Endless Space 2 Awakening - CODEX

Endless Space 2 Awakening Game Free Download Torrent
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The new Awakening DLC add-on for Endless Space 2 space strategy will allow players to negotiate with Isander, the leader of the Academy, and contribute to the birth of a new Empire. Also, the addon will bring into the game a fraction of incandescents: an ancient race that was once great, but now their civilization is only beginning to revive after a long decline. In the upcoming DLC, the Academy becomes an interstellar empire.
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The Forest v1.12 - CODEX

The Forest Game Free Download Torrent
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The Forest game is a mix of many genres: adventure, survival simulator and action horror. After a plane crash, you remain the only survivor on a strange island. Exploring the island, you are increasingly immersed in its secrets and soon realize that on the island you are not alone. Strange creatures who long to profit from human flesh have become a serious threat to your life. The Forest is a real survival simulator, in which you will find food, shelter and weapons. Cut down trees for a fire and the construction of a shelter, complete freedom of action allows you to go wherever you want and settle in places where it seems safe to you. Only you decide what shelter to build, there will be a fortress with traps along the perimeter or a simple overnight stay. You will find a huge island, which lives its life and which contains many underground caves with its secrets. Do everything to survive, fight or hide, explore your enemies, because they also have weaknesses.

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My Train Arrives v12.09.2019

My Train Arrives Game Free Download Torrent
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My Train Arrives is a simulator of railway construction and railway management. Here you have to build roads, lay routes, and do much more. There is no specific plot in this game. You will only be the next entrepreneur, craving for a monopoly, who needs to build a business on the basis of the railway at any cost. But do not think it will be easy. Firstly, this is a very difficult matter. Secondly, during development, you will encounter whole heaps of problems. But thirdly, you have to think a lot, be prudent, and not only.
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Heave Ho v1.04 (upd.18.09.2019)

Heave Ho Game Free Download Torrent
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Heave Ho — fun and funny entertainment. The best option is to share this island of carefree pastime with friends. The main goal is not to get killed. With only two hands, you need to hold on and not fall off all the ledges and crossbars proposed by the authors. You can play in a cooperative up to four people. The characters in the game look pretty funny with just a head and a pair of hands. Head to think, and hands cling securely to various objects. Catch a little, you need to hold on.

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Hero Siege v3.0.3.0 + DLC

Hero Siege Game Free Download Torrent
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Hero Siege is a pixal bagel in which you select a hero and you go to free the kingdom of Tarethiel from creepy creatures getting out of hell. Only on you depends the fate of the whole kingdom and its inhabitants. Choose the type of hero for your fighting style, whether it’s a knight, a magician, a samurai, an assassin, an archer or whatever. From the chosen hero depends abilities that you can pump. If you like bloody battles at close range, choose, for example, the Viking, and if you like to act at a distance from the enemy, then take an archer or a magician. Your kingdom is plunged into darkness, it just teems with terrible creatures. Try to kill them as much as possible and do not forget to save forces on the bosses.

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Z Dawn v0.8.0

Z Dawn Game Free Download Torrent
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Z Dawn is a game project that sends you to a dangerous world where you will fight for your own life and survive in the most dangerous conditions. You find yourself in a huge and prosperous world, which suddenly became covered in a gloomy veil due to the virus. This same virus began to spread rapidly throughout the planet, which led to the destruction of the world and humanity living in it. Here you have to take under your total control a small group of survivors, of whom there are very few left on earth. It is for them that you must ensure a safe life, and also do everything so that they do not become infected with the virus.
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Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege v13487097 (Gold Edition) + DLC - CODEX

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege Game Free Download Torrent
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One of the best tactical shooters was updated and was released under the title Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege. As before, you will manage a group of rapid reaction soldiers. A first person view allows you to fully immerse yourself in the operation and take part in it directly. The game can be divided into two stages: the first is the planning of the operation and equipment, the second is the operation itself, in which it is necessary to act clearly and quickly, as usually the life of the hostages is at stake. Each of your actions should be well planned, but nevertheless, some tasks can go not according to plan and therefore be ready to take decisions with lightning speed. Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Siege makes not just thinklessly hoping for your skills, but also to each case with a well thought out plan.

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege Gold Edition — v13487097 + all DLCs + Ultra HD textures

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Archeo Shinar - DARKSiDERS

Archeo Shinar Game Free Download Torrent
Archeo Shinar — a game in the strategic genre, where you will explore the world and go into the dark world of caves. You will go to the very center of the jungle to touch the heart. First you need to create a team of professionals, each of which will have their own specific qualities and skills. These aspects will help them cope with a variety of missions. You can send a group to the caves or the jungle so that they can get acquainted with the ancient tribes. Of the distinguishing features can be noted the execution of the gameplay itself, which was thought out in a completely unique style. Also, visual drawing with pleasant animation will also please.
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Overcooked 2 Carnival of Chaos - HOODLUM

Overcooked 2 Carnival of Chaos Game Free Download Torrent
Publisher Team17 has released a new add-on for Overcooked 2 called «Carnival of Chaos», publishing a trailer with a hint of the contents of new levels. So, in addition to the reigning madness of both circus and culinary in the hands of the characters, you can notice new dishes — a hot dog and donuts, as well as a tool for moving around the kitchen — a cannon from the famous circus number «human core». The add-on can be downloaded either separately or as part of a seasonal pass. In addition to the Carnival of Chaos, the seasonal pass includes two other equally interesting DLCs — Night of the Hangry Horde and Campfire Cook Off.
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Colony Survival v0.7.0.143

Colony Survival Game Free Download Torrent
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Colony Survival is a very interesting voxel RTS in which you will have to build your own colony, develop to obtain resources, defend yourself, fight numerous monsters and not only. Unfortunately, as such, the plot in this game is not. There is only an idea according to which there are people and monsters that are at war with each other. You will have to side with the people and try to do everything possible in order to turn them into a full-fledged civilization. At the same time, on the way to prosperity, problems, trials, various tasks and much more will await you.

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