Plutocracy v0.188.0

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Plutocracy — allows you to pour into the environment of millionaires and become an influential person. However, such achievements will require not a small effort. You have to weave intrigues, crank up profitable financial transactions, put your people on key posts everywhere. Competitive companies must be absorbed by you in order to maximize their market position. It is a living, mobile organism in which all processes.

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Gene Rain Wind Tower - HOODLUM

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Gene Rain Wind Tower — is a 3rd person indie game developed in China. Death is always fair. He treats both the poor and the rich alike. This is the concept of the Army of Human Resistance. In the game, we will control the «army of human resistance», fighting to put an end to the conflicts that swept the whole world. There are two camps in this game, and the background of the story is the later stage of the battle of the two camps. Each camp has its own ideas and goals. The rebels are prepared to pay all expenses to stop the world in close combat, while the mechanical camp believes that the world should be destroyed.

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Degrees of Separation v1.2 (upd.04.01.2020) - PLAZA

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Degrees of Separation — a very difficult puzzle game in 2D style, in which you have to overcome obstacles and solve physical puzzles, playing in the cooperative for Amber and Rhyme. Our heroes have a mysterious force, energy. Which is exactly the same and separates them. Around the girl everything is blooming and turning green, while around the guy everything becomes white and lifeless. They cannot get into each other’s world and cannot unite, but must move forward together, solve puzzles together and overcome various obstacles. It is because of this that the gameplay seems so interesting and unusual.

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SaGa Scarlet Grace Ambitions v04.01.2020 - SKIDROW

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SaGa Scarlet Grace Ambitions — role-playing Japanese game. When evil came into this world, when darkness enveloped every house and touched every family, when the Fallen God appeared in the world in order to capture and destroy it, what did people do? All of humanity united into a single Empire, only by uniting did they have a chance to confront such evil. And they succeeded. Evil was defeated. However, before the warriors could move away from the battles, a new fire of battles enveloped the Empire. People not finding themselves an enemy, they came up with it in the face of each other. A wave of strife broke out. Five heroes, led by you, decide to confront the whole world, they are tired of hoping for the powerful of this world, who decide everything for the common people, not thinking how it will be better for them. Embark on a fantastic journey with our heroes, fight huge hordes of enemies and try to bring peace to these lands.

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Forest Woodman v04.01.2020 - PLAZA

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Forest Woodman — here you can help the lost girl, and planting new trees and much more. Although the game is not saturated with many epic battles, you will have to fight for life quite often. But not any plasma cannons and modern tools, only a good old shovel. Are you tired of the routine and the grayness of days? Want something new? Then what about the adventures of a forest ranger in the most ordinary forest? Foresters are waiting for danger at every turn, but you also need to watch the forest, forever the wolves will kill, the bears, and sometimes even more scary. Try to stand the week in such conditions, let’s see how you can handle it.

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Supraland v1.12.5 (upd.04.01.2020) - PLAZA

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Its singularity lies in the fact that the authors position the game as metro-identification and at the same time make it from the first person. In most cases, metro-dating is a 2D platformer with one big level that needs to be inspected, to search for how to open doors, to kill bosses. In doing so, all this is done in accordance with the nonlinear plot (nonlinearity, however, reduces to fork in most cases — in one very difficult, in another easier, in the third it is quite simple, but long, somehow). Here, we look at everything from the side, moving to the right and left, and our own eyes. Simply put, Supraland is a cross between Super Mario, Portal, Metroid and Zelda.

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