Samosbor v1.02 (upd.23.02.2020) - PLAZA

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Samosbor — is a game in which we will feel ourselves in the role of a liquidator, its goal is to eliminate all the consequences of Self-assembly, everything will not happen in the most pleasant, narrow, scary corridors of Gigakhrushchevka, if anyone knows what this is about, hurry to experience it. In the world of Self-assembly, there is no ray of hope for everyone, everyone is equal before the fact that they can die at any moment — and this is self-assembly, and not a figure of speech.

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Stellar Commanders - DARKZER0

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Stellar Commanders — offers to go to space. This is a fairly dynamic, multiplayer game. Here you can fight for control of other planets. In Star Commanders, you can fight not only against real players, but AI will not let you relax. If you want to speak 1×1, then the round will not last long because if the opponent is weak, he will be quickly defeated. Choose the fraction you want to join. All of them have serious differences. We advise you to make informed choices. The game Stellar Commanders allows you to develop.

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MOAstray v1.2.6 (upd.23.02.2020)

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MOAstray — in the darkness, a huge apparatus makes a strange sound. This modern computer-controlled equipment is captured by alien beasts and inhabitants, but it still works wildly. In an abandoned laboratory, an unknown turquoise creature of the MO gradually wakes up and discovers that it is not only parasitic alien plants, sadly transforming people in the wheel of samsara, but also a threatening environment filled with dangers. And there is a vague feeling that someone is watching all this. Moving in the darkness by touch, the MOAstray realizes that he has a great mission, and following the instructions of a mysterious whisper, he overcomes many obstacles. Who created all these disasters. What difficulties will arise in the way leading to answers to all questions.

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Steins Gate My Darlings Embrace v20200217 - CODEX

Steins Gate My Darlings Embrace Game Free Download Torrent
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Steins Gate My Darlings Embrace — this is a typical Japanese visual novel, which means that most of the game we read and listen to the dialogue of characters, mainly with little influence on them. From time to time we use the phone of the protagonist and, for example, dial the number manually to call someone or send a text message. However, at the most important points, we make decisions that lead to one of several endings. The two-dimensional graphics and portraits of the main characters that we observe during several tens of hours of the game testify to the quality of the graphic design of the game. Most of them were made by a famous graphic designer, hiding under the pseudonym Hooke. Its distinctive style and the use of special graphics filters set it apart from other games.

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The Coma Recut v2.1.1 (Deluxe Edition) - PLAZA

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The Coma Recut is a restart of the famous Korean horror quest in which you have to go to Sehwa High school and try to find out what happens there at night. The events of the game take place in a regular school called Sehwa High, which just goes to the main character of the game, an ordinary teenager named Yonho. He calmly studied at school and did not suspect anything until something happened — once he fell asleep right at school and woke up already at night, when something began to happen at school. Now the whole school is filled with strange mystical living plants, students and teachers began to go crazy, and one of the best teachers decided to kill the protagonist. What happened? What happens to everyone? And what kind of plants are these?

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