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Ashes of the Singularity is a strategy game that represents the strategy and sends you to a huge futuristic world. Just want to note the graphical aspect, as here it is created at the highest level and will allow the player to plunge into the most real world. Every detail here is drawn by parts, and the world is striking with its beauty. Moreover, here every hero you meet, even the smallest, has distinctive characteristics, skills and abilities, as well as his own unique weapon system. Also you can enjoy the physical component of this game project torrent download Ashes of the Singularity game, as it is done perfectly and will allow you to count each step in order to prevent even the slightest mistake. At your choice there are several fronts for suffering, one of which, undoubtedly, you must lead to victory. Each location will be the size of a huge planet, and in your army there may be more than a thousand soldiers at once. Go to the conquest, arm yourself with the most powerful weapon of murder.

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School of Magic upd.14.02.2021 demo

School of Magic Game Free Download Torrent
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School of Magic — Hack and Slay Roguelike with deck leveling system. Combine spells, fight formidable creatures and make wise decisions on the way to passing the entrance exams to the School of Magic. The game combines the strategic depth and replayability of the deckbuilding genre with the intense combat and atmosphere of an isometric RPG. School of Magic also boasts a high level of replayability. Each time you start playing anew, you will be faced with new characters, new challenges, and a new environment that is generated automatically every time the player enters the game. Hit the road and try to carve out your place in the school of magic.

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Dap v0.4.0 (upd.15.02.2021)

Dap Game Free Download Torrent
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Dap — is a psychedelic, slightly scary, but very interesting horror project, an adventure in which you have to go to a strange unusual world, learn about creatures calling themselves Dap, and survive while dealing with an alien infection. You will find yourself on the plot in an unusual world, immersed in darkness and shrouded in an alien infection. What kind of infection it is, and what is going on around, you will find out only at the end, but for now you can only go on a journey around this world, learn about creatures called Dap, of which you will be your representative, and solve a sea of interesting plot tasks that will help you understand the essence of this world. Go on a journey, fight, survive, solve difficult problems and enjoy the dark, unusual, but exciting atmosphere.

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Killer Inside Us v1.07 (upd.15.02.2021)

Killer Inside Us Game Free Download Torrent
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You can play Killer Inside Us — in the amount of four to ten people. The multiplayer supports the participation of ten people in the game at once, but at the same time, there may be more than one traitor in this case. Everyone can play for whoever he wants. All will be traitors and conscientious station employees. Normal employees should work for the benefit of the plant and keep it in good working order. The traitor must kill the crew members and damage the station, thus arranging sabotage.

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Super Mario 3D World plus Bowsers Fury v1.1.0 + Yuzu Emu for PC

Super Mario 3D World plus Bowsers Fury Game Free Download Torrent
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Super Mario 3D World plus Bowsers Fury — is a deluxe version of Super Mario 3D World that was originally released on Wii U. An immersive adventure with up to four players in local and online multiplayer awaits you as you follow the footsteps of the giant Bowser. You will have to fight Bowser’s minions, collect bonuses super bells and double cherries, and use seals in a completely new way thanks to Photo Mode. The game comes with a set of two amiibo Cat Mario and Cat Peach. The Cat Mario amiibo allows you to transform into an invulnerable White Cat, while the Peach Cat figure gives you random useful bonuses.

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Tavern Master v0.4 (upd.15.02.2021)

Tavern Master Game Free Download Torrent
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Tavern Master — is an interesting game about managing your medieval tavern. Run a growing tavern restaurant business and hire people like bartender, staff and chef to help you run the business. You can also buy tables and benches and decorate this place. Serve different kinds of drinks, hire staff, equip your kitchen, create food menus and increase the size of the tavern to give you more room for your imagination. Do you want to play as the owner of this tavern business.

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Zero Hour v7.9.4 (upd.15.02.2021)

Zero Hour Game Free Download Torrent
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Zero Hour — is a tactical multiplayer first-person shooter in which players are divided into two opposing teams 5v5 special forces and terrorists. Spetsnaz must get into the building, defuse the bomb and free the hostages. The terrorists, in turn, must obstruct the operation. Each side has its own characteristics. For example, special forces can use shields, and terrorists are given the opportunity to lure enemies into traps. At the beginning of each round, the attacker will have to come up with a strategy and tactics by drawing a plan of action in the table. Players will have to work together to achieve the goal. In addition, the hostages will also have their own AI. For example, if he senses danger, he may start to panic, which will threaten the successful completion of the operation.

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Metro Sim Hustle v0.9.16

Metro Sim Hustle Game Free Download Torrent
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Metro Sim Hustle — life often becomes unpredictable and cruel, so you need to be prepared for a variety of surprises. And to see exactly how the other scenario of the usual life will develop, you can use interactive entertainment. In this game you will take on the role of a machinist, who should manage the subway. But such a life is too boring and at the same time, earnings leave much to be desired, and in order to diversify it somehow, we offer to change it drastically, and how you decide.

This game has been updated 15-02-2021, 04:35 to the latest version v0.9.16.

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