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Command and Conquer 3 Kanes Wrath Game Free Download Torrent

The struggle between the Brotherhood NOD and the forces of GDI continues! The irreconcilable war for Tiberius broke out with a new force, and Kane himself, the charismatic leader of the rebels, turned out to be in the center of events. Command and Conquer 3 Kanes Wrath reveals the story of the main criminal of the planet. Twenty years from the life of Kane will sweep in front of you, covering the period from the birth of the Brotherhood to the third war for Tiberius. Events are revealed in corporate videos with live actors.

This game has been updated 6-05-2019, 14:52 to the latest version v1.2 (upd.06.05.2019) + CrackFix.

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Life source episode one v06.05.2019

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Life source episode one — an exciting adventure game, starring a girl named Kate. Unusual plot and development is waiting for you, an evil wizard poisoned the water. Now a young girl named Kate will have a great adventure. Alone, she must deal with monsters, defeat the villain and clean the infected water. Along the way you need to go through traps, find the keys to the lock. Along the way, clearing a crowd of monsters. Having on hands only a magic staff. The goal of the player is to collect all the crystals, bypass the traps and kill the main villain.

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