No Man's Sky Origins v3.03

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No Man’s Sky Origins — improvements on a universal scale, the Origins update has been released for No Man’s Sky, the game contains giant worms, huge buildings and volcanoes. Hello Games studio has released another large-scale update for the No Man’s Sky project. The update is called Origins and it significantly improves and expands on the fundamental aspects of the game. New planets with unprecedented sights like active volcanoes have been added to the game. There are new weather effects, and many elements related to the weather have been improved and now look more beautiful and spectacular. New life forms are found on planets, including exotic creatures and cybernetic creatures. Giant sandworms included. There are also huge buildings and abandoned structures of unknown races on the planets.

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The Survivalists v1.0 (upd.09.10.2020)

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Adventure combines elements of survival and strategy. The Survivalists — find yourself on a mysterious uninhabited island alone or with friends. The game was released by the famous Team17 Corporation, which is familiar to fans of hits such as Worms and Alien Breed. The game takes place in one of the worlds of The Escapists cycle. You play the role of survivors who find themselves on a desert island. It is necessary to explore a two-dimensional environment, to collect and create buildings, objects, hunt animals real and mythical.

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Falcon Age v1.09 - CODEX

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Falcon Age is an adventure game developed by Outerloop Games. In Falcon Age, players find themselves on an alien planet attacked by aggressive robots. The invaders destroyed the culture of the people who lived there, and deprived the planet of its natural resources, turning it into a vast desert. During the events of the game, we play for Aru, a girl thrown into prison for a minor offense. In anticipation of the verdict, the heroine made friends with a hawk, and when both of them managed to escape, they went on a long and dangerous journey.

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