DIRT 5 upd.03.11.2020 (Amplified Edition)

DIRT 5 Game Free Download Torrent

Take part in epic off-road races in DIRT 5 — and compete on ice, snow, sand, gravel and mud tracks in Norway, China, Italy, USA and Brazil. The gameplay has such modes as: ice race, rally-cross, driving huge trucks around the stadium, or controlling a buggy driving off-road. There is a realistic time of the year, for example, users will only be able to take part on ice tracks in the winter in the real world. There are many innovations over the previous installments. Added split screen mode for up to 4 participants. There are many new cars, customization items and internal upgrades. Improved graphics, special effects, realistic collisions and detailed tracks. In addition to the multiplayer mode, there is also a campaign where you take control of a hero competing in various championships. The protagonist will have a mentor.

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Close Contact - DARKSiDERS

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Close Contact — once on board the space station of the Abbotsfield Corp corporation, you will have to survive, fleeing from the alien organism pursuing you, and along the way look for at least some clues about the disappearance of the researchers. Nothing unusual awaits you here. Firstly, here you cannot run, but you can only walk around the station, trying to move around it by detours. Secondly, it is not so easy to run away from the creature here only the ability to hide and keep your eyes closed will help. And thirdly, you also have to solve puzzles. Otherwise, Close Contact is a typical first-person horror game. Travel to the space station on the planet Cadmus and try to figure out what happened there.

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The Walking Dead The Telltale Definitive Series v1.0 - CODEX

The Walking Dead The Telltale Definitive Series Game Free Download Torrent

The Walking Dead The Telltale Definitive Series is the new edition of the Walking Dead universe, combining all the episodes and chapters that were released earlier in the series. And the first thing to say is that this publication was dedicated to the completion of the last season of the series, and combined all that the series acquired in the course of the release of the chapters and episodes. This publication tells all about the same events that occurred in all four chapters, tells the whole story of old heroes anew, and at the same time allows continuous passage.

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Floor 13 Deep State Build 5695351 (upd.03.11.2020)

Floor 13 Deep State Game Free Download Torrent
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The creators of Floor 13 Deep State, Oversight Productions, were inspired by the classic tactical adventure Floor 13, which was released in 1992. The same game designers who worked on the original take part in the development of the modern version. Dystopic thriller with dynamic event generation. And we will have to deal with the mechanisms of the lubin state and form the necessary truth. The main goal is to maintain the current political situation by any means. Players will find more than 50 scenarios based on real intrigue, politics and conspiracies from the banal to the apocalyptic. To counter them, eight autonomous departments can be involved, using force or deception. And all this happens through working with documents. On the 13th floor, players take on the role of a civil servant who uses the resources of his department to intercept dangerous conspiracies while traveling through the sometimes dodgy bureaucracy.

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Lakeview Valley Build 4886674 (upd.03.11.2020)

Lakeview Valley Game Free Download Torrent
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Lakeview Valley — we present to your attention a very bright and fascinating role-playing project in the adventure genre, the events of which will take us to a small American town. Everything here takes its course people work, study, develop and create families, but at the same time, each of them has their own skeleton in a closet that they want to forget about. In the role of the protagonist of the game, you have to act in the person of an ordinary guy who is a local resident of this town. Here you will not have any restrictions at all, so you can safely do whatever you want. For example, you can take the side of goodness, so you can do good deeds, and help people. Or vice versa, you can become cruel, greedy and ruthless. Separately, it is worth noting the pixel retro graphics of old games.

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Conglomerate 451 v1.5.6 (upd.30.07.2020) - CODEX

Conglomerate 451 Game Free Download Torrent
CODEX Full game FREE DOWNLOAD Latest version TORRENT

Conglomerate 451 is a cool, dynamic and very unpredictable first-person role-playing action game. Here you will go to an alternative future and become the director of the most influential corporation on the planet. The plot revolves around the future and specifically the year 2099. The planet faded and gradually turned into a place unsuitable for human life. As a result, powerful corporations decided to create a huge city, a super megapolis, divided into a large number of sectors. There were special rules and laws in this city, no one dared to violate them, and thanks to this a new era of order came.

This game has been updated 3-11-2020, 11:44 to the latest version v1.5.6 (upd.30.07.2020).

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Ostranauts v0.6.3.5 (upd.03.11.2020)

Ostranauts Game Free Download Torrent
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The game is a detailed simulation of survival on a spaceship that has entered the solar system. Ostranauts — find yourself in the NEO Scavenger universe at a time when the Earth was on the verge of destruction, and the rest of the solar system is trying to survive in a capitalist dystopia. Players will create and develop their ship, choose a captain, extract resources and develop an economy between the team. You can build your own ship using any of the available functional models. Remember that each part has its own physical functions, and during operation it wears out and needs to be replaced.

This game has been updated 3-11-2020, 11:39 to the latest version v0.6.3.5 (upd.03.11.2020).

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Barotrauma v0.10.6.2

Barotrauma Game Free Download Torrent
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The world apocalypse is that developers present in the most unexpected forms. In the game Barotrauma you can find out the story of what happened to the planet after global warming. The earth was completely covered with water and subsequent ice, and the remaining people were able to survive in only a small handful or set off completely to Jupiter. You have to lead a small group of survivors and try to find other people. All this is necessary to unite efforts and to repel the harsh environment.

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Founders Fortune v1.2 (upd.03.11.2020)

Founders Fortune Game Free Download Torrent
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Founders Fortune is a town-planning simulator with some unique mechanics in a fantasy setting from Oachkatzlschwoaf Interactive. In it, you play the role of a colonist, who arrived with the team to develop new lands. Upon arrival, after conducting exploration and clearing the area for construction, you can proceed to construction and research. In Founders Fortune there is the possibility of designing your own houses, a huge number of decorative and useful elements. Just like in this urban simulator.

This game has been updated 3-11-2020, 05:39 to the latest version v1.2 (upd.03.11.2020).

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Rising Lords v0.8.1 - SKIDROW

Rising Lords Game Free Download Torrent

Rising Lords — turn-based strategy in the medieval setting, where under your control will be a squad of brave fighters who will participate in exciting tactical battles with elements of a card game. Fans of Battle Brothers will probably be interested to know that the game called Rising Lords took place: a very similar turn-based strategy in the atmosphere of medieval Europe. The developers promise tactical battles with an element of card, board games, multiplayer with up to four people, as well as a unique visual style that copies frescoes and engravings of the early European Middle Ages.

This game has been updated 3-11-2020, 05:34 to the latest version v0.8.1.

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