Dark Souls 3 v1.15 (Deluxe Edition) - Goldberg

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The continuation of the games from the Dark Souls 3 — series is marked by the release of the third part, which the developers talked about as a very difficult product that will definitely make the keyboard explode. The gameplay of DARK SOULS 3 provides all the same features that were in the second part. For us, the third-person slasher with elements of stealth and survival remained at the same level in terms of combat, but the whole combat system was made more dynamic. So much so that sometimes we do not have time to jump back to recharge the skill, and we are already being killed. The real hassle and face of the game genre is the difficulty at every turn.

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Bloodstained Ritual of the Night v1.20 (upd.14.01.2021) - CODEX

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Bloodstained Ritual of the Night — when beautiful Miriam regains consciousness, she feels incredible pain and suffering. It turns out unknown creatures resembling demons were able to destroy the early environment and intervened in a direct battle for the future. Now the heroine, in which you act, will have to fight with every creature, deliver a direct blow in the hope that humanity will surely bow its head and help it overcome obstacles and withstand. But the place where she woke up is really damned and uncertain, which means there are every chance to believe that your world has long been destroyed.

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WanderWoods v0.2.5 (upd.14.01.2021)

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WanderWoods — is a relaxing game about calm exploration of a beautiful procedurally generated forest. Take a relaxing walk, explore the bush or ride a horse along the forest’s many paths. During the 2020 COVID pandemic, the developer of this game spent a lot of time walking the dogs in the forest near his home. He saw how he changed at different times of the day and depending on the season. He was comfortable walking along familiar paths, there was excitement when looking for new ones.

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Yes Your Grace v1.0.18 (upd.14.01.2021)

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Yes Your Grace — is a pixel management simulator in which you will have to play the role of the real king and try to restore order in the kingdom. The events of the game take place in a fantasy world in which there is a large kingdom overflowing with mystical creatures, barbarians, ordinary people, and more. And so you just have to take this kingdom under your control. But do not think that it will be easy for you. Firstly, some events have led to the fact that there are riots in the kingdom. Secondly, the royal family will continually give you certain problems. Well, and thirdly, ill-wishers will try to throw you off the throne. In general, you definitely won’t be bored.

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Fled fierce city v1.0 (upd.14.01.2021) - DARKSiDERS

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Fled fierce city — this is a first person shooter where players can shoot at enemies with different weapons. Players who are immersed in the gameplay are surrounded by enemies, they can explore the neighborhood. Consider the fact that players must avoid attacking the enemy or kill the enemy, kill the enemy can deprive the enemy of his weapons, players need to keep their health as long as possible. As for the graphics, it is here and that’s enough. Don’t expect more than realistic game pictures, this game is not about that. As for management, everything is quite simple, WASD movement back and forth, as well as to the side. Left Shift works, attack with the left mouse button.

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Undercover brother v1.0 (upd.14.01.2021) - DARKSiDERS

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Undercover brother — this is a first person shooter, players can explore their surroundings, players are surrounded by enemies. Players can kill enemies or dodge enemy attacks. After killing the enemy, you can pick up the enemy’s weapon. Players must maintain their health for as long as possible. Right-click targeting can be controlled by WASD movement keys. Left Shift works, the same is the attack with the left mouse button.

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Tinkertown v0.3.0d (upd.14.01.2021)

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Headup Games has announced its first standalone game. This is Tinkertown — formerly known as Fourest, a multiplayer sandbox adventure with a focus on crafts. Tinkertown players will be able to arm themselves with shovels, picks, hammers and other tools and go to explore the magical world, extract resources, build their own settlements and create equipment for challenging challenges in the underworld. You can build your own modest house alone, but to build a majestic city with fortresses and palaces, you need the help of friends. A group can have up to four players. Chooses their own role in crafts and battles independently, creating special equipment.

This game has been updated 14-01-2021, 09:08 to the latest version v0.3.0d (upd.14.01.2021).

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ENCHAIN v0.1.1 (upd.14.01.2021)

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ENCHAIN — a wide range of cool weapons awaits you. And even if they do not look realistic, they shoot and destroy enemies is very, very spectacular. Enemies' bodies scattering to pieces will not let you doubt it. Plus, as you progress through the game, you will acquire a whole bunch of additional weapons and gadgets. A well-thought-out combo system is waiting for you, allowing you to combine attacks and a variety of types of powerful weapons. Otherwise, ENCHAIN is a typical shooter with a touch of platforming. Explore the vast expanses of a mysterious mysterious crypt, destroy the undead in every possible way, kill bosses and mini-bosses, solve puzzles that you will meet at every step, jump on platforms and just survive, slowly and confidently reaching your goal.

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Medieval Dynasty v0.3.0.4 (upd.14.01.2021)

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Medieval Dynasty — is an adventure in medieval Europe ruled by nobles and churchmen. The country is actively engaged in trade with its neighbors and is flourishing. You will become a poor man, hunting and farming. Walk the path from a loner to the head of the community. Set up a small camp and turn it into your own settlement. Get food by chasing wild animals including deer, boars and rabbits. Master a bow with arrows, a hammer and over 60 types of tools. Use an ax to get wood. Explore caves and collect stones using them as building materials. Install furniture and build new rooms in your house and other huts in the village. Become a good family man by feeding your wife and children. In addition to mined meat, diversify your diet with fruits from fruit trees.

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Shieldwall v0.9.0 (upd.14.01.2021)

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Shieldwall — is a mixture of strategy and military adventure action with a third-person view, a game in which you have to join Caesar’s army and go to Gaul, which the emperor could not conquer. The game takes place in those distant times, when Caesar tried his best to capture Gaul and the rest of the world. Well, in these glorious times, you will have to stand on the side of the emperor and try to capture Gaul, leading one of the most powerful units of his army. Grab your shield and sword, take your loyal soldiers with you on the road, and into battle.

This game has been updated 14-01-2021, 08:52 to the latest version v0.9.0 (upd.14.01.2021).

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