Nerepis - PLAZA

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Nerepis is a game adventure that will test and improve your personal combat skills. You can personally create conditions, design arenas, and even change the parameters of the heroes, just to create the conditions for the active conduct of the confrontation. Do not relax too much, as this game project is designed exclusively for multi-player confrontation, so you will have a hard time, since it will not be so easy to fight with other players.

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Star Souls v0.9.81 (upd.03.03.2020) - PLAZA

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Star Souls — was conceived as a tactical game. Its main part is the battles between the spaceships of the player and the enemy, which occur in real time with a tactical pause. The playing field in Star Souls is completely open and divided into cells, along which the ships move. We did not make the playing field too large so that the player could keep it completely under control. In computer games there is no problem with the lack of physical space on the table, and the playing field can be many times larger. In Star Souls, the playing field is relatively small 10×20 cells.

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BATTLETECH v1.9.1 (upd.03.03.2020) - PLAZA

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Step-by-step action with robots — this is after all what you could dream about! Surely, each of you would like to have under your control a huge robot capable of eliminating your opponent without much difficulty. A new project called BATTLETECH gives players a real opportunity to create for themselves such a monster, to improve it, to modernize, to unify its appearance, and to pass various tasks. That sounds great, does not it? So, first, let’s pay attention to the most «tasty» part of the game — the gameplay. It allows players in step-by-step battles to fight with their opponents, using special techniques, captures and even weapons, if you install it on your droid. You will also need to consider who is standing in front of you — a flexible robot with fast attacks or a huge robot tank, capable of destroying any opponent who will try to stand in his way with the help of huge guns.

This game has been updated 12-07-2020, 13:46 to the latest version v1.9.1 (upd.03.03.2020).

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BATTLETECH Heavy Metal v1.9.1 - CODEX

BATTLETECH Heavy Metal Game Free Download Torrent

Paradox Interactive and Harebrained Schemes have shared the release trailer for the Heavy Metal add-on for their tactical BATTLETECH strategy. You can purchase and test the new product right now on the PC. In total, the DLC introduced eight mechs in BattleTech — seven classic from the legendary past of the gaming universe and one completely new. It also added eight new guns designed to expand the tactical elements of the gameplay — with the Mech Mortar gun, for example, you can destroy several enemies at the same time. In addition, the game has another Flashpoint storyline campaign. Within its framework, gamers will meet the Trophy Hunter and the Black Widow of the Wolf Dragoons, as well as try to seize the mysterious cargo from the depths of space.

This game has been updated 3-03-2020, 15:22 to the latest version v1.9.1.

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Position v1.1 (upd.03.03.2020) - CODEX

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Position — an independent game is always done as high quality as it can. The quality bar is in the head of the creator, it practically does not depend on skill, sometimes it needs a strong kick to digest conclusions. The peak of creativity that you see now is individual for everyone, someone will have to bite their asphalt and someone will sit on the jetpack and fly away to the pros. The question is only in the time and individual abilities of the character. The game uses Unity, this is the choice for slippers of all stripes. A quasimode that combines hyperrealism and flappie birds. Accordingly, the spread of plug-ins with tools there reaches the point of absurdity, put the wrong plug-in. Catch the pink textures all over. Oh, did you fix the shaders? Look, you don’t put grass. There are enough such problems, capriciousness and randomness do not occupy this engine.

This game has been updated 3-03-2020, 12:23 to the latest version v1.1 (upd.03.03.2020).

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Blood Relation Part 1 (upd.03.03.2020) - CODEX

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Blood Relation — new adventure game with elements of horror and survival, where you have high hopes for saving your sister who is in the hospital. A game for PC, with a first-person view, where you will explore the territory indoors, while finding notes, clues and parts of a wooden doll. Performing these tasks, you will have a limited amount of time, hurry up, because you need to find and replace the battery in the comatose chamber of the sister. Find clues and clues in the end to find out a terrible secret, what really happened to your sister. Each of the keys found can open one of the locked doors to the rooms. Where there will be additional clues.

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Rigs Of Rods v2020.01.14 + Content Pack

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Rigs Of Rods — is a very cool sandbox in which you can ride a variety of vehicles and test its strength in a variety of situations, including emergency ones. Like most sandboxes, this game also has no storyline. But be that as it may, and it is not needed in this game, because the gameplay here is based primarily on damage, accidents, and testing the strength of vehicles.

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Warriors Rise to Glory v0.7 (upd.03.03.2020)

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Warriors Rise to Glory is a step-by-step gladiator simulator with RPG elements. The game has quite a specific humor, many will call it even primitive, but still the idea and performance of the game deserves attention. Raise your gladiator and go to the arena to earn money on battles. Come up with your tactics, because brute force is not the best solution. Participate in various arenas and, if you win, you may be bothered to speak in front of the emperor.

This game has been updated 3-03-2020, 03:45 to the latest version v0.7 (upd.03.03.2020).

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