The Wind Road v1.8 (upd.11.07.2020) - HOODLUM

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The Wind Road — is an ARPG-style real-time action game that builds a martial arts world based on the ancient Silk Road, amid a fictional era. The Gray Wolf barbarians invaded the Silk Road for a hundred years. Now they have sent troops to Shazhou to capture an important section of Longyu, threatening the security of tens of thousands of ordinary people. At this time, the Great Scripture of Karma appears and becomes the key to completely change the fate of Shazhou and even the entire trade route of Longyu.

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Journey To The Savage Planet v54082 (upd.11.07.2020) - CODEX

Journey To The Savage Planet Game Free Download Torrent
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Journey to the Savage Planet — is an awesome fantasy first-person action adventure game that mixes features from genres such as survival, a sandbox and a quest. You are waiting for an interplanetary flight, adventure, a huge open world and not only. The plot of the game revolves around the expedition of a novice astronaut from Earth to another planet. In his role, you will have to land on an unknown planet and do everything in order to find out what this planet is, whether it is possible to live on it, and if there is anything on it that your corporation could earn. But do not think that it will be a quick adventure — in fact, your expedition will drag on for a very long time.

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Rebel Inc Escalation v0.7.3.1 (upd.11.07.2020)

Rebel Inc Escalation Game Free Download Torrent
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Rebel Inc Escalation — Strategic simulator about politics and war from the creators of Plague Inc. Find a balance between rival civilian and military interests to attract supporters and prevent rebels from seizing power. But, they immediately deceive us. According to associations with the first part, we had to shut up some kind of rebel organization and organize coups. But, in fact, we find ourselves on the other side of the barricades. We are such a provisional government in a country where a 10-year war has recently taken place with foreign intervention and internal political struggle. And our main goal is to stabilize the region by rebuilding the economy, and other delights.

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Caveblazers v1.5.2a (upd.11.07.2020) - SKIDROW

Caveblazers Game Free Download Torrent

Caveblazers — simple in its execution, but at the same time quite an interesting project in the genre of RPG-bagel. Here you will meet face to face with a mass of obstacles that have prepared for you dark dungeons. You will get to numerous levels that are equipped with intricate labyrinths, moreover, they all have the ability to generate randomly. Go in search of valuable resources and treasures that are guarded by eerie monsters with incredible power. To get to your goal, you will have to offend crowds of opponents with a weapon that you take on a journey.

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Wildland upd.10.07.2020

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Wildland — invites you on a journey through the post apocalyptic world saturated with aesthetics of the era of the Soviet Union. This is a story of survival in difficult conditions. You have to do a lot of research, travel, search for everything you need for life. The conditions are difficult, everywhere there are a lot of dangers and difficulties, it is precisely in overcoming them that the whole charm of the game lies. The Wild World will delight open play space, randomly generated tasks. During their passage, use a compass. Take care of the inhabitants of the commune. They have a lot of needs, some of them are very specific.

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Flotsam v0.3.4e1

Flotsam Game Free Download Torrent
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Flotsam — game 2019 for PC offers an incredible adventure on the high seas. The ship is wrecked and now you have to survive in this world full of dangers. Debris is scattered everywhere. You think this is rubbish, from all these finds you can build, craft something new, find application. This is a survival game that will require you to be quick-witted, to use resources competently, morale also means a lot.

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Sword Art Online Alicization Lycoris - CODEX

Sword Art Online Alicization Lycoris Game Free Download Torrent

Sword Art Online Alicization Lycoris — is an action-packed Japanese role-playing game based on the popular anime universe called Sword Art Online. This is another adaptation of the main parts of the anime, where players take on the role of the protagonist in all parts of the novel. The game’s event depicts a story based on the Alicization storyline taking place in a virtual underground world. During the game, players meet with various familiar characters. Before us is a three-dimensional RPG, in which players observe third-person actions. The gameplay here is mainly based on the study of the open world, with the implementation of various quests and battles.

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Little Town Hero - TiNYiSO

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Little Town Hero — is an RPG and adventure game developed by GAME FREAK inc. for the PC platform. The environment in the game belongs to the style of anime role-playing game, card game, excellent soundtrack, for one player, turn-based battles, adventure. The game takes place in a small village. The settlement has long been protected by a magnificent castle. Until suddenly the monsters appeared. Take up arms and repel the attacks of monsters. Develop a strategy and give orders.

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Timelie v1.05 (upd.10.07.2020)

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Timelie — is a mixture of stealth and puzzle games, as well as surrealism. Help the little girl who finds herself in a surreal world to get out of it without falling into enemies. Not much is known about the plot at the moment. The only thing that is known is that the plot of the game revolves around a girl and a mysterious cat, which together turned out to be locked in a strange surreal world, from which they now need to get out at all costs. But it will not be so easy to do this, because, firstly, there are too many enemies, in particular, strange robots moving along their routes and patrolling the area, and secondly, there is too much to think about.

This game has been updated 10-07-2020, 17:07 to the latest version v1.05 (upd.10.07.2020).

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Mr. Driller DrillLand upd.09.07.2020 - Goldberg

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Popular puzzle game Mr. Driller DrillLand — will debut on PC. Embark on a secret amusement park known as DrillLand, 500 meters underground. Explore and conquer five attractions with a simple but addictive gameplay that guests of all ages can enjoy. And the rest is Mr. Driller DrillLand is a typical action puzzle game. Get deep into the earth, penetrate new levels, open new locations and pass tests, and then fight with mythical monsters. The essence of the game is quite simple. You will have to go on a journey underground. Along the way, you will have to destroy numerous blocks painted in different colors. But this will need to be done carefully, because some blocks serve as supports for others, and if they are damaged, the remaining blocks may collapse on the main character.

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