RUNNER HEROES The curse of night and day v03.01.2020 - HOODLUM

RUNNER HEROES The curse of night and day Game Free Download Torrent

RUNNER HEROES The curse of night and day — is an adventure game, where you have a very difficult task, you need to learn how to manage two characters at the same time, and this is very difficult. To study the control scheme, you will have as many as 47 different levels, with bridges that collapse, bonfires that do not need to be hit, because the characters are not immensely. There are introductory videos that help to reveal the storyline, so that it was more clear what the game was about. The camera is conomatographic in the game, which helps you immerse yourself in a fabulous atmosphere. You need to meet face to face with the army of the Red Witch and her generals, various modes of difficulty, will help to adjust the game process for yourself.

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Hotel Sowls v03.01.2020

Hotel Sowls Game Free Download Torrent
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Hotel Sowls — the most interesting thing is that in this game there are no gloomy scenes or murders, there is no action or cool graphics. But at the same time, the game is still fascinating and fascinating. Pixel graphics, an unusual representation of the characters, a world decorated in bright colors — all this creates an extremely unusual atmosphere. As for the gameplay, he at Hotel Sowls offers exclusively the simplest mechanics. You will only wander around locations in the top view mode, participate in various events, communicate with various characters and look for at least some clues and clues.

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The Last Leviathan v0.3.3 (upd.03.01.2020)

The Last Leviathan Game Free Download Torrent
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The Last Leviathan — is a ship construction simulator, but not an ordinary one, but also with an admixture of action. Ahead of you are waiting for distant travels across the endless seas, a huge number of adventures, the construction of ships and battles with monsters. In this fabulous world, everything is based on navigation. But before you hit the road, you have to build a ship. Perhaps it will be a military submarine, a huge pirate ship, or even something from the category of science fiction — you decide. The main thing is to create a ship that could withstand the attack of a sea monster, and the attack of an enemy ship, and a ram, and of course a storm.

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Alive 2 Survive Tales from the Zombie Apocalypse v1.0.2 (upd.03.01.2020)

Alive 2 Survive Tales from the Zombie Apocalypse Game Free Download Torrent
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Alive 2 Survive Tales from the Zombie Apocalypse — is a new zombie simulator with simplified gameplay. The emphasis in the game is on the choice. You have various events that require a decision. Move the event left to accept it, or right to reject it. Each decision has its consequences. Will you boldly attack hordes of zombies or act with extreme caution — you decide! Moreover, the game does not have clearly the right decisions. Not all «positive» decisions lead to an improvement. Salvation or help to those in need can destroy your entire group.

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The Hex v1.11 - SKIDROW

The Hex Game Free Download Torrent

The Hex is a new strategy-style game, executed on a card basis, which will help you cope with numerous opponents by performing those or other combinations. You are given a deck of over a thousand varieties of cards, where you can create your own, unique and winning combination. Here you will be able to fight with the strongest players around the world to prove to them your professionalism and power. Become part of the magical world, and then collect your deck of cards to use them in battles with enemies. You will be required to show strategic skills, dynamics in actions and dexterity in order to more effectively cope with the task. It is also possible to create your main character, defining it to one of the eight proposed races, as well as to one of the cutter classes.

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Worse Than Death v1.0.3 (upd.03.01.2020) - PLAZA

Worse Than Death Game Free Download Torrent
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Independent game developer, illustrator and comic book artist Benjamin Rivers is getting ready to release his new game. Worse Than Death will tell an emotional and frightening story about how the evening of the alumni meeting went wrong. The main character, Holly, returned to her hometown, only to find out that the life of her and former classmates was in mortal danger. Now she has to run, hide, solve puzzles, crawl and make her way through eight locations in order to survive herself and try to save her friend Flynn.

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Mist Survival v0.3.10.1 - ALI213

Mist Survival Game Free Download Torrent
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Mist Survival is a creepy enough, but at the same time very interesting game project that sends you into a dangerous world that has suffered the consequences of the apocalypse from recent times. History will tell you about the existence of an eerie virus that spread throughout the planet, taking the lives of millions of people, turning them into insidious and ruthless zombies. You, and a few so-called lucky ones, managed to find the vaccine and now they do not succumb to virus attacks. But not everything is so simple, because you have to fight for life by any available means, destroying enemies and coping with the many trials on the way.

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The Amazing TKs Suburban Nightmares v03.01.2020 - PLAZA

The Amazing TKs Suburban Nightmares Game Free Download Torrent

Return slasher. Nightmare events start again because of a serial killer worshiping a cult-like band on the rise. The Amazing TKs Suburban Nightmares — is an action-packed game developed by The Amazing TK LL, available on PC. A local multiplayer horror game that sought support on Kickstarter — the author of the project, focusing on the slashers of the 1980s, intended to recreate gameplay similar to the products of the Nintendo 64 era. The game will offer a variety of characters and weapons, as well as a large number of unique cards, the size of which, according to the developer, will affect the gameplay.

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Swag and Sorcery v1.53 (upd.05.01.2020)

Swag and Sorcery Game Free Download Torrent
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Swag and Sorcery is an unusual RPG adventure in which you will create a fantasy village with many heroes. You will need to answer for each character individually and try to develop his skills. The main goal of the game is to protect and develop your settlement. Use of resources, mining equipment, completing various quests and much more. In this game you will find a lot of discoveries that will become the basis for further development. The game will gradually open up new opportunities for you to develop the village, and you will use them effectively.

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