Woodpunk v1.02.10 - SKIDROW

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Woodpunk is an adventure action bagel in the entourage of the Middle Ages. You play as a genius scientist who managed to create a robot that creates different weapons. Actually, the main idea of the game will be tied to the variety of weapons and their modeling. The developers already promise more than 1000 variations! Add to this a completely destructible world and get a tooth-shattering action.

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Battle Princess Madelyn v1.21

Battle Princess Madelyn Game Free Download Torrent
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Battle Princess Madelyn is a game performed by a hardcore platformer with elements of an action movie, where you get into the pixel world and try to cope with all the corrections that he prepared for you. Take control and control of the life of a beautiful girl named Madeleine, who has a special fearlessness and courage. Together with her and her loyal dog friend, you will go to meet dynamic adventures and unexpected turns of events. Though your trip will be interesting, at the same time, you will encounter a number of dangers that will destroy your life. The story tells about the existence of a beautiful, once prosperous kingdom. The fact is that this beautiful kingdom, due to certain circumstances, falls into the cunning hands of an evil sorcerer, from which you will have to rescue your home.

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Smith and Winston v10.04.2019 - SKIDROW

Smith and Winston Game Free Download Torrent
Smith and Winston is a shooter style game where the whole world will be subject to endless destruction. Also, the game can please you with its graphical development, which was done by hand. You are waited by variety of pixel three-dimensional levels, on each of which you will face fascinating tasks. All that you have on the way, you will have the right to destroy in any way possible. The game also has a rather interesting plot line, which has unexpected turn of events. The story introduces you to the protagonists named Smith and Whitson.

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Arc Savior v1.0.9 - CODEX

Arc Savior Game Free Download Torrent
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Arc Savior — you, the new pilot, your goal is to adapt and survive. You will choose the most advanced ships and weapons to fight new enemies, some of whom are known, and some are unexpected. Fast, exciting space battles: defend and destroy massive buildings, adapt to different types of attacks. Choose your ship, from deft reconnaissance ships to powerful interceptors. Equip your ship with various advanced weapons. 15 different locations, each with its own stories and dangers to find. Be the center of 3 fascinating stories; your efforts control the fate of your people.

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Jagged Alliance Rage Update 3 (upd.10.04.2019) - CODEX

Jagged Alliance Rage Game Free Download Torrent
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Jagged Alliance Rage is a spin-off of the Jagged Alliance series of tactical games, the events of which unfold a couple of decades after the events of the original. Players are waiting for the same deep system of tactical battles and adventures, however, some of the original mechanics still left behind. For example, there is no economy or development base. The rest of the Rage! — This is a typical representative of the series, which is a step-by-step tactical strategy. Players must correctly select characters for their units, undergo various missions — from rescuing hostages to clearing the area — and also resolve the issue of the occupation of one once independent country.

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The White Laboratory v1.0.2 - PLAZA

The White Laboratory Game Free Download Torrent
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The White Laboratory is a physical tower defense and RTS physical game based on the sandbox, in which you modularly build and manage robotic structures operating on an object in the atmosphere of a distant gas planet. The time has come for our four-year test of work through various parts of the facility. In a series of missions, integrate the components of robotic modular geometry into various structures to adapt to combat situations. Build ground defense around, send propeller air probes, engage and transfer waste, as well as everything that physics allows. Clear all unnecessary maintenance tasks. 99% of the material is physically modeled, which affects how objects move and behave in action. Consider a physical phenomenon when making strategic decisions. for example, a bullet bounces off untargeted targets. Obstacles or drones can physically influence an enemy rush.

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