Fear the Dark Unknown Chloe - HOODLUM

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Fear the Dark Unknown Chloe — developers from Dreamlight Games Studios position their creation as a classic horror with elements of survival from the 90s. In the story, users have to reincarnate in Chloe, who received a mysterious message from her father. The letter stated that the girl should learn the real truth about the death of her mother. If she wants to find out all the details, she must arrive at the gloomy mansion of the Beresford family. Inside this building lives an evil creature that has tormented the owners of the house for two hundred years. Chloe, naturally, comes to meet her father and plunges into the horrors lurking inside the mansion.

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Seven Enhanced Collectors Edition v1.3.2 - PLAZA

Seven Enhanced Collectors Edition Game Free Download Torrent
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Polish studios Fools Theory and IMGN.PRO announced Seven Enhanced Collectors Edition. It is an updated version of the game Seven: The Days Long Gone. Debuts new product on the console of Sony, while the owners of the original for the PC will receive an enhanced version as a free update. In addition, the novelty includes the previously announced DLC. The developers explained that in the new expansion the main character faces the Enclave — a disparate group of mysterious vagrants who have discovered the mythical sunken ship and are exploring it in the hope of finding wealth. However, these treasures are hidden for a reason. In this case, the original version, thanks to the expansion, will receive many new opponents, weapons, equipment, schemes and skills of crafting. Also fixed many bugs that were previously reported by players.

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Terra Incognito Antarctica 1911 v1.0.1 (upd.01.05.2020)

Terra Incognito Antarctica 1911 Game Free Download Torrent
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Terra Incognito Antarctica 1911 — is adventure game and strategy, as well as a survival simulator. Here you have to go on a long and very dangerous journey to the South Pole. The events of the game take place at the beginning of the twentieth century, when the race began to the South Pole. Well, you just have to take part in this race. Harness the dogs and hit the road. But be careful. The weather here will not be friendly to you in any way, and the conditions here are generally such that not everyone is given the opportunity to survive. And do not forget about your main task to get the first to the South Pole, to the place where the winner of the race will be determined.

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Heaven Dust Build 20200501 - SiMPLEX

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Heaven Dust — is an isometric «survival horror» in anime style in which you have to survive, fight zombies, solve puzzles and look for a way out of a mysterious mansion. The game takes place in the vast strange mansion, in which some scientists decided to conduct experiments to create some means, called Heaven Dust. But as practice has shown, it was not a remedy, as scientists thought, but a virus that turns people into zombies. Well, you’ll have to play for an ordinary guy who, by chance, was closed in the mansion just at the moment when the virus leaked. Now you need to get out of the mansion by all means.

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