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Medieval Dynasty — is an adventure in medieval Europe ruled by nobles and churchmen. The country is actively engaged in trade with its neighbors and is flourishing. You will become a poor man, hunting and farming. Walk the path from a loner to the head of the community. Set up a small camp and turn it into your own settlement. Get food by chasing wild animals including deer, boars and rabbits. Master a bow with arrows, a hammer and over 60 types of tools. Use an ax to get wood. Explore caves and collect stones using them as building materials. Install furniture and build new rooms in your house and other huts in the village. Become a good family man by feeding your wife and children. In addition to mined meat, diversify your diet with fruits from fruit trees.

This game has been updated 25-11-2021, 04:50 to the latest version v1.0.0.9 (upd.17.11.2021).

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  • Detroit Become Human v20211117 - CODEX

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    Detroit Become Human — is a game for PC developed by Quantic Dream that shows the life of Connor, Marcus and Kara, the androids created by CyberLife. Connor’s main task is to kill androids that have become bad, and Marcus believes that they are also living creatures, thereby Kara wants to have a family and live an ordinary life. Throughout the game, you need to make a choice that decides which android the character will become or die. History makes you go from one extreme to another, the choice can make you doubt even your own morality and beliefs in order to shape the future of the character, which will lead to an unexpected ending.

    This game has been updated 17-11-2021, 14:42 to the latest version v20211117.

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  • CountryBalls Heroes Build 7722318 (upd.17.11.2021) - PLAZA

    CountryBalls Heroes Game Free Download Torrent
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    CountryBalls Heroes — is a fast-paced and addicting turn-based strategy game that sends us to the rescue of humanity. Play the role of a brave and fearless fighter, and then take care of the composition of your own army, which will soon become the most powerful and invincible. Go to explore many locations, get valuable resources and uncover secrets covered with a veil of darkness. The main goal is to create a powerful, safe and fortified base as much as possible, as well as endow it with unique warriors who will be able to destroy any, even the most insidious opponent. The battlefield has prepared quite a few dangers and trials, so you need to take care of the arsenal of weapons, as well as drawing up a strategic action plan that will help you not only by force, but also by your ingenuity to get rid of the enemy.

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  • Neverlooted Dungeon upd.17.11.2021 (demo)

    Neverlooted Dungeon Game Free Download Torrent
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    Neverlooted Dungeon — is a first-person action-adventure RPG set in dark dungeons with numerous traps, obstacles and puzzles for the hero. The gameplay is tied to physics, and all puzzles are based on interaction with the environment. Almost Epic Adventures Neverlooted Dungeon is inspired by Ultima Underworld. The gameplay combines elements of action and sim immersive. Enter the dark dungeon world to find out if the map of the old man from the tavern, which talks about the Legendary treasure in the bowels of ancient dungeons, is true. The Neurluted Dungeon has been plundered by the most courageous adventurers for centuries. However, no one has yet managed to get out of its bowels alive.

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  • Motorcycle Mechanic Simulator 2021 Build 7728817 - CODEX

    Motorcycle Mechanic Simulator 2021 Game Free Download Torrent
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    Motorcycle Mechanic Simulator 2021 project game, which is already available to download torrent for free, is an economic management simulator American Motorcycle Simulator with elements of sandbox, casual game, racing, as well as a first-person camera view and with an emphasis on physics. Get ready to transform into a real motorcycle repair mechanic and build your very own empire from scratch. Buy used models, repair them and sell them, and the pinnacle of it all will be the opportunity to create the bike of your dreams.

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  • Forza Horizon 5 Premium Edition v1.405.2.0 + DLC + Multiplayer - FitGirl RePack

    Forza Horizon 5 Premium Edition Game Free Download Torrent
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    Forza Horizon 5 Premium Edition — is a racing arcade adventure that is ready to please us with the fifth part of the series again, with a lot of innovations and interesting events. First of all, it is worth noting the precisely worked out graphics, which will allow us to plunge headlong into the colorful, realistic world and fully feel in the place of the protagonist. You will also be pleased with the presence of a huge selection of cars, each of which lends itself to modification and from each you will be able to make something completely unique.

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  • Dice Gambit v0.2.38 (upd.17.11.2021)

    Dice Gambit Game Free Download Torrent
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    Dice Gambit — is a tactical turn-based battle game in which you will throw dice to control your characters. In this version of the game you will go through 6 missions with unique enemies, including a battle with the boss, using 3 different characters with their own set of capabilities. Adapt to bone throws. Optimize each move depending on the throw or use a repeat throw if you are in a difficult position. Combine bones to gain powerful abilities. Double or turn a few cubes into new and exciting effects. Bright and colorful world drawn by hand.

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  • Grid Force Mask Of The Goddess v2021.10.29v2

    Grid Force Mask Of The Goddess Game Free Download Torrent
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    The developers of Grid Force Mask Of The Goddess, while working on the look of their game, were inspired by posters from the 70s and original pop music from the 90s. All this allowed us to create a stylish project. Immerse yourself in a world ruled by 9 goddesses. Moreover, they rule extremely terribly and your task is to destroy them! Gather your team to fight various monsters in a small arena divided into sectors. Grid Fight — Mask of the Goddess is a stylish action strategy game with RPG elements.

    This game has been updated 17-11-2021, 11:27 to the latest version v2021.10.29v2.

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  • Hyper 5 v5 (upd.17.11.2021)

    Hyper 5 Game Free Download Torrent
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    Hyper 5 — is a cinematic shmap inspired by the classics of the golden era of the 90s. Responding to the distress signal, the reconnaissance spacecraft Hyper 5 is involved in a terrible battle with an unknown enemy. Will Hyper-5 survive the meeting on the planet 4GDT. Each of the five levels has its own environment and its own problems. Fight the enemy in the air, over land and under water. In total, you will meet more than forty different types of enemies, including five unique bosses. Task-based progress system. Complete game tests to unlock more than twenty weapon systems, as well as improve ship records in the gallery. Hyper 5 is suitable for all skill levels, offering both progressive and accurate game styles. Immerse yourself in the cinematic plot and learn the fate of Hyper 5. Test yourself in arcade mode and earn your place in the global online leaderboard.

    This game has been updated 17-11-2021, 11:14 to the latest version v5 (upd.17.11.2021).

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  • Unsouled v1.0.43.0 (upd.17.11.2021)

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    Unsouled — is an atmospheric fantasy action RPG with a top view and stylish fights, where you will learn the story of a boy and a girl whose fates are closely intertwined thanks to the general ability to absorb the souls of the dead. Follow the story of a boy and a girl whose fate is intertwined, united through a common ability to absorb the souls of the dead. Swallow the souls of the fallen and use them to build up your strength. Increase strength, learn new skills and improve fighting abilities. After completing the story, test yourself in unlimited mode and fight the incessant wave of endless enemies to see how long you can survive.

    This game has been updated 17-11-2021, 11:11 to the latest version v1.0.43.0 (upd.17.11.2021).

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