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Go-Go Town! — now you can work at your own pace! Just one call and everything is fine with you… So try on the role of the mayor of a small town, which is not very popular with tourists, as well as locals. At the same time, in the gameplay you will be able to learn all the intricacies of this profession. Carry out repairs and construction of buildings. Let is start? Game description. Don’t worry about the popularity of this town! After all, with the help of all kinds of power tools, you can definitely restore order here. And as soon as you take on the dilapidated buildings, decorate the town and build a few shops, you can move on to the most important thing. What is this? It’s very simple — planning. Well, of course, try to do your best to achieve good results. It is up to you to decide where to build stores, who to appoint as managers and choose methods of income. In this way, entire supply chains will be formed in front of you, resulting in a reliable infrastructure.

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Galacticare v1.0.1 (upd.24.05.2024) - GOG

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Galacticare — save the entire galaxy, but first serve your patients! Build a whole network of hospitals and try to ensure maximum longevity for all patients. Of course, you will get paid for it. But you must definitely try. Game description. This intergalactic medical company will treat various diseases and injuries, and not, on the contrary, harm them, in order to only increase profits! However, many of the methods used will be experimental. At first glance, they may not seem so sophisticated, but they will work like a clock. And we would rather tolerate negative feedback from our patients than their death. So go ahead and download Galacticare via torrent on your PC.

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