Blood Runner - PLAZA

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If you like dynamic PC game Blood Runner — where there is a time limit for completing the task, where danger surrounds you at every step, where the graphics go well with the gameplay — then this game is for you. Do not miss the opportunity to take on the role of the character Blood Runner, on whose neck an explosive collar was attached, with a sensor and a timer. Your main task is to overcome all difficulties and obstacles along the way, for a certain period of time, the explosives are activated and the player’s body is poured into many small parts.

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Spark Five v1.2.4 (upd.05.11.2019)

Spark Five Game Free Download Torrent
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Spark Five — is committed in this case, if the greatest achievement of people as it turned out the end of the human race. Unnatural mental ability was an excellent achievement in technological processes if someone was invented. Society does not keep up with what AI. It will be concluded that society is considered to be the most formidable danger with the aim of land, and also that they are going to liquidate society. Until their disappearance, society created the only final project in order to defeat.

This game has been updated 5-11-2019, 09:02 to the latest version v1.2.4 (upd.05.11.2019).

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Mad Tower Tycoon v02.11.2019

Mad Tower Tycoon Game Free Download Torrent
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Mad Tower Tycoon is almost the only skyscraper building simulator of its kind. Here you will need to build a skyscraper and do everything in order to earn as much money on it and its premises. But the main task is not money. The main goal is to get six stars. And this is not so easy. We will have to take into account a bunch of different criteria, which are mandatory for teaching the sixth star, to equip the skyscraper in accordance with all requirements and make more of it than just a building. But no one will limit you in anything: you can fill the floors at your own discretion, rent the premises and entire floors for rent, equip everything as you see fit.

This game has been updated 13-11-2019, 08:37 to the latest version v02.11.2019.

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Mittelborg City of Mages v1.5.1 (upd.14.10.2019)

Mittelborg City of Mages Game Free Download Torrent
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Mittelborg City of Mages — single-player bagel with elements of strategy and survival, where you have to manage the whole city of magicians. Players will assume the role of the immortal Chancellor of Mittelborg, and your main task will be to restore the balance of power in all worlds. Be careful, because your every decision may affect the fate of the world. The main character is a whole city located in the very heart of the world. Every day, he is besieged by numerous monsters, mercenaries, rebellious spirits and other villains, shaking storms, pursuing internal turmoil, and the ruler must do everything possible to save Mittelborg and not let the Tree, which brings vital ether, die.

This game has been updated 14-10-2019, 08:39 to the latest version v1.5.1 (upd.14.10.2019).

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Morphies Law Remorphed v2.1.0 - PLAZA

Morphies Law Remorphed Game Free Download Torrent
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Morphies Law Remorphed — unusual team shooter from an independent studio from Switzerland — Cosmoscope GmbH. Because of the terrible catastrophe, all members of the human race died out, leaving behind only the morph robots. Morphs without their creators and goals in life began to carry on endless battles among themselves.

This game has been updated 14-10-2019, 08:24 to the latest version v2.1.0.

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Ghostbusters The Video Game Remastered v2.00.50 - HOODLUM

Ghostbusters The Video Game Remastered Game Free Download Torrent

Ghostbusters The Video Game Remastered — This is 2019 PC game of Ghostbusters is back. In a game written by original movie authors Dan Aykroyd and Harold Ramis, you will hear Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, Harold Ramis and Ernie Hudson. Immerse yourself in the hunt for ghosts and their capture with cool weapons in destructible environments. Go through a unique storyline, capturing ghosts — both familiar and brand new — all over New York.

This game has been updated 14-10-2019, 05:39 to the latest version v2.00.50.

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Rescue HQ The Tycoon v1.1

Rescue HQ The Tycoon Game Free Download Torrent
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Rescue HQ The Tycoon — an exciting adventure that will give you the ability to control a large-scale faction, which you must lead to perfection. Your organization is solely responsible for the security of the city and its inhabitants. You will be able to independently create an action plan and make the best possible decisions, find a way out of all sorts of situations and try to save the city from the adherents of evil. It will not be easy to cope with such a global task, since the gloomy streets of the city keep unpleasant secrets.

This game has been updated 14-10-2019, 05:25 to the latest version v1.1.

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Rise to Ruins Release 1b - SKIDROW

Rise to Ruins Game Free Download Torrent

Rise to Ruins is an advanced pixel simulator of the village with elements of the strategies of the 90s and the Tower defense genre. At this stage of development there are three game modes available: survival, sandbox and peaceful mode. Each mode is interesting in its own way, if you want to challenge yourself, then choose «survival», and if you want to simply build a prosperous village without any battles, then choose a peaceful regime. In general, the developers have tried to create a simple, but at the same time interesting strategy in which the player will try to build a village. In addition to simple instructions to your residents, you have divine power that allows you to change the terrain or destroy the enemy from afar.

This game has been updated 14-10-2019, 05:16 to the latest version Release 1b.

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Fell Seal Arbiters Mark v1.1.0a - CODEX

Fell Seal Arbiters Mark Game Free Download Torrent
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Fell Seal Arbiters Mark is a game project, executed in the genre of turn-based tactical RPGs, where the outcome of events will directly depend on your actions. There is a great opportunity to create your own unique character, endowing him with skills and distinctive external data. Moreover, the game can please a non-linear plot with interesting events and unexpected turns, which will make your pastime entertaining. You will be able to define your hero to one of the proposed classes, each of which has its own advantages and combat technique.

This game has been updated 1-12-2019, 06:11 to the latest version v1.1.0a.

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Armor Clash 3 v2.01 - CODEX

Armor Clash 3 Game Free Download Torrent
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Armor Clash 3 is an old-school real-time strategy in which you need to take control of one of the available factions — GAIA, Steel Alliance or Legion. In general, everything is standard — you need to build a base, create an army consisting of ground forces, various equipment, and then fight with the enemy. Historical game, executed in the genre of strategy, where you have to go to an unusual world, where you will deal with the crowds of treacherous rivals that will constantly meet on your way. Under your control, not only land space warriors fall, you will even take up the flotilla. Control the abilities of your army, improve it comprehensively, and also improve your knowledge regarding military operations.

This game has been updated 14-10-2019, 05:02 to the latest version v2.01.

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