SimAirport v20.12.2019 - ALI213

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Computer game SimAirport is a simulator of the airport, and will appeal to all fans of this genre. It combines elements of hardcore, and has a sandbox mode. You will perform all the tasks that can only occur at the airport, do all the work. Employ employees, take care of creating an infrastructure, monitor all processes to avoid a malfunction. Also this project is supplemented with a career regime, and has a free regime.

This game has been updated 1-01-2020, 15:09 to the latest version v20.12.2019.

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Frontiers v01.01.2019 - PLAZA

Frontiers Game Free Download Torrent

Frontiers — is a multiplayer game for 16 people, which tells about the problems of residents in hot spots. The game will give you the exciting experience of a refugee traveling to Europe from Africa and the Middle East. In carefully reconstructed zones of conflict and migration points, you have to play the dangerous fight of a refugee deprived of everything and a well-fed, well-fed border guard. On the one hand, a team of almost completely unarmed refugees plays, on the other, a team of armed border guards confronts them.

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Heat v01.01.2020 (Alpha 17) Homestead

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Heat — this is a unique project game whose purpose is to demonstrate and simulate life of the times of the Wild West. The game is not fixated on any particular layer of the population or people. The user is given the opportunity to begin his journey as both the president and the head of the Indian tribe. The game will not let you get bored, and all your desires and aspirations will be awarded. The pace of the Wild West is high and merciless, so no need to waste time. It will be possible to equip your own settlement alone and with friends in the «online» game mode. First of all, you have to distribute responsibilities among the players.

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Pit Blocks 3D v1.3 (Free Mode) - PLAZA

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Speaking of actions and opportunities — in Pit Blocks 3D you can rotate the blocks themselves, changing their location, direction, and shape, you can look at the space itself from different angles, rotate around the «hole», and do much more. All this will allow you to observe what is happening from different angles, and it’s really cool. Well, in addition to everything, you will find many different background plots. Here you have space, and thicket, and a volcano, and an ice cave, and much, much more. In general, it will be interesting.

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Garden Paws v1.3.5c (upd.01.01.2020) + Winter Festival - PLAZA

Garden Paws Game Free Download Torrent
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Garden Paws is a bright game with a beautiful world, made with a bias in the RPG genre. You will play with a third person on any of the characters. And the characters here are very cute and eared little animals that will not leave you indifferent. Of course, the game is actually not as sweet as it may seem at first glance, but you will learn about all this yourself. And the whole story begins with the fact that your grandmother and grandfather went to travel the world, and you left the farm as a legacy. Here you have to work every day, grow vegetables, and also search for treasure in dark caves.

This game has been updated 1-01-2020, 11:47 to the latest version v1.3.5c (upd.01.01.2020) + Winter Festival.

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