Horror Maze v1.0 (upd.29.09.2021) - PLAZA

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Horror Maze — game for those who know a thing or two about the horror genre and are completely ready to go to meet the total fear and unexpected moments. Go your way through 8 horrible mazes, solo or on a split screen, trying to avoid the unknown. Find your way through the corn maze, dark swamp, cemetery and more. A video game developed by two enthusiastic people using Unreal Engine. To play CO-OP with a split screen, simply connect the controller to a computer.

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  • A Jugglers Tale v1.0 (upd.29.09.2021) - FLT

    A Jugglers Tale Game Free Download Torrent
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    A Jugglers Tale — is the adventure of Abby’s puppet doll with a sad fate. Performing in the circus during the day, at night the girl remains completely alone and yearns for the world around. One day she manages to open the bolt of the hated cage and escape to freedom, where new difficulties await her. Your heroine finds herself in a huge mystical world, which is literally torn apart by a war between poor peasants and brutal bandits. During the journey, Abby faces a difficult task she must find herself and learn to control her destiny, despite the numerous threads on her arms and legs.

    This game has been updated 29-09-2021, 14:35 to the latest version v1.0 (upd.29.09.2021).

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  • A Tale for Anna v1.0 (upd.29.09.2021) - TiNYiSO

    A Tale for Anna Game Free Download Torrent
    TiNYiSO Full game FREE DOWNLOAD First Release TORRENT

    A Tale for Anna — is an exciting atmospheric adventure in the Quest genre, in which you will find adventure, magic, strange magical creatures and a journey through a mysterious and unusual world. The plot of the game revolves around a girl named Anna, who suddenly discovered for herself the power of magic hidden in her mind. Now Anna is trying to become a real magician, but it will not be easy for her, especially when the talking cat named Tatel who raised her is kidnapped. He was kidnapped by the evil queen, eager to steal Anna’s magic and arrange the era of Darkness, and now you must at all costs find him and defeat the evil queen, and at the same time learn about the purpose of Anna, and how she was born in general.

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  • Warp Frontier v1.1.0 (50164) - GOG

    Warp Frontier Game Free Download Torrent
    GOG Early Access FREE DOWNLOAD Latest version TORRENT

    Warp Frontier — is a non-linear adventure game in which your every action and decision will influence the further plot. Uncover mysterious war crimes, but be prepared that the consequences of your investigation will affect not only you, but also your family and loved ones. 2215 year. You are Vincent Cassini a recognized and awarded war hero, but still serving as a police captain. One day, while patrolling the orbiting slums of his home planet Cetus, he stumbles upon a lead in a war crime that has led to the mysterious disappearance of thousands of Cetinians, including his first wife and best friend. Now Captain Cassini and his robot partner MAC must team up with morally questionable characters to stop an old enemy before his crimes are erased forever.

    865.0 MB
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  • Dark Deception upd.29.09.2021 (Chapter 1-4) - PLAZA

    Dark Deception Game Free Download Torrent
    PLAZA Full game FREE DOWNLOAD Latest version TORRENT

    Dark deception is a great mix of popular genres classic RPG and three-dimensional horror. Your main task will be to move a huge number of levels in order to collect all the fragments on their territory. It will not be easy to cope with this kind of task, so always try to improve your skills and combat abilities. The worst thing is that throughout the gameplay on your heels will follow the insidious and full of cruelty moments, cope with which will kill quite difficult. Improve your skills, and also do not forget to monitor the stock of the murder weapon, which will help you to more effectively complete the task. The graphics in the game is well executed, which will allow you to plunge into a realistic, frightening and gloom-filled atmosphere.

    This game has been updated 29-09-2021, 14:01 to the latest version upd.29.09.2021 (Chapter 1-4).

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  • Jupiter Hell v1.0c (upd.29.09.2021) - CODEX

    Jupiter Hell Game Free Download Torrent
    CODEX Full game FREE DOWNLOAD Latest version TORRENT

    Chaos Forge studio is not very famous because of its youth, but the guys deserve respect for their hard work and creativity. Their new project called Jupiter Hell. This is an adventure game with elements of survival, although many critics call the project «turn-based Doom», as the main plot unfolds in a remote space colony, where you have to fight various creatures and devilish creatures.

    This game has been updated 29-09-2021, 12:06 to the latest version v1.0c (upd.29.09.2021).

    1.6 GB
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  • Dreamscaper v1.0.5.7 (upd.29.09.2021) - CODEX

    Dreamscaper Game Free Download Torrent
    CODEX Full game FREE DOWNLOAD Latest version TORRENT

    Dreamscaper — is a bagel adventure. Every time you fall asleep, you go to the wonderful world. It is very difficult to stay alive, to be saved, to overcome all your fears. The next dream means a new struggle. Amazing abilities are available to you in these dives. In battles you have to confront powerful enemies. It is worth using all the available techniques, mixing different techniques. A dream leads. Progress helps to become stronger. The better you play, the more strength and opportunity you can use. Try it and you will like it.

    This game has been updated 29-09-2021, 12:00 to the latest version v1.0.5.7 (upd.29.09.2021).

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  • Dap v1.0 (upd.29.09.2021) - PLAZA

    Dap Game Free Download Torrent
    PLAZA Full game FREE DOWNLOAD First Release TORRENT

    Dap — is a psychedelic, slightly scary, but very interesting horror project, an adventure in which you have to go to a strange unusual world, learn about creatures calling themselves Dap, and survive while dealing with an alien infection. You will find yourself on the plot in an unusual world, immersed in darkness and shrouded in an alien infection. What kind of infection it is, and what is going on around, you will find out only at the end, but for now you can only go on a journey around this world, learn about creatures called Dap, of which you will be your representative, and solve a sea of interesting plot tasks that will help you understand the essence of this world. Go on a journey, fight, survive, solve difficult problems and enjoy the dark, unusual, but exciting atmosphere.

    This game has been updated 29-09-2021, 11:49 to the latest version v1.0 (upd.29.09.2021).

    500 MB
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  • Guardians of Hyelore v1.0 (upd.29.09.2021) - PLAZA

    Guardians of Hyelore Game Free Download Torrent
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    Guardians of Hyelore — the Kingdom of Hayelor was almost lost, but the Guardians came. Having rallied all the people, they set off with a huge army to fight monsters, overcoming great distances, trying to reclaim lands from the forces of evil. In Guardians of Hyelore, you need to gather your troops and start fighting your way through the relentless waves of enemies in order to destroy their towers and defeat them. Find the right balance between advanced warriors, archers and destructive mages to help you triumph in every battle. You will encounter over 150 different enemies in 35 campaign missions, each with a powerful boss enemy to defeat.

    1.1 GB
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  • Concordia Digital Edition upd.29.09.2021

    Concordia Digital Edition Game Free Download Torrent
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    Concordia Digital Edition — is the digital version of the Concordia board game. Together with other merchants, you have to create a great trading empire, build markets, put pressure on merchants and, of course, sell goods. In Concordia Digital Edition, 2 to 6 players battle each other for wealth and influence. You will build your trading empire on one of several maps of the ancient world. Using card action, you will plan and execute your strategy to gain an edge over your competitors. Every decision you make can benefit both you and your opponents. Send your colonists to new cities, by land or sea, and build houses to expand your trading empire.

    150 MB
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