Total War WARHAMMER 2 v1.5.1 - CODEX

Total War WARHAMMER 2 Game Free Download Torrent
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Many centuries ago, the High Elves were given the opportunity to create great magical whirlwinds, with the help of which they protected their territories from unexpected guests. With the help of this vortex, they prevented the appearance of dark demons, and today it is used in the form of a shield to block the way for demons to our world. Many centuries have passed, and all this time it was used to contain evil, and as a result of this, its magical energy is running out. Act urgently, and make sure that this vortex is stabilized. It is necessary to replenish its energy reserves, and then use it to protect the universe from Chaos.

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City of Brass Blacksmiths Forge - CODEX

City of Brass Blacksmiths Forge Game Free Download Torrent
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City of Brass Blacksmiths Forge is a very ancient and hopelessly cursed place. Once its inhabitants were inexpressibly rich the city walls were laden with gold, and even servants earned considerable fortunes here. Wishing to keep their savings at any cost, the citizens called dark forces to serve. Good, of course, it did not end on the Copper City, a curse fell, and every single citizen turned into a withered, evil undead.
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Nether The Untold Chapter v21.05.2019 - SKIDROW

Nether The Untold Chapter Game Free Download Torrent
Nether The Untold Chapter is a dark adventure that will send you to the post-apocalyptic world. Here you go to explore the territory of Chicago, which was destroyed by terrible circumstances. Now, in the place of the powerful city, only the plundered ruins remained, and those who were lucky enough to survive, intend to do everything possible and to commit any crimes. Emptiness came to the earth and now terrible creatures have formed in the city — the so-called mutants.
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Regions Of Ruin v1.1.83 - SiMPLEX

Regions Of Ruin Game Free Download Torrent
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Regions Of Ruin is one of the best pixel role-playing games. here you will have to take control of the character, who is the only hero who can save the dwarf race from complete destruction. Orcs, trolls, goblins, a sea of other enemies, an elaborate system for pumping the main character, a huge number of interesting and quite bright locations, gameplay features that amaze with their assortment and an interesting plot — all this will allow you to relax and enjoy the game to the full. Go on a journey and save the dwarves from complete destruction and shameful loss and the battle for honor and justice.

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City of Brass v1.6 Blacksmiths Forge - CODEX

City of Brass Game Free Download Torrent
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City of Brass is a ruthless roguelik in oriental style «1001 Nights» — lovers of «Prince of Persia» will be delighted. From the weapons of the main character only a saber and a whip. With the help of a whip you can move around, stun your opponent, neutralize traps, etc. Well, the saber is a great tool to cut the enemy apart. Your task is to pass the level before the last grain of time falls. Look for different treasures and artifacts on the levels, you can trade these things with the encountered gins. If you like games in oriental style, then definitely try City of Brass.

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ReThink Evolved 3 v20.05.2019 - PLAZA

ReThink Evolved 3 Game Free Download Torrent
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ReThink Evolved 3 is another game in the series of futuristic ReThink puzzles, to solve which you will need to use lasers, the behavior of light and color. Apply new features and mechanics to make your way through the beautiful world of the game. A fairly popular game project that was presented to the user in a puzzle style. Here you have to immerse yourself in a futuristic world, which consists entirely of lasers conducting light radiation. This time you have to face a completely new game mechanics and more simplified gameplay, but at the same time, more complex tasks. You will make your way through a variety of different levels, at each of which you will encounter quite difficult missions.

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