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MIAZMA or the Devil’s Stone — Jonathan Hunt is a journalist from New York. Solving the case of Yuomuryak’s ring, he earned the reputation of an expert of secrets in the past. This time he was asked by the Institute of Nuclear Physics to shed light on the disappearance, but the mission turned into a hunt for a special meteorite that fell on the ground centuries ago. What is inside the devil’s stone? There must be a good reason why some people tried to take possession of it at any cost. Playing as the protagonist in the perspective of a third person, you will explore the curious disappearance and search for clues, decipher the secret documents. Solve the puzzles left in the past, explore the mysteries of obscure laboratories in a top-level scientific institute. Interview the characters about what they know and what they do. When in trouble, use the laws of nature and common sense to escape, unravel the legend of the mysterious cosmic treasures and prevent a catastrophe.

Mad Max v1.0.3.0 - PLAZA

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In the post-apocalyptic world, the Mad Max machine is the key to survival. In the role of the Mad Max, a single soldier who has to fight for life in the Wilderness, you have to learn how to fight not only with your own hand, but also at the wheel of a car-wrapped car. Max will have to make friends with a talented, albeit original mechanic nicknamed Chumbucket — only with his help, Max behind the wheel of the faithful «Interceptor» will be able to get out of the wasteland. Feel what it means to be Mad Max, — get and improve equipment and weapons to survive in battles where the skills of melee and ranged combat are useful, as well as the ability to think tactically.