore cyberpunk, although the direction remains relevant on the network and differs in its individual characteristics. The new Ruiner game for PC, you can download torrent, which included multiple elements of an unusual style. The main development was the studio Devolver Digital, which was able to realize all the tasks from the players. A classic shooter is proposed where tactical actions are necessary. The game is based on the Unreal Engine 4 system. Cyberpunk is evolving, and the new game offers a new look at it. The main character is a daredevil, who decided to independently correct the situation in the world and cope with the dictatorship. She does not allow normal life and development. It is impossible to abandon your goals and desires, although it is not so simple to complete all the tasks assigned.

This game has been updated 1-10-2019, 07:14 to the latest version v1.6c.

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