Pumpkin Jack v0.03.7

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Pumpkin Jack — invites you to experience a lot of adventures with him in this exciting platform game. The mythical kingdom of boredom will be the scene. Take a walk in its open spaces, it will not be easy, your goal is to get to the finals and defeat your main enemy. Everything around can be destroyed by a curse. On the way you will meet a wide variety of obstacles, but also meeting with friends. Visually, the project looks very stylish.

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Re Legend v15.9.2 (upd.04.11.2019)

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In game Re Legend for PC, the story begins from the moment the main character nails on the shore of the island of Vokka. He does not remember where he came from and what happened to him, however, he gets the opportunity to find a new life by joining the inhabitants of the local village. Having received a separate piece of possessions, he will learn to survive in the wild, cultivating fertile land, expanding the possessions of the town and helping the natives. A peculiarity of the village’s order was magical creatures called Magnus.

This game has been updated 4-11-2019, 11:03 to the latest version v15.9.2 (upd.04.11.2019).

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It Will Find You - CODEX

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It Will Find You — is a first-person horror storytelling based on a reactive storytelling system that changes the course of the story based on the player’s actions. By focusing on interacting with the environment and progressive storytelling through the gameplay, It Will Find You aims to provide an immersive experience in which the world develops in tandem with your decisions, and a dark, sinuous story is slowly revealed through a fully voice dialogue. Following Julia, a woman struggling with depression after the tragedy that led her life to fall apart. Needing some distance from the world, she returns to her now empty family home, seeking solace in her childhood.

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Victory At Sea Pacific v1.6.1 (Royal Navy) - PLAZA

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Victory At Sea Pacific is a game of naval battles in the setting of the Second World War, where the player can control both the entire Pacific theater and individual ships and airplanes. Players will enjoy a huge selection of military equipment — from cruisers and battleships, to airplanes and submarines, with the help of which players must try to change the course of history and turn the course of the Second World War on the right track for players. Global strategy about the Second World War with elements of a sandbox dedicated to sea and air battles, the action of which takes place in the Pacific Ocean. Your task is to scour the seas in search of enemy fleets, use submarines to destroy enemy supply lines, secretly detect enemy positions in order to suddenly fall asleep them with troops from the sea and air. In total, the game has more than 120 ships and aircraft - from supply vessels, assault forces and light destroyers to battleships and aircraft carriers, from aircraft to bombers.

This game has been updated 4-11-2019, 10:30 to the latest version v1.6.1 (Royal Navy).

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A Short Hike v1.4.1 (upd.04.11.2019)

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A Short Hike is a new unusual adventure game where you will go on a hike through the colorful world to unravel all the secrets that have not been hidden in itself for many years. You will find yourself in peaceful mountain landscapes and try to climb the highest peak of the planet. The world in the game is completely open and accessible for study, which is why you can safely go both along existing paths and discover new, unique locations.

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