Werewolf The Apocalypse Earthblood v49091 (upd.06.02.2021) - CODEX

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Werewolf The Apocalypse Earthblood — is an adaptation of the board game of the same name, the events of which unfold in the universe of World of Darkness Vampire the Masquerade. The main hero of The Apocalypse is a werewolf named Garou, a member of the clan of werewolves who are trying to stop the Apocalypse approaching Earth. Garu is an exile from his clan, who, however, returned to him to help his son. Players are waiting for a role-playing game in which they control a powerful werewolf with a number of features. In particular, Garou is able to transform into a mad monster, filling the scale of anger. In this form, it does more damage to enemies, but is completely insane, and can even attack allies. Of course, this ability to use is not necessary but it can help in difficult situations. The rest of the players waiting for the standard RPG in the world of dark fantasy with a lot of heroes, a large open world, and a lot of secrets.

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Into The Haze Build 6195178 (upd.06.02.2021)

Into The Haze Game Free Download Torrent
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Into the Haze — is a single player survival game that takes place at the beginning of the apocalypse. You wake up on the roof of the 40th floor of an abandoned tower. The whole city is flooded with poisonous gas. Collect resources, create, build and fight zombies. Survive until help arrives. Don’t forget to bring a gas mask; Zombies are not the only thing you should be afraid of in Into the Haze. Look for food in the dining room or try to catch a mouse if you’re lucky. Find ways to access clean water or drink it dirty because you need it. Many herbs are grown because it is not just a scratch. Think before you pull the trigger, you have few rounds.
Collect trash, build, craft or do anything to stay alive.

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Age of Wonders Planetfall v1.403 + All DLC - CODEX

Age of Wonders Planetfall Game Free Download Torrent
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Age of Wonders Planetfall is an exciting real-time strategy game in which you will have to go to a distant planet and try to build your own Empire there, playing for one of the proposed factions. In total, the game currently features six unique races, factions, and each has its own characteristics in various directions. For example, there is a race of powerful Amazons that could tame the dinosaurs themselves, and there is a race of cybernetic zombies, destroying everything in their path. There are also representatives of the Avant-garde, the mighty warriors, and not only. Each race has its strengths and weaknesses — some are strong in politics and diplomacy, others in trade, and still others in the conduct of war.

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Rise Eterna upd.06.02.2021 (demo)

Rise Eterna Game Free Download Torrent
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Rise Eterna — is a tactical RPG in the style of 16-bit Japanese strategy games. Follow Luas story and uncover the secrets of its origins. Recruit up to 14 characters, each with their own unique abilities, and defeat your worst nightmare in epic battles. Uncover a dark and complex story about the relationship between two lost souls as they fight side by side to make sense of their lives. A tactical RPG in which you embark on an adventurous adventure, meet unique characters and immerse yourself in a fascinating story. Together with Lua, you have to uncover the secrets associated with her origin. Recruit a variety of characters, each with their own unique abilities, and overcome your worst nightmare in epic battles.

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Dead Containment v0.2.6 (upd.06.02.2021)

Dead Containment Game Free Download Torrent
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Dead Containment — is a game developed in the genre of a dynamic shooter where all the action will take place from a first-person perspective. The storyline will tell about the world experiencing the consequences of a terrible apocalypse. From now on, its main inhabitants are insidious and ruthless zombies, destroying everything in their path and pitying anyone. As for the essence of the gameplay, here you need to conquer many unique levels, on each of which you will fight with monsters, solve mysteries and explore the environment.

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BROK the InvestiGator v1.13 (upd.06.02.2021)

BROK the InvestiGator Game Free Download Torrent
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BROK the investiGator — is a unique combination of beat em up gameplay and point and click adventure, in which an alligator detective searches for answers in a cartoon cyberpunk world filled with anthropomorphic animals inspired by cartoons of the 80s and 90s. In the game, you take on the role of BROK, a private alligator detective who uses his fists and cunning to uncover a conspiracy that could be linked to his deceased wife. The story is set in a world where animals live. The main character is a private detective Brock, a crocodile and a former boxer. One day he discovers a terrible secret that can threaten all living things. The hero begins an investigation, during which he must not only collect evidence and solve puzzles, but also fight opponents.

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ADACA Beta v0.5.3 (upd.06.02.2021)

ADACA Game Free Download Torrent
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ADACA — is a first-person shooter that takes players to an alternate universe in which you play as a draftee who has spent 10 years in a cryogenic chamber aboard a wrecked ship. As a result of these events, the hero’s hand was removed, instead of a robotic prosthesis. With its help, you can manipulate the surrounding objects, including the weapons of enemies. The action takes place in a rather strange world full of secrets and enemies. Each faction is trying to uncover many secrets for a variety of reasons. Players will be able to fight with representatives of enemy groups and the police, as well as explore an amazing world full of surprises. The project includes the first episode of the game and the closed mode of the Exclusion Zone.

This game has been updated 6-02-2021, 16:49 to the latest version Beta v0.5.3 (upd.06.02.2021).

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Cyber Manhunt v1.2.53 (upd.06.02.2021)

Cyber Manhunt Game Free Download Torrent
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Cyber Manhunt is a game project developed in the puzzle genre, which is endowed with excellent visual performance, as well as an outstanding storyline. The topic that is touched upon in the game is cyber violence and violation of the privacy of both society and each person individually. You will get to know a variety of people and come face to face with the world of hackers, computer technology, and also try to solve a number of difficult tasks in order to help the world not finally get bogged down in darkness.

This game has been updated 6-02-2021, 08:29 to the latest version v1.2.53 (upd.06.02.2021).

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Everspace 2 v0.4.16428 - GOG

Everspace 2 Game Free Download Torrent
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Everspace 2 is a shooter that plunges into the depths of all outer space. The game provides a completely free world, as well as the ability to extract resources. This is still combined with role-playing. The user expects an incredible story that will tell about outer space from a completely new perspective. Unforgettable adventures are perfectly combined with danger, so you need to be as careful as you progress. The storyline will bring the player with interesting characters that will help in the further passage of missions and tasks in difficult conditions.

This game has been updated 6-02-2021, 06:23 to the latest version v0.4.16428.

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Eterna Heroes Fall Build 6064506 (upd.06.02.2021)

Eterna Heroes Fall Game Free Download Torrent
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Eterna Heroes Fall — challenge the gods in this free epic fantasy RPG full of heroes and dangers as you unfold the story of the century, a mysterious continent full of power, magic and classic adventures! Embark on a heroic journey like you’ve never experienced before, and join your friends or battle them online. With full customization and the best loot you can find in RPG, this world has one goal to crush you or crown you as its champion. Become a legend and join the epic clash of the gods if your destiny is to save the world, make sure it’s Centura.

This game has been updated 6-02-2021, 04:36 to the latest version Build 6064506 (upd.06.02.2021).

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