Mars Horizon v1.0.3.1 (upd.12.02.2021) - CODEX

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In game Mars Horizon, you operate a large space agency leading it from the dawn of the space age and transforming humanity into a multi-planetary form, landing astronauts on Mars. Will you strive to be ahead of other agencies or focus on testing and research? There are several ways to make sure that the first man on Mars is under your command. Any choice matters: will you invest in the most advanced technologies or take risks in the rapid movement to the red planet? Using real events and missions as inspiration, can you deal with the challenges that real space agencies face? Management is a vital aspect of the Mars Horizon.

This game has been updated 12-02-2021, 16:10 to the latest version v1.0.3.1 (upd.12.02.2021).

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JUMP Force v2.05 (Ultimate Edition) - CODEX

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Jump Force — a rather interesting announcement of the game, which offers fans of animated universes to fight in a new fighting game. The uniqueness of this game project is that now several universes will immediately be merged into one and users will have the opportunity to fight for a variety of characters. It is already known that in the game adventure characters from such anime as One Piece, Naruto and even Death Note will fight. While the gameplay was not shown at the conference, but fans are confident that this will be a great fighting game.

This game has been updated 12-02-2021, 16:08 to the latest version v2.05 (Ultimate Edition).

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Black Mesa v1.5.1 (upd.12.02.2021) Definitive Edition - CODEX

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Black Mesa is a remake of the game Half-Life and built on the updated engine Source, which allowed to improve the texture, model, and graphics in general. If you, like many, are a fan of Half-Life, then we recommend downloading this modification, which should give you new impressions of old motifs. Half-Life is undoubtedly one of the best games ever created, and its new breath in the modification of Black Mesa is sure to please many. To maintain the spirit of the cult game, almost everything remains as before (plot, weapons and missions), there are only significant graphics improvements, and you are waiting for new sound effects and a new soundtrack.

This game has been updated 12-02-2021, 15:59 to the latest version v1.5.1 (upd.12.02.2021) Definitive Edition.

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Meor upd.12.02.2021 (Pre-Alpha)

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Meor — is a first-person adventure sandbox set in a fantasy setting inspired by the cult games Minecraft and Terraria. The game is similar to its cubic counterpart, but has more beautiful graphics based on voxels. This allows you to calculate all the game data on the video card, using the CPU to a minimum. Traditionally, the game has to craft weapons and tools, explore the world, build a dwelling, tame animals and much more.

This game has been updated 12-02-2021, 15:53 to the latest version upd.12.02.2021 (Pre-Alpha).

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Neon Abyss v1.3.4.1 (upd.12.02.2021) - Goldberg

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Neon Abyss is a game filled with some kind of madness, which is a good representative of the action genre with role-playing elements. Here you have to go to dangerous dungeons that are able to constantly change and develop. Also, the game is distinguished by its mechanics, where you will have complete freedom of action. You will make raids to cleanse the underground kingdom from the adherents of evil. These raids can greatly change the dungeons, so watch your choice and the adoption of one or another decision. All cards in the game have the feature to be randomly generated, which makes your pastime more exciting.

This game has been updated 12-02-2021, 15:44 to the latest version v1.3.4.1 (upd.12.02.2021).

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Trigon Space Story v0.3.0.4291 (upd.12.02.2021)

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Trigon Space Story — players will be able to try themselves as a ship captain, take part in tactical space battles and unravel the mysteries of the galaxy. studio presented its new project to the gaming community, a space adventure in the rougelike genre Trigon Space Story. The plot of the game will take users into space, where they have to manage the crew as the captain of the ship, fight, explore the galaxy and try to unravel the mystery of the incomprehensible star Trigon. The game resembles the Corsairs, but only in a space setting. Players will be able to buy different ships, work for a variety of factions, be pirates or respectable captains. It will be possible to hire a team, as well as monitor the parameters of the wards.

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HROT v0.2.9 (upd.12.02.2021)

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HROT — the game is a furious, crazy and wild retro first person shooter about survival in a diesel punk in Czechoslovakia. You run away from a giant horse in a gas mask that jumps over small buildings, you try to turn a corner and are ambushed by giant heads of statues that shoot at you. The heads of the statues start to bleed when you decide to answer them. Just a few minutes later, shriveled slender humanoids chase you down the sewers, firing shotguns at any sign of movement. Blood-sucking spiders will soon follow, thirsty for mdc.

This game has been updated 12-02-2021, 15:46 to the latest version v0.2.9 (upd.12.02.2021).

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Medieval Dynasty v0.3.1.4 (upd.12.02.2021)

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Medieval Dynasty — is an adventure in medieval Europe ruled by nobles and churchmen. The country is actively engaged in trade with its neighbors and is flourishing. You will become a poor man, hunting and farming. Walk the path from a loner to the head of the community. Set up a small camp and turn it into your own settlement. Get food by chasing wild animals including deer, boars and rabbits. Master a bow with arrows, a hammer and over 60 types of tools. Use an ax to get wood. Explore caves and collect stones using them as building materials. Install furniture and build new rooms in your house and other huts in the village. Become a good family man by feeding your wife and children. In addition to mined meat, diversify your diet with fruits from fruit trees.

This game has been updated 12-02-2021, 06:05 to the latest version v0.3.1.4 (upd.12.02.2021).

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Teardown v0.5.5 (upd.12.02.2021)

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Teardown — is a game project developed in the puzzle genre that takes us into a realistic world full of surprises. The player will take on the role of a professional thief, who is sent to complete his plan of action and will do everything possible to achieve success. The game has many unique levels, each of which has prepared quite a few obstacles and all kinds of dangers. The main task of the hero is to accurately plan this or that robbery, but coping with this will not be so easy as it might seem at first glance.

This game has been updated 12-02-2021, 06:04 to the latest version v0.5.5 (upd.12.02.2021).

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Adventure Field 4 v1.0 (upd.12.02.2021) - DARKSiDERS

Adventure Field 4 Game Free Download Torrent

Adventure Field 4 — this game is a 20-hour turn-based RPG with a semi-open world, created on the Smile Game Builder engine. This is a direct continuation of Adventure Field 3. In this game you have to break through the dungeons and powerful doctors to try to collect precious stone souls. Between battles and research, you can prepare, express vegetables, uncover secrets hidden for the system day and night, created specifically for this game, try to find what people need to perform side flowers, and find many collectibles. In Adventure Field 4 you can forget about the old ways of getting gold and items. You will need to find many chests to open them in your local chest. You will open many of them to get all 25 achievements available in the game.

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