Skybreakers v1.3.2 (upd.14.03.2024)

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Skybreakers catapults players into a fantastical world where the skies are not just open but a vast expanse waiting to be conquered. As a Skybreaker, you take on the role of an aerial explorer equipped with a customizable airship. Traverse floating islands, explore hidden realms, and engage in high-flying battles against mythical creatures and rival Skybreakers. The core of Skybreakers lies in its dynamic fusion of action and RPG elements. Engage in fast-paced aerial combat, unleashing powerful abilities and maneuvers to outmaneuver opponents. Customize your airship, upgrade equipment, and develop your character with a diverse skill tree. The blend of action-packed gameplay and RPG progression ensures a thrilling and rewarding experience.

Bingo Studio infuses Skybreakers with indie charm, delivering a unique art style that sets it apart from mainstream titles. The game’s visuals showcase a vibrant and imaginative world, with handcrafted details that bring the floating islands and airships to life. The indie spirit shines through, offering players an intimate connection to the creativity behind the game. The skies are your playground in Skybreakers. Explore a vast open world filled with floating islands, hidden caves, and ancient ruins. Discover lore-rich environments, encounter diverse factions, and make decisions that shape the course of your adventure. The open-world design encourages exploration and rewards players with breathtaking vistas and hidden treasures.

Challenge other Skybreakers in exhilarating multiplayer skybattles. Test your skills and customized airship against players from around the world. Form alliances, engage in aerial duels, or team up to tackle challenging airborne bosses. The competitive multiplayer aspect adds a layer of excitement, allowing players to prove their dominance in the skies. In «Skybreakers,» your airship is not just a mode of transportation but a weapon of choice. Strategically customize your airship with various weapons, armor, and gadgets to suit your playstyle. Experiment with different loadouts to find the perfect combination for both offense and defense. The depth of customization adds a strategic layer to the gameplay.

Game Details

System Requirements


OS: Windows 10
Processor: Intel Core i3-2100 | AMD FX-6300
Memory: 6 GB RAM
Graphics: Nvidia GeForce GTX760 | AMD Radeon 7950
DirectX: Version 11
Storage: 5 GB available space

OS: Windows 10
Processor: Intel Core i5-2500K | AMD Rysen 5 1400
Graphics: Nvidia GeForce GTX970 | AMD Radeon RX 570
DirectX: Version 11
Storage: 5 GB available space


Skybreakers Game Free Download Torrent Skybreakers Game Free Download Torrent Skybreakers Game Free Download Torrent



1. The first thing we do is download the game files.
2. Unzip the archive to the hard disk.
3. Wait for the unpacking process to finish.
4. Start the game «Skybreakers.exe» from game folder.
5. The language changes in the menu.

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Game Update History:
  • Skybreakers v1.1.6 → v1.3.2 [ 14.03.2024 ]
  • Skybreakers v1.1.2 → v1.1.6 [ 05.12.2023 ]
  • Skybreakers v1.0.6 → v1.1.2 [ 30.11.2023 ]
  • Skybreakers v1.0.4 → v1.0.6 [ 29.11.2023 ]
  • Skybreakers → v1.0.4 [ 17.11.2023 ]

This game has been updated 14-03-2024, 07:50 to the latest version v1.3.2 (upd.14.03.2024).

Comments 1

Skigameco 30 November 2023 06:59
Version V1.0.7-V1.1.2
New Features:
1. Endless Mode
- Unlocked for each character upon clearing Swamp difficulty (calculated independently for each character).
- Default 3 chances for half-health revival.
- Choose one unlocked weapon at the start at the beginning.
- In-match weapon enhancement interface allows weapon switching.
- Free access to 8 heart technique slots.
- Introduction of new 'Champion's Relic':
- After each boss-level battle, players can choose an 'Champion's Relic'.
- 'Champion's Relic' are unified into one category, and their corresponding bonds affect 1/2/4 of the shop.
- Every 3 waves after the 6th wave, a boss battle occurs, leading to an infinite boss challenge at wave 30.
- Bosses gain 2 additional phases during boss battles:
- Purple progress bar reaching maximum triggers Phase 1, ignoring control, reducing skill cooldowns, and increasing damage.
- Red progress bar reaching maximum triggers Phase 2, enhancing movement and attack speed, causing continuous damage around the boss.
- Records the best demon clear count at the end of the battle.
2. Five New Achievements
- Completion of Swamp difficulty with each character (4 achievements in total).
- Completion of Swamp difficulty with all characters.
Optimizations and Adjustments:
1. Character level cap extended to level 50.
2. All non-inherent talent divine abilities now include damage enhancement effects (e.g., Blade damage +200%).
3. "Bonds" unified to "Divine Abilities."
4. Shop interface includes prompts for activating divine abilities ("X cards needed to activate the next bonds effect").
5. Character selection interface includes a video playback button next to divine abilities, allowing players to view explanation videos.
6. Revive count prompt added to the right side of the health bar; each heart represents the remaining revival count.
7. Optimization of displayed attributes in the pause menu.
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