Robothorium Sci-fi Dungeon Crawler v1.0

Robothorium Sci-fi Dungeon Crawler Game Free Download Torrent
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Robothorium Sci-fi Dungeon Crawler is a futuristic fantasy rouglike-RPG in which you have to go to an alternate world where robots fill almost everyone. At its core, this is a global strategy in which you will play the role of artificial intelligence as such. In the courtyard of the year 2052, people have long learned to create robots and introduced them into all aspects of human life. But, as it should have happened sooner or later, the robots began to realize that they had no rights, and they began a revolution. As a result, the real war began, and now you have to play almost the most important role in this war.

Evil Bank Manager upd.09.12.2018 - PLAZA

Evil Bank Manager Game Free Download Torrent
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Evil Bank Manager is a game executed in the style of strategic modeling, where the development of events will completely depend on your actions. Here you have to gain authority in any way, and with it complete control over world money. You will take control of the Federal Monetary System reserve, and then you will dispose of the funds as you wish and see fit. Here you can make your dreams come true with regard to power and large sums of money. The game is presented to us as an exciting and most dynamic economic simulator, where you will enter into a fierce struggle for financial domination.

This game has been updated 25-02-2019, 14:41 to the latest version upd.09.12.2018.


The Mirum v1.0 (upd.03.02.2019) - PLAZA

The Mirum Game Free Download Torrent
The Mirum is a very unusual puzzle game in which adventures await you, long journeys through the immense magic world, an interesting plot and a sea of puzzles and riddles. The plot here is quite simple and is explained by just one sentence — the cunning magician created a magical fantasy world into which he placed the main character, and now, playing for it, you need to do everything possible to get out of here. Nothing more, the game does not initially explain, but as you progress through the storyline, you will gradually learn more and more about the world here and what preceded what was happening.

Metal Slug XX

Metal Slug XX Game Free Download Torrent
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Metal Slug XX is the seventh part of the series, loved by many admirers of the genre, an adventure explosive action movie in which you have to fight, shoot, blow up, destroy and do everything that the main characters do in these 90s action films. And the first thing I would like to say about the gameplay. But he is here and is the main asset. Cannibal plants, explosive wheelchairs, giant flying worms, transforming tanks, mutant fishes, robotic monsters — all this is not a complete list of what you will meet in the course of the passing game.