Resident Evil Resistance Build 5576574 (upd.01.11.2020)

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Resident Evil Resistance — is a cooperative horror action game with an admixture of survival, a game based on the confrontation of a group of players with one other player, a project in which tactics and interaction come first. The events of the game take place according to the plot all in the same «RE» universe, but the plot itself now revolves around a group of survivors and one employee of the corporation, which at one time arranged a zombie apocalypse. To be more precise, it is proposed that players play as one of four young people who need to get out of the laboratory, full of zombies, traps and everything else, by all means. The fifth player is invited to play the role of a villain who needs to prevent the survivors from escaping at all costs.

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Chernobylite v33898 - ALI213

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Chernobylite — is both a role-playing action and a first-person shooter, horror and horror. Here you will find a journey to the very heart of Pripyat, radiation, supernatural and skirmishes. Unfortunately, so far not much is known about the plot. Only one thing is known — your main character became a stalker, one of those adventurers who go to the Chernobyl Zone in order to find something that will allow them to enrich themselves. And so, you are in the Zone, but ahead of you are not waiting for wealth, but trials, which not everyone can survive.

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Mistia The Kingdom of Krasten v1.0.5 (upd.02.11.2020)

Mistia The Kingdom of Krasten Game Free Download Torrent
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Mistia The Kingdom of Krasten — is an addicting pixel RPG game in which you have to travel through a huge fantasy world, reveal a bunch of secrets and secrets, and make friends who can influence the life of the protagonist. The events of the game take place in the vast fantasy world, full of secrets and riddles, and in which a real war has begun. But you will play the role of not one of the soldiers or warriors, but the role of a boy named Cole, who has to go on a journey through the kingdom to the capital in order to find out what is happening and why the King left this region. It will not be easy, and along the way you will have to face a lot of problems, but Cole must cope, and you will have to help him in this difficult task.

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Zombie Army Trilogy v1.8.20.01 + Multiplayer

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Zombie Army Trilogy — this game is a collectible game collection, created in the style of a three-dimensional bloody shooter, which is narrated from the third person. The plot of the game tells us about the resurrection of Hitler, who was awakened by a deal with Satan. He begins to create a whole army of zombie soldiers who, after their death, are full of aggression, lust for blood and revenge. All the rebellious Nazi monsters will fight in the confrontation with the usual army. They want to conquer all the countries of Europe, and then swallow the whole world. Hitler himself decides to hide and does not engage in battle, but only gives orders to his undead.

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JUMP Force v2.01 (Ultimate Edition) - CODEX

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Jump Force — a rather interesting announcement of the game, which offers fans of animated universes to fight in a new fighting game. The uniqueness of this game project is that now several universes will immediately be merged into one and users will have the opportunity to fight for a variety of characters. It is already known that in the game adventure characters from such anime as One Piece, Naruto and even Death Note will fight. While the gameplay was not shown at the conference, but fans are confident that this will be a great fighting game.

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Paint the Town Red v0.12.16 r5051

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Paint the Town Red — you are a special agent who was implanted in a dangerous gang. Unfortunately, you were discovered, and now, in order to survive, you must destroy all the criminals. You do not have to rely on a firearm, use your fists and other improvised means to fill the faces of all the bandits. Going to the club, you will have only one chance to survive — you need to kill everyone! Use a variety of items, from cue to the leg of the chair. The graphics in the game are made in the form of squares, even billiard balls, and those square, just like the blood and heads of your enemies. Because of this, the bloody scenes look cackly and insanely funny.

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Dying Light v1.31.0 (Hellraid) - PLAZA

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Dying Light — is not just some kind of addition, it’s a completely redesigned game with a bunch of new features. You are waiting for a completely new graphics, great optimization, as well as all the released add-ons: Be the Zombie, Cuisine and Cargo, Ultimate Survivor Bundle, The Bozak Horde and much more. After download Dying Light you can again plunge into the world of survival. A lot of new locations, new interesting characters, as well as new opportunities. Now players can move on special cars and even arrange insane races. As soon as the sun goes out, the infected immediately begin to creep everywhere — they cannot be beaten all of them. But if you can not avoid a collision, you need to fight to the last.

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World of Horror v0.9.17 (upd.02.11.2020)

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World of Horror is an excellent game created by just one person, but already established himself in the gaming industry market as a responsible and high-quality programmer a great idea. If everything goes well, then very soon we will see a full-scale version of this game. Otherwise, we still have to wait a few months until all problems and errors are resolved. Fortunately, the developer promises to release regular updates and additions, so the game will be clearly interesting and entertaining. And we will see all this very soon.

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The Colonists v1.5.5

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The Colonists is an adventure dynamic game that was developed based on the popular board game. Here you have to take on the role of a professional colonizer, who in the future will create a multifunctional empire from scratch. You will face a number of problems, challenges and difficult tasks, the correct solution of which will lead you to success. You will become part of an incredible urban planning adventure, where you need to take control of a group of robots. It is your charges that will help you recreate your plans many times faster.

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Feed and Grow Fish v0.13.2.23 (upd.02.11.2020)

Feed and Grow Fish Game Free Download Torrent
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Do you like the underwater world? If your answer is positive, then you can not miss the Feed and Grow Fish project. You can relax and get a lot of positive emotions while being under water. You will become a fish that peacefully swims and eats small fish. But do not forget that the proximity may be a larger fish, which will find you a delicious delicacy. Learn underwater beauty, eat and grow.

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