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Studio Gray Alien Games, known for Regency Solitaire and last year’s Shadowhand, presented its new project. This is the strategic role-playing card game Ancient Enemy. Its creation involves Big Robot founder Jim Rossignol Sir, You Are Being Hunted and illustrator Jen Pattison Quest for Infamy. Supports developers studio Bithell Games, who created Thomas Was Alone. Awakened from a centuries-old dream, the fallen magician returns to war with distorted folklore opponents in the ghostly world. Its ultimate goal is a nameless terrible adversary, patiently waiting in the monstrous dark citadel of his Ancient Enemy. In preparation for the decisive battle, players will collect cards, capture enemy bases, hire thugs and use magic in turn-based card battles.

This game has been updated 18-07-2021, 17:38 to the latest version v1.03 (upd.18.07.2021).

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  • The Protagonist EX-1 v1.0 (upd.18.07.2021) - PLAZA

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    The Protagonist EX-1 — Sci-fi game The Protagonist is dedicated to the events that take place in the alternate world of the future. The main character is a Terran special agent with the callsign Angel. The angel is sent on a difficult mission. But something goes wrong. The girl wakes up on an alien ship, where she was supposed to enter. She doesn’t remember how she got here. Her task is to get out of the ship and restore the events that led to such a strange outcome. One of the main advantages of the game is the presence of a dynamic dialogue system. Choose how you react to the lines addressed to you, this has an impact on the development of the plot.

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  • Sparks Episode One v1.0 (upd.18.07.2021) - DARKSiDERS

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    Sparks Episode One — cartoon style and fun non-violent arcade racing game. You will drive a car, ride a bike, enjoy the scenery and have a good time. Sparks a casual game with bright and fun graphics and music. You can play it for racing, or you can play it to relax. Because it is non-violent, it is suitable for any audience. The game is easy to control, a good selection of cars and small in number, but detailed, diverse and spacious tracks where you can have fun. A small racing arcade that has a beautiful and spacious low-poly world.

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  • Dragon Ball Z Kakarot v1.70 - CODEX

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    Dragon Ball Z Kakarot — is a mix of Japanese role-playing game and slasher, an action game in which you have to go to the Dragon Ball universe and live the life of Son Goku, a guy with supernatural powers. The events of the game offer a new look at the life of young Song Goku and his friends. You can go on a journey through the expanses of the area together with Goku, Gohan, Vejita and other heroes, fight with a huge number of enemies, curb the strength and power that you can only dream of, and not only. In other words, another unforgettable adventure awaits you. As for the gameplay, this time it offers not just battles, but also a lot of other things.

    This game has been updated 18-07-2021, 09:04 to the latest version v1.70.

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  • Endless Knight upd.18.07.2021 - P2P

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    Unlike real games, Endless Knight — allows you to keep fighting even after you break away from your limbs. Unfortunately, the game does not allow you to continue the battle after the actual death of your friends for technical reasons. No problem, this happens to everyone. Fortunately for you, Endless Knight also offers a not-quite-fun single-player game, complemented by an absurd story and songs. They made their way in a well-crafted story mode. Take part in the difficult, but probably not impossible mode of Final Fifty to reach the highest point of deadly pleasure. The mechanics of Endless Knight are different from what you will find in most fighting games.

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  • Furs of Fury v1.0 (upd.18.07.2021) - DARKSiDERS

    Furs of Fury Game Free Download Torrent

    Furs of Fury — forest creatures, unite, rats roam the countryside. Demonic superbugs roam the barren fields of our once lush forest. The most peaceful beasts are now full of rage. The future of each animal is in your paws. Victory is easy to realize. Destroy enemy crystals and protect your own. Consider each unit in its arsenal of clever ants, healing female beetles, wild spiders and more. Plant medicinal herbs and fire flowers to fight off annoying pests. Fight the fauna that is likely to kill your enemies. Each race has its own special role. Collect a list of creeps and colors to complement your unique style of play. Arm yourself with equipment that reflects your natural abilities. Choose wisely we are all equally limited.

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  • Aquadine upd.18.07.2021 - P2P

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    Aquadine — after his mother was hospitalized due to an unknown illness, Robin Liun works part-time as a gondolier to make ends meet, but under the pseudonym Ciel. One evening, when he finishes his tours, a mysterious voice beckons him to discover a beautiful mermaid. She dives underwater shortly after their meeting, leading him to believe that Ancient Aquadin was real. His city was named after the sea deity Levios. Robin continues to live his double life, making new friends and learning more about the Merfolk civilization.

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  • Our Battle Has Just Begun upd.18.07.2021 (Episode 1) - DARKSiDERS

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    Our Battle Has Just Begun — you have been reborn in an already purified world of fantasies. Get ready to be reborn in a fantasy world just seconds before the death of the last boss. You do not remember your adventure or heroic power, and yet people glorify you as the Hero who saved the kingdom. A visual short story filled with characters and heroines except that it begins where the games usually end. You become the Hero who defeated the Demon Lord and saved the kingdom, enjoying the romance that unfolds between you and the heroine, whom you will meet on his triumphant return. Avoid trials and happy endings with the heroines to continue your journey back home. When the last boss is defeated, enjoy the world in peace.

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  • PowerWash Simulator upd.18.07.2021

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    PowerWash Simulator — offers to clean the house and more. With the help of a special device, you can wash away dust and dirt from a wide variety of surfaces. It will be quite a fun and meditative activity. Among gamers there are lovers of order and cleanliness. Try to perfect the sanitary condition of the house entrusted to you. If you approach the set task creatively, you can create as if on a canvas. Quite an original gameplay, it may seem quite uncomplicated, and later completely captivates and forces you to look for all new ways and options. It can be not only fun, but also a great business. Organize your business and start earning.

    This game has been updated 18-07-2021, 06:23 to the latest version upd.18.07.2021.

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  • Revenant March Build 4579811 (upd.18.07.2021) - P2P

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    Revenant March — is a visual novel. It is a genre of storytelling that you read and interact on your computer. In this gloomy fiction, you are not only told the story of the main character, but you make many of her decisions, controlling the plot of your choice. Olenin is a seventeen-year-old exorcist who usually enters into small contracts to exorcise evil spirits. One night, during a routine mission, a mysterious man approaches her with an unusual proposal. A man who somehow knows a lot about the tragic past of Olenina, has information about her ruined house and is ready to tell her everything for the safe return of her daughter.

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