Spintires v1.4.3 + DLC - PLAZA

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Spintires The Original Game is a simulator that gives the player the opportunity to drive a powerful truck that must transport goods over rough terrain. Dirt, boulders, pits, mountains and other obstacles will interfere with you. And the NEW Dynamic Weather system will bring random weather conditions to the project, thereby making it even more realistic. A free camera is basically a debugging feature for modders, and at the request of the community, we finally added a free camera for your enjoyment.

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Wallachia Reign of Dracula

Wallachia Reign of Dracula Game Free Download Torrent
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Wallachia Reign of Dracula — the gameplay here does not offer anything beyond the unusual, and is based mainly on the classic mechanics of the genre. But it stands out by the dynamics of everything that happens on the screen. Here you will not have time to think and plan actions — you will have to quickly think, act ahead of the curve, and just run forward without stopping. It would seem not so difficult, but alas, it is not. In fact, each level will be a real challenge for you. Once you get distracted only once, the enemy arrow will fly right into the heroine, or miss one hit, and everything, further passing the level will be very difficult.

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Gaia Beyond v0.15.2 (upd.09.03.2020)

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Gaia Beyond — a sandbox with an admixture of action and role-playing game in which you have to go on a journey through the vast expanses of space. You are waiting for hundreds of different planets, tasks, adventures and much, much more. The plot of the game tells about the distant past, in which people, after mastering comic travels, started a war that eventually affected the entire galaxy. Now Earthlings live in different parts of the galaxy, but they are also clouded by war with each other, absorbed by greed and thirst for power. Well, you also have to play the role of a mercenary, wandering through the cosmic expanses in search of profit, fame and fortune.

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Mechanica upd.09.03.2020

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Mechanica — in front of you is a huge open desert world, and you will have to build the first base on its open spaces. First, you will need to create conditions for normal living, create a place for an overnight stay, and provide yourself with essential resources. And after a while you will get access to technologies that you will have to constantly and tirelessly develop. In general, everything is simple and comes down to standard processes in Mechanica. You will have to extract a variety of resources, build buildings with their help, study various technologies, grow food, explore the vastness of this world and survive in all possible ways. But all this is only half the battle. In addition to this, you will also have to establish defense. Your base will be constantly attacked by robots, and you will need to defend against them.

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Rain Island - DARKZER0

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Rain Island is a short game in the genre of action-platforming, in which you will have to go through various levels and overcome various obstacles that will meet along the way. Unfortunately, nothing really is known about the storyline of the game at the moment, but in fact it is not important, because the essence of the game is understandable and true, and it consists primarily in passing through numerous levels with obstacles and enemies. a huge island, where the weather is always rainy, now needs a defender, which you just can become. The island is full of enemies, traps, various obstacles, and not only. Take control of the main character and go to let him.

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Spintires Chernobyl DLC v1.4.3 - PLAZA

Spintires Chernobyl DLC Game Free Download Torrent

Spintires Chernobyl DLC — is a great addition to the Spintires off-road simulator. It presents a new extensive map of the exclusion zone in the area of the Chernobyl NPP. Our main task is the transportation of wood, while paying attention to the level of radiation. In addition, the DLC also offers new trucks and mechanics. The Chernobyl nuclear disaster was one of the most famous events in the 1980s. On April 26, 1986, during the accident, the reactor core overheated and partially melted.

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XYLITH Hostile Planet - DARKZER0

XYLITH Hostile Planet Game Free Download Torrent

XYLITH Hostile Planet — as for the gameplay, it is unique in all directions in this game, although it uses for the most part mechanics known to everyone. So, you have to go through numerous levels, explore huge locations, roam the levels and solve a variety of physical puzzles, complete quests, and much more. The developers did not come up with something new and essentially used everything that is so popular. But at the same time they added a lot of mechanics from other genres. By the way, you are also waiting for an advanced leveling system of the protagonist, quests, detailed armor and weapon settings, crafting, extensive weapons upgrades, and even companion animals that you can tame and take with you on adventures.

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Avorion v1.0 - PLAZA

Avorion Game Free Download Torrent

Avorion is a space sandbox game with an emphasis on building your own ships and huge space stations. You will begin your journey with a small ship, which can be improved and supplemented with new modules. As soon as you make money, whether it is an honest search for resources and trade or illegal robbery, you can purchase parts for the construction of a new ship. Avorion does not limit you in any way, you can create a real giant, an insuperable fortress, however, this will require a huge amount of resources that still need to figure out how to mine.

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Thief Simulator v1.42 - CODEX

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Thief Simulator — pretty good in its performance simulator, where you have to take on the performance of a professional thief, who should as accurately and quickly make their plans. You will have a definite goal, to which you must prepare as thoroughly as possible, while trying to lay out all the points of the plan on the shelves so as not to make mistakes in the performance. In a robbery, you will need a lot of information, which you will collect prematurely, and then you can safely go to complete the task. You will be a very professional thief, so your goals will be the richest and most protected houses.

Added new version Thief Simulator v1.2.1 — GOG!

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The Hive v1.203 - CODEX

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The Hive is a very interesting strategy with a mix of role-playing, tactical battles and building a base. A distant planet hidden in space awaits you, the story of a race whose representatives resemble ordinary arachnids, and a fascinating story. The essence of the game is as follows — you must lead the race and try to survive in rather dangerous conditions. Conventionally, the entire gameplay can be divided into several parts. The most important thing is to explore the vast open world. You will have to explore the environment, wander through various ruins, search for treasure, extract the necessary resources, fight enemies in various locations, solve puzzles.

This game has been updated 9-03-2020, 11:45 to the latest version v1.203.

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