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Agent Intercept — take control of the Scepte stylish, upgraded car-transformer, equipped with the latest spy gadgets to control, drift and challenge death by land, air and sea. Feel like a superagent, again and again rescuing the day from threats inspired by the best action movies and spy fiction, and then increase them to 11. The vile criminal organization CLAW is back with a mysterious new leader, armed with an army of vehicles and experimental technology. But a stable agency has a secret weapon. As the driver of the new Scepter, you will break into hidden lairs, fight incredible bosses and reveal the secrets of the devil’s conspiracy before he becomes a threat to the world. Use gadgets, transforms and help your heroic allies from the Agency to save the situation stylishly.

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  • Swarm the City v1.

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    Swarm the City — you are Karr the Great, the dark lord of the zombies. You have to lead your zombies to infect people and turn them into the walking dead, thereby making your army more numerous. And a powerful army will definitely come in handy for you, since people have powerful technologies, strong soldiers and a variety of defense systems and many other things that you have to face. Develop your zombie army, choose the best strategy and infiltrate all cities until you achieve complete domination. In Swarm the City, you are Karr the Great, the dark lord of the zombies. You have to find weak points in human cities. Develop your zombie army.

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  • Whisper Trip v0.23 (upd.16.06.2021)

    Whisper Trip Game Free Download Torrent
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    Whisper Trip — is a fast cooperative action side scroller with cyberpunk elements. You are a new employee of the Tactical Police Force, a unit that deals with the prevention of terrorist activities and the destruction of criminal groups. Katanas who do not like katanas. Especially if they are thermal, ready to cut anything and anyone. Your enemies are not stupid either, they are unique, and everyone needs their own approach. Cut them, dodge or bounce balls, avoid traps, adapt and listen. Destroying enemies alone is much more difficult than two. Feel free to call for help from your faithful partner. Plot story with unexpected events and consequences.

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  • Park Story upd.16.06.2021 (demo)

    Park Story Game Free Download Torrent
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    Park Story — is a rethinking of a classic role-playing game with a top view. Solve hand-made dungeon puzzles and fight your demons. One rainy night, the tires squeaked and a car crashed into an abandoned park. Parker climbs out from under the rubble and finds himself in a forgotten place, curled up in the arms of the demon-crow Kaim. The enemy may be the Great President of Hell, but Parker will find that they have their own demons. There is no way out if Parker does not follow the example of Lairdes, the animal park in the park. Parker will need to decide if the animals in the vests can be trusted. This is not the only quest. Ghosts roam the park with their unfinished business, and only Parker can help.

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  • FRANZ FURY upd.16.06.2021 (demo)

    FRANZ FURY Game Free Download Torrent
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    FRANZ FURY — is a post-apocalyptic top-down killer arcade racing game. Control the most brutal muscle car with a weapon imaginable. Franz Fury and his best friend cat Hans lived a peaceful life full of gasoline, robberies and parties, but after a hard night spent drinking and gambling, Hans was abducted and Franz Betty’s car was completely dismantled. Kill everything that stands between you and Hans. Join this bloody party and run away Hans. Upgrade your Betty car and make it the fastest and coolest piece of killer steel in the wasteland. Create your own style, make the car truly unique. Meet friends and enemies on your way to revenge. Use your car as a weapon. Equip it with guns, flamethrowers and destroy your enemies. Enjoy old school graphics from top to bottom.

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  • Camping Simulator The Squad upd.16.06.2021

    Camping Simulator The Squad Game Free Download Torrent
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    Camping Simulator The Squad — a camping simulator, the developers of which have implemented multiple plausible elements in the gameplay. The player finds himself in a relaxing environment, but sometimes he has to prepare for the changing conditions of the environment and nature. There is a single-user and multiplayer mode for up to 4 participants simultaneously. Before the hike, the protagonist needs to collect a bag that has a limited maximum capacity. In survival mode, the central character will start with limited resources. The compass will help to navigate the terrain, and exploring the environment, you can get to useful items. The gamer gets different tasks, they can be shared with friends to survive together.

    670 MB
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  • Kainga v0.10.26 (upd.16.06.2021)

    Kainga Game Free Download Torrent
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    Kainga — is an under development strategy created by just one developer, Erik Rempen. Kainga takes place in an ancient fantasy world full of various surprises. The developer claims that with each new passage, the culture of the inhabitants, their appearance and technology will be unique, all this depends on the environment, climate and available resources. In Kainga, the player’s task will be to create a unique culture, build a settlement, adapt to the environment and protect himself from raiders, while simultaneously gaining game experience that will help in the next playthroughs death in this game is permanent, but the technologies created by the sage-leader will become available for the next passages.

    250 MB
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  • Depths Of Horror Mushroom Day v1.0 (upd.16.06.2021) - DARKZER0

    Depths Of Horror Mushroom Day Game Free Download Torrent
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    Depths Of Horror Mushroom Day — is a three-dimensional first-person horror adventure game that allows you to immerse yourself in your fears. During the celebration of the National Mushroom Day, you decided to try your hand at mushroom picking. Collecting mushrooms on the lawn, you will come across an abandoned hut. Exploring it, you find yourself in a cave full of unexpected inhabitants and surprises. From this moment, your struggle for survival begins, which means that you have the opportunity to test your intelligence and endurance. Will you be able to find a way out of the cave, bypassing enemies and various obstacles, and gain a worthy victory over evil and your fears. Good graphics and excellent optimization, atmospheric sounds and music.

    345 MB
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  • Bakumatsu Renka SHINSENGUMI v1.0 (upd.16.06.2021) - DARKSiDERS

    Bakumatsu Renka SHINSENGUMI Game Free Download Torrent
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    Bakumatsu Renka SHINSENGUMI — a fleeting but beautiful love blossoms in an age of turmoil. To protect your true love, you must take your sword and fight on its side. Even if this love dies, you will not regret it. The classic Otome game by Bakumatsu Renka SHINSENGUMI has become even more beautiful and easier than ever. This is a romantic game for women, in which you become the first female soldier in Sinsengum, fight with other soldiers and fall in love. Take part in historic battles with Kondo, Hijikata and Okita. Enjoy an original plot based on historical events. Your story will change depending on which soldier you meet.

    1.70 GB
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  • A Murmur in the Trees v1.0 (upd.16.06.2021) - DARKZER0

    A Murmur in the Trees Game Free Download Torrent
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    A Murmur in the Trees — this short mysterious adventure, which takes place in the forests of America in the era of prohibitions. Play as a reporter sent to the mysterious forests of the Lonely Falls. A local says she has information about recent moonshine killings, but you’ll have to find her to hear what she knows. This is a scary first-person detective adventure in which a reporter is sent to investigate a series of murders in the forests of America’s era of prohibitions. You play the role of a reporter sent to investigate a chain of mysterious murders called murders in the moonlight. You have been sent for an interview with a woman who claims to know what is happening, but first you need to find her. Explore the mysterious forest of the Lonely Falls. Solve simple puzzles to advance the plot. Interact with the residents of the region through an extensive dialogue. Make decisions with consequences.

    341 MB
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