The Sims 4 Star Wars Journey to Batuu v1.66.139.1020 + All DLCs

The Sims 4 Star Wars Journey to Batuu Game Free Download Torrent

The Sims 4 Star Wars Journey to Batuu — is an add-on to The Sims 4 real-time management simulator in which you can create your own story in the Star Wars universe. Events will unfold on the remote planet Batuu, where you can side with the Resistance or join the First Order. As you progress, you need to increase the character’s reputation in order to open up access to new tasks. You can also arm yourself with a legendary lightsaber and start a droid. For starters, you must understand that the new addition does not add a new city and does not provide the ability to build buildings in the style of Star Wars. Batuu Travel offers your Sims an original vacation experience. Forget about day-to-day problems, work or college. Pick up your mobile phone, open the Take a Vacation tab.

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AeternoBlade 2 Directors Rewind Build 5512068 (upd.08.09.2020)

AeternoBlade 2 Directors Rewind Game Free Download Torrent
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AeternoBlade 2 Directors Rewind — action RPG platformer in a fantasy setting with three playable heroes in which players solve puzzles and battle opponents using time manipulation. After the total failure of the first part, the developers decide to release a sequel, called AeternoBlade 2. In their defense, they say that they will improve the combat component and the gameplay part, and will make a new time control mechanic. More mysteries and treasures are also expected on the horizon. In addition to Freya, the warrior from AeternoBlade, other heroes will be the laconic heavy knight Bernard, Princess Rosalyn and the skillful knight Felix childhood friend of the two previous heroes. Will be two more heroes from the first part, Zevil and Carol, who decided to help Freya again.

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Mashinky v0.60.15 (upd.08.09.2020) - ALI213

Mashinky Game Free Download Torrent
ALI213 Early Access FREE DOWNLOAD Latest version TORRENT

Mashinky is a brand new transport strategy game from Czech developer Jan Zeleny. Zooming through gorgeous landscapes, utilising a traditional isometric construction mode and mastering a unique board game-like gameplay, you'll find yourself immersed in the task of building your own transport empire. The goal is to create your own transport empire on a procedurally generated map. The game is a unique blend of realistic graphics combined with an isometric construction mode and boardgame-like rules. Players start the game in control of a transport company. They must lay tracks on difficult terrain, research and buy new vehicles, manage routes and compete against economic rules to make as much profit as possible by transporting passengers and various cargos. This makes for a challenging simulation game requiring the player to consider all elements of business to be successful.

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The Sims 4 v1.66.139.1020

The Sims 4 Game Free Download Torrent
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The long-awaited The SIMS 4 finally came out, and you can download them to your computer. There is no linearity or some plot in the game. You get a whole world in which you are free to do whatever you want. Make all your dreams in the best simulator of the life of The SIMS 4. Sims games are also famous for their unique capabilities in terms of construction, and the fourth part will please even more realistic and detailed graphics. Now building the house of your dreams and furnishing it with furniture, you will get previously unprecedented realism.

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The Sims 4 Eco Lifestyle v1.66.139.1020 - CODEX

The Sims 4 Eco Lifestyle Game Free Download Torrent

The Sims 4 Eco Lifestyle — is the add-on to The Sims 4, a real-time management life simulator that focuses on the environmental change of life in the new town of Evergreen Harbor. It is from the direct actions of the sims that the purity of the sky and rivers will depend, so they will have to learn how to rationally consume, recycle and recycle waste. And for this, the game will have new professions available, thematic buildings and many other content. Is the ninth DLC to be released for The Sims 4, and it offers many ways for your Sims to live sustainably.

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DRAG v0.1.7.0 (upd.08.09.2020)

DRAG Game Free Download Torrent
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DRAG — is a new racing game from the studio Orontes Games, which is an excellent racing simulator with an arcade driving system. The physics of the behavior of trucks on the road is very realistic, you can see how the shock absorbers and the suspension as a whole work. It is possible to fly out of the road if you turn too much. It is worth noting that the DRAG game is an off-road race, driving specialized cars. If you like off-road racing, using realistic physics, then the game will allow the player to get behind the wheel of a truck and go to the race.

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Broforce v1122.20200901 - SKIDROW

Broforce Game Free Download Torrent

Broforce — pixel game in the genre of action, where you have to mainly deal with the fact that you will constantly run in numerous locations and shoot a variety of enemies. The game embodies all the best traditions of action films of the genre. Here you can even meet familiar heroes with whom you will fight face to face. Chuck Norris, Sylvester Stallone, Bruce Willis and Arnold Schwarzenegger — all of them will meet you on the way and for each of them you can play. You get to small locations where you have to overcome not only opponents, but also various traps. You need to release all your comrades. As soon as you release a specific target, you will immediately take charge of its control, and so on in a circle. The dynamics and diversity of the game gives it such a rather interesting gameplay, where gently constantly get used to the management of one or another hero.

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Predator Hunting Grounds v2.03 (upd.08.09.2020)

Predator Hunting Grounds Game Free Download Torrent
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Predator Hunting Grounds — is a competitive third-person shooter in the Predator universe. The game tells about the confrontation between the elite squad of Fireteam soldiers and the Predator, which is armed with a wide arsenal of alien weapons. For each side, real people will play. Asymmetric multiplayer shooter, which takes place in remote corners of the world, where the Predator is searching for the most difficult prey. Play as fighters of an elite fire special group and carry out paramilitary operations before the Predator finds you. Or play as a Predator to hunt the most worthy prey using your deadly alien technology.

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Metal Unit Build 000700 (upd.08.09.2020)

Metal Unit Game Free Download Torrent
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Metal Unit is a spectacular action-platformer with bagel elements and random generation of levels, where in the role of a girl soldier named Joanna you have to save the Earth from space aliens and ancient monsters. The scene of the game is our Earth, which on the one hand is attacked by aliens from outer space, and on the other, ancient monsters that have appeared from underground. The player will have to take on the role of Joanna, a girl soldier dressed in a special combat suit «M-Unit». Together with her you have to save the Earth from the invaders, as well as to take revenge on your sister, who sided with the aliens.

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Library Of Ruina v1.0.1.10c (upd.08.09.2020)

Library Of Ruina Game Free Download Torrent
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Library Of Ruina — you can go on an amazing adventure, which promises to be not only interesting, but at least unusual. The fact is that the story in this game will be directly related to the library. But you definitely won’t have to read books here, since the library is not so ordinary, but magical and designed to keep secrets together with the souls of carriers. In simple terms, you have to play for hunters who collect souls. And the victims are those who dare to encroach on your treasure or just think about the bad in your presence. The time has come to strike back and simply send in conclusion such negative personalities.

This game has been updated 8-09-2020, 15:40 to the latest version v1.0.1.10c (upd.08.09.2020).

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