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War Platform — is a complex war in the modern world, joint operations below the saturation of local strategic and tactical weapons, about hope and the eternal theme WAR, This is a surreal game and has the largest arsenal in the world, DIY weapons on any platform, especially heavy combat weapons on the ground. Any weapon you want, rocket, cannon, laser can be equipped on a sea platform under the water platform. Also today, we will close all state-of-the-art weapons at sea. Keep up with the latest weapons and equipment in the new sea, on land and in the air, including the world’s most powerful heavy weapons from sea to air. In this game you can control a modern warship, an aircraft for large-scale operations. You can change the weapon system of the upgrade platform. This is a very free design system. Set the platform color for the weapon. With the improvement of weapons, you will be able to deal with powerful enemies, which are difficult to imagine.

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  • Tunguska The Visitation v1.40 upd.01.01.2022 - SKIDROW

    Tunguska The Visitation Game Free Download Torrent
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    Tunguska The Visitation — is a game clearly inspired by such a cult game as S.T.A.L.K.E.R., with the only difference that the view in this shooter is from a third person, and even rather from above, which makes the game related to another similar project called Fallout 1 and 2, respectively. According to the plot, the main character goes on an extremely risky journey, deep into the Siberian land, into the fall zone of the world-famous Tunguska meteorite, which left behind a strong radioactive background and did a lot of things.

    This game has been updated 1-01-2022, 07:50 to the latest version v1.40 upd.01.01.2022.

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  • Coin Treasures v1.0 upd.01.01.2022 - DARKSiDERS

    Coin Treasures Game Free Download Torrent

    Coin Treasures — is a coin pusher bulldozer on steroids that includes gradual progress, realistic physics, numerous upgrades and unlocks, and stunning graphics. Unlock the creation of artifacts. This allows you to drop artifacts that will remain in the world after you win the item. Collect treasures in a room filled with found treasures. Unlock powerful bonuses, but be careful, it also unlocks powerdown. Try to remove them from the playground to avoid temporary penalties. Collecting bonuses will give you temporary benefits. Use the synergy between enhancements to use their combined effects to earn more treasure. Unlock fun quests, complete them to get great rewards to speed up the unlocking of more.

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  • Panzer War Definitive Edition Cry of War v1.0 upd.01.01.2022 - TiNYiSO

    Panzer War Definitive Edition Cry of War Game Free Download Torrent
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    Panzer War Definitive Edition Cry of War — is a shooting game from TPS. It includes module-based damage mechanics and health-based damage mechanics. You can choose different loss mechanics in the game options. The game uses new rendering pipelines. The loss of modules is similar to War Thunder. It calculates how the projectile damages the internal modules and gives an X-ray. The loss, based on HP, is similar to World of Tanks. There is no technology tree in the game. You do not need to unlock any car.

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  • The Godkiller Chapter 1 v1.0 upd.01.01.2022 - DARKSiDERS

    The Godkiller Chapter 1 Game Free Download Torrent

    Godkiller Chapter 1 — is a puzzle adventure by Eric Hermansen, creator of Deadly Rooms of Death. Immerse yourself in 60 large-scale puzzle levels. Fold the blocks, dodge the police, die for progress and reveal the secrets of the afterlife. Godkiller offers new creative twists on classic puzzle mechanics. Instead of pushing blocks, throw them and yourself through whole levels and fold them vertically to open new routes. Instead of fearing death, accept it by killing your character to revive it in the best places.

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  • Fuck The Police v1.0 upd.01.01.2022 - SKIDROW

    Fuck The Police Game Free Download Torrent

    Fuck The Police — in the near future, protests in several major cities across the country have intensified. Clashes between activists and the authorities are escalating. You have been wrongly accused of killing the police chief. You have been marked as the number one public enemy. Make your way to survival as each cop tries to track you down. You are now the enemy of the state. The main goal of the game is to survive and protect yourself from the police. Remember that you are on the most wanted list and will be shot on the spot.

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  • Wonder Defense Chapter Earth v1.0 upd.01.01.2022 - TiNYiSO

    Wonder Defense Chapter Earth Game Free Download Torrent
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    Wonder Defense Chapter Earth — offers new ways to interact with your world, expanding your military power across the Earth. Fight an unknown alien force to find new residential areas on Mars if you survive. Try to survive against aliens of unknown origin. Improve 57 perks to survive. Collect rare minerals and help your engineers work wonders. Fight the enemy with the military units that you have. Beware of natural disasters. Complete missions to earn money. Use nuclear weapons to destroy the enemy. Deploy your troops to protect the wonders.

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  • Lucky Tlhalerwas Cybernetic Titan v1.0 upd.01.01.2022 - TiNYiSO

    Lucky Tlhalerwas Cybernetic Titan Game Free Download Torrent
    TiNYiSO Full game FREE DOWNLOAD First Release TORRENT

    Lucky Tlhalerwas Cybernetic Titan — you are played by Sergeant John Kozak, a member of the Military Invasion Service, a private military organization based on the Gem Island in Crystalville. You work with your teammate, Corporal Sebastian McGregor, in a desperate attempt to survive death, you must fight back and survive the waves of guerrilla warfare of the Global Terrorist Confederation, a terrorist organization that is trying to destroy you and everyone who wants to stand in its way. When you defeat all 23 waves, you will be able to evacuate to safety. The action of this game takes place immediately after the events of Super Incursion, this game and Super Incursion take place in the same universe.

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  • Porter in the Castle v1.0 upd.01.01.2022 - DARKSiDERS

    Porter in the Castle Game Free Download Torrent

    Porter in the Castle — feel like a porter in a medieval castle. The player needs to think about the correct order of delivery of items, because they will interfere, then the delivery of other items, everything is not as simple as it seems at first glance. This is a puzzle game. The game is a 2D platformer with unusual mechanics of delivering things in place. You can’t kill anyone in the game. It’s more about research and entertainment. We pick up things and deliver them to places.

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  • Escape The Tank v1.0 upd.01.01.2022 - DARKSiDERS

    Escape The Tank Game Free Download Torrent

    Escape The Tank — solo project, this is the first game that was developed by one developer who implemented his skills to work with the game engine. This is a simple three-dimensional game platform, which takes place inside the aquarium. 20 different levels to pass and 1 secret level. Explore the tank, avoid dangers, solve problems and jump to find a way out. It’s simple enough, but it’s surprisingly fun to play. Game is not a blockbuster triple class A, but it is hoped that this simple game can inspire others to try to learn to evolve. The developer promises to constantly improve this game over time. a remake of this game will be released here sometime in the future, but the time frame within which this will happen is unknown. Jump on it now before the price goes up with the next update.

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