Dark Hope A Puzzle Adventure - CODEX

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Dark Hope A Puzzle Adventure — adventure game with elements of horror, which was made in the style of steampunk. Fairly good decision, here is a similar game in the first person. Thanks to the good graphics, the right music and sound effects, the atmosphere here is very full of strange and scary moments. So, the plot of the game, you as the main character wake up in a dark corridor, there is no way out, wherever you look, there is only darkness around. Where you ended up and why, this is the first task you need to complete. Explore the corridors of a strange building, collect podskodki and solve puzzles. The game has a lot of tips and various books, audio recordings and notes, carefully examine each room.

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Wire Lips v1.0 - DARKZER0

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Wire Lips is a third-person horror game. The authors will tell us a terrible story about two girls who found a box, but here is what this artifact hides in itself and what consequences the possession of this item will entail, we will find out soon. The game is atmospheric, exciting, interesting, though it will take a little time to complete. You will definitely remember this adventure. The story of how an ordinary walk in the vicinity of the town can turn into a frightening adventure. Summer and Lina walked in the mountains and took photos.

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Dungreed Build 200118

Dungreed Game Free Download Torrent
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Dungreed is a quality pixel 2D action bage with dangerous dungeons. The game will not surprise you with something new, but its performance is at a high level, and all lovers of high-quality pixel games will definitely be delighted. Procedural generation of levels, an excellent system of pumping the hero, a diverse selection of weapons, ranging from sharp swords, ending with ultra-modern guns.

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Ys VIII Lacrimosa of Dana v20200117 + HQ Texture Pack - CODEX

Ys VIII Lacrimosa of Dana Game Free Download Torrent
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Ys VIII Lacrimosa of DANA is a role-playing game in action style, where you go on an exciting adventure through the unusual corners of the vast world. You will play the role of the protagonist, who is stuck on a rather strange island due to an awful shipwreck. The island is completely isolated from the real world, conceals a lot of secrets in itself, and also prepared for you not a small number of dangers and challenges, which are not so easy to overcome. Moreover, on the territory of this island there is a small village of wild people who will try in every possible way to turn you and other survivors into their food.

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