Dandara Trials of Fear Edition v1.3.16 (upd.08.03.2020)

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Dandara Trials of Fear Edition — the Brazilian warrior Dandara became the heroine of the game of the same name. If the developers of full-fledged simulators began to use national heroes in the plots of their games, then they do it with full dedication. Platform Dandara made two-dimensional. The battles are fought on two fronts. Graphics remains 32-bit. Sounds enough to reveal her civic actions, you plunge into the seventeenth century, in which Dandara exterminated the colonialists in order to save the escaped black slaves.

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Murder by Numbers upd.08.03.2020 (Collector Edition) - DARKSiDERS

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Murder by Numbers is an addictive puzzle game with visual novel elements in the Japanese style. The game takes place in Los Angeles in 1996. You will try on the role of Onora Mizrahi, who is an ordinary actress and starred in detective series. But then she found out that she was fired, and after some time her former boss was found dead. Now the heroine will have to clear her name and unravel a series of mysterious murders on the set.

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Broomstick League upd.08.03.2020

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Broomstick League — is an indie strategy game. We can play it and try to get through completely, reaching the winning finals. The game is very dynamic and interesting, with cool narration and unusual gameplay. Also, in this sports strategy arcade game there is a rather unique story that is not hackneyed and rarely seen. You will have to fly on magic brooms, just like in Harry Potter. Try to win in all arenas, in any competitions in which you will participate. In the Broomstick League game, you will have to learn how to wield a broom and a magic wand as if you were Harry Potter or Hermione Granger. The game is suitable for all lovers of the Joan Roaling saga about a genius boy who survived, as well as just lovers of something unusual, but extremely interesting and entertaining. The game looks great, and in all respects.

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People v08.03.2020 - PLAZA

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People — is a great game about urban planning, where you will play the role of a real architect who will build new buildings for people on an island that is more than 20 kilometers wide. Your main goal is to establish a single mechanism and work on the island, collect food supplies, establish supplies and do everything so that people live and prosper. The nature around is alive and mobile. You will find yourself in a filled world with your own rules and laws. Protect your People, create decent conditions. It will be a rather original gaming experience. There are a number of different systems, hunger, construction, craft and much more. Go through various and exciting tasks, develop and find non-standard solutions.

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Strategic Command WWII World at War - SKIDROW

Strategic Command WWII World at War Game Free Download Torrent

A series of strategic teams Fury Softwares has returned, and this time it will take over the whole world. The game Strategic Command WWII World at War is your chance to fight the greatest conflict of the 20th century, from Poland to China, from Normandy to the Pacific, on a map covering the entire globe. This new turn-based game, based on the success of Strategic Command WWII War in Europe, will provide even more opportunities to try out different strategies, maximizing the possibility of reuse. Can Germany, Italy and Japan win and build their new world order, or will they turn into a catastrophe when the rest of the world is mobilized to meet the force by force. This is your opportunity to take command and change history.

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