Lost Artifacts Frozen Queen v1.0 Collectors Edition - RAZOR

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Lost Artifacts Frozen Queen — for a long time, Claire worked as a historian and archaeologist at an outstanding university. When she chose her life path, she thought she would look for an ancient treasure, but instead ended up reading all the time. Then, one day, Claire noticed a peculiar coincidence. Did she really reveal the treasure map of the ancient Aztecs. Without a second thought, she left in search of treasure.

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Touhou Luna Nights v1.2.3.5

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Touhou Luna Nights is a very unusual platformer with an admixture of action in which you will meet vampires, characters from a familiar fantasy universe, and more. Here you are waiting for trials, traps, battles with various enemies, weapons and much, much more. In the story, you will play for a very unusual maid named Sakuya Izayoi. But she is not just a maid — she works in the house of vampires, knows how to command the time and perfectly throws knives with one hundred percent hit on target. And everything would be fine, but only suddenly the owner of the house sends her to a parallel universe, where she will have to use all her skills and abilities in order to survive and complete the assigned task.

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EleMetals Death Metal Death Match v0.91 (Demo)

EleMetals Death Metal Death Match Game Free Download Torrent
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As for the gameplay, it in EleMetals Death Metal Death Match is based primarily on the battles of four characters that fall into the same location-arena and begin to hunt each other, letting enemies of the gut spray the blood of opponents and just enjoy the radiated by the music themselves. You will have four cool metal demons at your disposal. These are Inferno, Ash, Plague, and Corrosion. Each of the characters has unique abilities that can be used in battle, and each has its own unique fighting style.

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Hourglass v0.2.1 (Demo)

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Hourglass is a very beautiful and at the same time interesting adventure puzzle game in which you have to manipulate time, create copies of the main character and solve puzzles. The game takes place in the vast mysterious temple, and the plot revolves around an adventurer who went in search of his father in Egypt. But upon arrival, the main character discovers not his father, but an ancient temple, mysterious, unusual, and even equipped with technologies that have not yet been invented. Now the hero needs at all costs to learn about the origin of the temple and understand what its real purpose is.

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Minotaur upd.09.09.2019 (Early Access)

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Want to experience an incredible and interesting adventure? Then you need to download Minotaur torrent and immerse yourself in a non-standard storyline. You will find yourself in an original sci-fi world, with a variety of tasks and secrets. Nine players ended up in a confined space, and where each of you understands that you won’t be able to get out of here just like that. First of all, you need to choose the player that you like best, then start the game Minotaur. You understand that it turned out to be here for a reason. And the fact that time is very short, and your life depends on the actions of everyone. No one knows where the key is hidden, but you must turn on the logic and understand first what direction you need to move. Remember that a trap can wait at every step.

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The Dreadful Whispers - SKIDROW

The Dreadful Whispers Game Free Download Torrent

The Dreadful Whispers is an arcade game developed by Blackthornprod for the PC platform. The environment in the game belongs to the animation style, and the following adventures, indies, steam, 2d achievements, platform game, for one player, excellent soundtrack, solutions with consequences, atmosphere, platform puzzle and others can highlight features. You will have access to such game modes as for a single player. A two-dimensional hand-drawn platformer in which we must defeat our own fears and silence ominous voices. An adventure about overcoming fear and doubt. Will you defeat your inner demons or be crippled with regret.

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Rugby Champions - SKIDROW

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Rugby Champions for real fans of Rugby games, an exciting sports game with elements of strategy and simulation is now on the PC. If you start playing right now, then you can as accurately as possible feel on yourself and your fingertips, a real simulation of playing Rugby. You need to prove yourself as the best player among many others, conquer every meter of land on the field. Try to prove yourself as the captain of your team, bring it to victory, and thus, make your way to the top of Olympus, where your team will have glory and a lot of money.

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Vigilantes v1.06 - CODEX

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​Vigilantes is a tactical role-playing game designed in the style of neo-noir and developed by Timeslip Softworks. The plot of the plot looks somewhat original in the context of the modern gaming industry, arched under the yoke of the same type of horror and futuristic shooters. You play the role of a punisher, who set himself the goal of doing his own hand with bloody justice. The hero came to such a decision after he himself became a victim of robbery robbery. Three factions will try to prevent him from clearing the city from all evil spirits: the mafia, the corrupt fighters and members of a certain cult. It is noteworthy that it is possible to destroy enemies not only in the course of open skirmishes with the use of weapons, but also by introducing our agents inside the gangs and their subsequent merging with each other.​

This game has been updated 9-09-2019, 04:22 to the latest version v1.06.

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