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UnderMine is an adventure action game with RPG elements. Demonstrate your craving for wealth and a better life that can last forever and survive for generations. Act as an ordinary peasant who wants to get out of poverty and gain countless wealth. You have to survive the earthly path of your hero, after which all accumulated objects and skills will be transferred to the heir. Experience an exciting adventure again and again, gradually approaching the cherished goal. Overcome a lot of difficulties on the path to prosperity, make new discoveries and get ready to transfer the acquired skills further by inheritance.

This game has been updated 17-09-2020, 16:00 to the latest version v1.0.2.9.

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Gestalt Steam and Cinder upd.17.09.2020 (demo)

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Gestalt Steam and Cinder — is a platformer set in a steampunk setting. In the last home of the human race, most of the technology is powered by steam. When choosing graphics, the developers were inspired by 16- and 32-bit games. The main character is the red-haired Alethea, who seeks to unravel the mystery of the origin of the city of Kanaan. According to the plot, the heroine will unravel conspiracies, fight monstrous mechanisms and expose corrupt politicians. We should also mention the design of the locations. In the same factory, instead of the usual platforms, the girl will jump up ladders, hooks and vats with red-hot iron. The huge press also blocks the way.

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Death end reQuest 2 Build 5459536 (upd.17.09.2020)

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The problem with sequels is almost karmic. Practice shows that making a direct continuation of a successful game, book or film is very difficult. Either the fantasy for the second part will dry up, then, on the contrary, there are many ideas, but their quality is lame. And Death end reQuest 2 from the Compile Heart studio is exactly the case when the long-awaited development of history not only does not shine with innovative ideas, but even takes a few steps back. After the negatively colored introduction will immediately make a clarification. In spite of everything, fans of the first Death end reQuest will surely be interested in returning to their beloved world.

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Dog Duty v1.0 (upd.17.09.2020)

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Dog Duty — is a mixture of cool action and real-time tactical gameplay. here you have to fight against numerous enemies, use guerrilla skills, create chaos and save the world. General Octopus decided to conquer and enslave the whole world, and together with his army, he has already begun to create chaos. But it’s not yet time to celebrate the victory of his dastardly mercenaries, because there are you and your squad of crazy soldiers that are capable and will resist the Octopus army. Grab soldiers and start fighting, go into battle, and turn everything around, causing chaos in the ranks of General Octopus’s army. let them know that the heroes have not yet been exterminated.

This game has been updated 17-09-2020, 11:49 to the latest version v1.0 (upd.17.09.2020).

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Morbid The Seven Acolytes upd.17.09.2020 (demo)

Morbid The Seven Acolytes Game Free Download Torrent
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Morbid The Seven Acolytes — is a cool RPG horror Punk action game in which you have to embark on a series of adventures, fight evil bloodthirsty monsters. The events of the game begin to take place at the very moment when the real apocalypse begins. Now you are the only hope of humanity, and you have to set off on a journey, find and then also defeat seven novices, cursed and possessed by powerful deities called Gahars. They enslave more and more people, monsters are everywhere and terrible creatures, and in general, the world is literally on fire, and only you can save it. Hit the road, fight, survive, and enjoy the unreal action.

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Wildcat Gun Machine v0.503 (upd.17.09.2020)

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Wildcat Gun Machine — is a mixture of insane top-down action and RPG, an adventure in which you immerse yourself in a series of battles against monsters and monsters, complete tasks, fight bosses. Unfortunately, nothing is really known about the plot, but in fact, this does not make the game less interesting. On the contrary, learning as you progress through the game about everything that happened in the local world, your interest will be fueled. Moreover, the passage of the game will be accompanied by crazy battles, bright apocalyptic locations, and much more. Hit the road, fight, survive, pump, and enjoy the unreal action.

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Sirenhead v2.0.0 (upd.17.09.2020)

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Sirenhead — is a retro first-person horror game in which you will travel into a dark, spooky forest and will be alone to escape from the bloodthirsty monster that lives in this forest. The events of the game begin to take place at the very moment when the main character goes to a dark forest with his friends on vacation. Freddie Anderson is an ordinary student guy who, during the summer holidays, decided to go camping in the forest with his friends. And everything would be fine, but only the trip was not as fun as we would like. Not only that everyone was lost and now Freddie is away from his friends, but also a terrible monster called Lilachead is chasing Freddie.

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Winkeltje The Little Shop v5413 (upd.17.09.2020)

Winkeltje The Little Shop Game Free Download Torrent
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Winkeltje The Little Shop is a game that will send you back in time, where you will be engaged in the construction and comprehensive development of your store. Your task is to make your store as profitable as possible. Reaching this goal is not easy, because you have a big responsibility. You will become the owner of your own store and take control of all aspects of its activities, including the accounting of goods and the calculation of profits. You have to plan everything so that your store does not cause damage. New items or things you can buy or take from the merchants passing by your store. Try to fill your store with a variety of goods that visitors will definitely want to buy. You can arrange your goods on specially designated shelves, or indicate in the list on the board.

This game has been updated 17-09-2020, 11:55 to the latest version v5413 (upd.17.09.2020).

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Titanfall 2 v2.0.11.0 (upd.17.09.2020)

Titanfall 2 Game Free Download Torrent
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Titanfall 2 — is the second part of the original game, which is the continuation of an amazing story. A shooter unique in its performance will open in front of you, in which the actions will take place from a first-person view, which will allow you to plunge deeper into the essence of what is happening. Here you will become a mech a huge humanoid robot. You will go to enchanting battles that are designed specifically for multiplayer passage, which will allow you to have a great time with your friends, as well as make new acquaintances around the world.

This game has been updated 17-09-2020, 08:50 to the latest version v2.0.11.0 (upd.17.09.2020).

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Northgard v2.2.12.18230 + All DLC - PLAZA

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Northgard is a new creation of the studio «Shiro Games», which once created a popular series of games «Evoland». This time the players are waiting for a strategy filled with Scandinavian mythology. You have to create a settlement and expand it. Give orders to your Vikings, explore the world, fight with various undead, giants and dragons. Can you survive in the harsh winter season? Will not you be defeated by your enemies? Can you manage resources correctly? The success of the settlement will depend on your decisions and your tactics.

This game has been updated 29-09-2020, 15:56 to the latest version v2.2.12.18230 + All DLC.

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