The Door in the Basement v1.0 (upd.21.04.2021)

The Door in the Basement Game Free Download Torrent
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The Door in the Basement — atmospheric pixel horror from the first person. Explore, solve puzzles and avoid scary creatures roaming the tunnels, learning more about the world and its strange inhabitants. After passing through a mysterious door that appears in the basement of your family home, you are transported to a strange underground world. After closing the doorway, you must go through the dark tunnels to find a way out and reveal the secrets that led you to this place.

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Unity of Command 2 upd.21.04.2021 (Barbarossa DLC) - CODEX

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Unity of Command 2 is a continuation of the classic turn-based strategy built on the new 3D engine. For the first time in franchise history, players will be able to control an army of Western troops. The basis of the gameplay remains the same: lead the troops received at the disposal, organize the supply of food, track the movements of the enemy. The last point has become the most difficult in terms of implementation, because from now on the map is shrouded in the «fog of war».

This game has been updated 21-04-2021, 16:30 to the latest version upd.21.04.2021 (Barbarossa DLC).

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Power Washer Hero v1.0 (upd.21.04.2021) - DARKSiDERS

Power Washer Hero Game Free Download Torrent

Power Washer Hero — after receiving a mysterious washing machine, you feel an irresistible desire to spray and pour your way through an exaggerated world based on physics. Feel the pressure of the washing machine, controlling its power. Bonuses allow you to reach new heights and speeds that were previously considered unattainable. Objects, fires and dirt will wither before your power. Will you become the hero this city deserves.

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Captain Tsubasa Rise of New Champions v1.30.0 (upd.21.04.2021)

Captain Tsubasa Rise of New Champions Game Free Download Torrent
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Captain Tsubasa Rise of New Champions — is a captivating soccer manga in which football players perform incredible stunts, use incredible feints and generate enchanting combos. A killer football with familiar characters from the Captain Tsubasa universe awaits you. The adrenaline-filled action and gripping story will not let you get bored even for a minute. This is a football game based on the manga of the same name. Its main character is Tsubasa Ozora, an ingenious football player who knows how to copy the techniques of other football players. Together with his comrades, Tsubasa must lead the football team of his school before winning the local championship.

This game has been updated 21-04-2021, 16:21 to the latest version v1.30.0 (upd.21.04.2021).

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Secrets of Grindea v0.911d (upd.21.04.2021)

Secrets of Grindea Game Free Download Torrent
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Game for PC Secrets of Grinda — in fact, is a pixel simulator of life in a fairy-tale world. The Swiss developer has been working on the game for several years now. At the same time, the project is actively developing, and each update brings a lot of new and interesting to the game. In Secrets of Grindea, each player will find something to do: you can go fishing, grow vegetables, communicate with other inhabitants of the world, in general, live a carefree and safe life. You can also take up the storyline and go on dangerous trips to various locations. The plot of this indie project will definitely please you, because it is obvious that the soul of the developer is embedded in the game.

This game has been updated 21-04-2021, 12:55 to the latest version v0.911d (upd.21.04.2021).

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War on the Sea v1.08d5h1 (upd.21.04.2021)

War on the Sea Game Free Download Torrent

War on the Sea — game will unfold in 1942. The world is at war. The forces of the Japanese Empire are spreading throughout the Pacific Ocean, while the Allied forces try to stop them. Choose one of the parties to the conflict and take part in a desperate struggle for control of the Solomon Islands. The Empire of Japan spread its own forces throughout the Pacific Ocean. At this time, the Allied troops are making every attempt to stop them. You will need to choose a specific side of the conflict. Take an active part in the struggle. Control the Solomon Islands.

This game has been updated Yesterday, 13:07 to the latest version v1.08d5h1 (upd.21.04.2021).

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The Shattering Secret Room v1.1.8 - CODEX

The Shattering Secret Room Game Free Download Torrent

The Secret Room will allow players to take a fresh look at some of The Shattering details. A free add-on after completing the storyline of the game will open access to new content. During the replay of the game, you will be able to see the cut out locations, scenes and objects that did not find a place in the general narrative. Together with them, comments from the developers and several stories about the creation of the complex story of the protagonist will open for examination.

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The Shattering v1.1.8 (upd.21.04.2021) - CODEX

The Shattering Game Free Download Torrent
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The Shattering — is a psychological thriller, a game in which you have to make your way through the «jungle of memories» to the truth, trying to unravel the true nature of psychological disorder and lack of memories. Events of the game take place in a certain snow-white limb, a place, where was the main character. It is executed in snow-white tones, overwhelms you with peace and serenity. But all this is really just an illusion, behind which lies the truth that his own consciousness hides from the main character. In fact, you will find yourself in the consciousness of John Evans, a man who does not remember anything in the past and wants to deal with what happened in his life earlier. It sounds complicated, everything falls into place after a couple of minutes after the start of the game.

This game has been updated 21-04-2021, 12:24 to the latest version v1.1.8 (upd.21.04.2021).

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Quest for Cathrinite v1.0 (upd.21.04.2021) - DARKSiDERS

Quest for Cathrinite Game Free Download Torrent

Quest for Cathrinite — take on the role of a dwarf adventurer in search of a beautiful and priceless catrinite ore. Features of battles in the spirit of souls with an emphasis on evasion, blocking and counterattacks. More and more large hordes of enemies require your attention. As zombies approach, wizards bombard you with spells from afar. Fight with enchanted runes that can heal and protect you from damage, as well as other bonuses. Create a variety of weapons, from swords and shields to huge two-year hammers, according to your situation and style of play.

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Dawn of Man v1.6.1 (upd.03.08.2020) - PLAZA

Dawn of Man Game Free Download Torrent
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Dawn of Man is a strategy game where you go to a large historical world to fight for your own life. The adventure spans more than ten thousand years of history related to human development. Here your main task will be to establish and then develop the settlement. You will control the settlement of the first modern people, leading them through the centuries and trying to fully develop. I went to explore the world, to get as much useful resources as possible, and also to find a suitable place for the construction of the city. The environment will often become your enemy, but in many cases it will help you to achieve your goal. Turn to the hunt to get food for your settlement.

This game has been updated 21-04-2021, 16:23 to the latest version v1.6.1 (upd.03.08.2020).

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