Evergate v10.02.2019 Demo

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Evergate is a colorful and perfectly executed platformer game where you will go to a two-dimensional world to cope with numerous puzzles. The game includes several fascinating levels of varying degrees of difficulty that you will go through with the control of the light beam. You will take up the management of an unusual character, and a real childish soul, which is sent to meet the adventures passing through the afterlife. You will be able to jump, run, turn around and do everything to achieve the goal.
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Supralympic Runners v20190210 - PLAZA

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Supralympic Runners is an endless first-person competition runner. You play sports champion like never before in sports. But nerves of steel are essential to fight for world leadership. A few hundred years after the technological revolution, the Suprallympic Games became the main sporting event in the world. They reflect the values and human aspirations of the future without the sun. You were born during the reign of production, much later than replacing nature, wherever it was replaced. You even left your carnal body for the promise of technological eternity.
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Super Pixel Racers v1.0 (upd.10.02.2019)

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Super Pixel Racers is a dynamic racing game, which is distinguished by its amazing gameplay, nice graphics and the opportunity to improve your hero, passing to the top of the career ladder. You will take part in various championships and trials that you will definitely like. Initially, you will be the easiest racing lover, but as you progress you will be able to become a true professional in your favorite business. You will become part of the real racing chaos. The game has plenty of opportunities for you and to achieve your goals, so you will definitely not be bored here. May be pleased with the presence of various game modes in which you will try to show your best side.
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