Executive Assault 2 Build 10031717 (upd.15.12.2022)

Executive Assault 2 Game Free Download Torrent
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Executive Assault 2 Game Free Download Torrent

Executive Assault 2 — space action where you go to conquer large-scale space, gradually destroying supporters of enemy forces. Here you will be able to take control of a huge fleet of starships, which will go into dynamic resistance. The developers presented their offspring as a strategy, where all actions will take place in real time with a first-person view. You will become the main detector of your own corporation to develop it, and then destroy other powerful factions. Chaos and utter lawlessness is created on the territory of outer space, from which you must immediately get rid of by the complete destruction of the enemy world.

Game Details

About This Game


There is a fierce war for new technologies and wealth between the strongest factions that you must defeat by any means, thereby gaining domination. On your shoulders lay responsibility for the salvation of the entire cosmic world. The game includes several unique and quite interesting modes, in each of which you need to complete missions and fight the enemy. Explore each location to get useful resources and valuable materials that will be useful to you in future battles for power.

Key Features

  • Unique combination of real-time unit command gameplay and fast-paced FPS action
  • Customizable corporation, unit and product names and emblem designs
  • Build your very own fully explorable space station
  • Design and construct dozens of starship fleets
  • Take starfighters out into space for epic dogfights
  • Manufacture goods to sell to traders to make a profit and grow your armies
  • Research over 60 technologies for more powerful units and better upgrades
  • Invade other space stations for resources or show no mercy by blowing them up!
  • Build multiple Super Weapons, including the system-destroying Monolith ship
  • Random encounters.

System Requirements


Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
OS: windows 10 - 64 bit
Processor: AMD Duel core or Intel i5
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Graphics: Pixel shader 3.0, Nvidia or Radeon Cards, 1024x768 resolution
DirectX: Version 11
Network: Broadband Internet connection
Storage: 2 GB available space
Additional Notes: Make sure you have the latest drivers installed for your graphics card.


Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
Processor: AMD Quad core or Intel i7
Memory: 8 GB RAM


Executive Assault 2 Game Free Download Torrent Executive Assault 2 Game Free Download Torrent Executive Assault 2 Game Free Download Torrent



1. The first thing we do is download the game's installation files.
2. Unzip the archive to the hard disk.
3. Wait for the unpacking process to finish.
4. Start the game.

Download Executive Assault 2 Build 10031717 (upd.15.12.2022) [ 2.16 GB ]

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Game Update History:
  • Executive Assault 2 v0.750.1.0 → Build 10031717 [ 15.12.2022 ]
  • Executive Assault 2 v0.435.32.92 → v0.750.1.0 [ 17.05.2022 ]
  • Executive Assault 2 → v0.435.32.92 [ 12.01.2021 ]

This game has been updated 15-12-2022, 16:23 to the latest version Build 10031717 (upd.15.12.2022).

Comments 2

Skigameco 25 October 2018 15:06
Patch notes v0.429.2

Bug fixes
  • Drones and fighters can no longer be equipped with Beams and Torpedoes. 
  • Added weapon selection to drones which is separate to turrets in Station defence screen.
  • Research exploit has been removed.
  • Firing rates of weapons and ships have been adjusted.
  • Error with resource panel text has been removed.
  • Error with HQ blowing up and mass spawning mining ships at outposts.
Still to come
  • Looking at expanding the size of the mining outpost, originally it was only designed to just have 2 mining ships, so having more seems to break it, also having the ship printer and the docking areas on the same pad seems to not be working well. I intend to change the design of the station so that it can accommodate more ships and work better.
  • Still getting reports of cargo transports taking off before they should so looking into that.
  • Still getting reports of trading ships not appearing for a long time.
  • Adding in-game chat
  • Adding in-game single player save feature.
XxXx 28 October 2018 15:24
i cant play game 
because when i run game 'plases wait' in this way i can go to game

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