V696 Build 7996206 upd.11.01.2022 - PLAZA

V696 Game Free Download Torrent

V696 is a first-person horror thriller. He guides the person through the signs in the game and prompts to understand the story. With these tips, the player has an idea of the location of objects that can be found in the game. You have to follow the pointers, read the texts carefully and use your imagination to solve the mystery. We recommend that you do not play this game if you have a previous gin, metaphysical and spiritual history that you do not want to look back on. 8D sounds and real experience are used. It tells the story of Satan’s family, who returned to their village 25 years after leaving the village and were never heard from again.

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  • Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade v1.001 upd.11.01.2022 - CODEX

    Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade Game Free Download Torrent
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    Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade is an RPG adventure game, now released in an updated guise and inviting once again to immerse yourself in the adventures of a mercenary named Cloud. Mako reactors in this world have long been a resource, allowing corporations to control the entire world. But the time has come to fight back one of the most powerful corporations, and you, as a mercenary with the callsign Cloud, will do just that. You will have to go on a top-secret operation, fight the enemy, and try to destroy the enemy, along the way finding out a lot of interesting things about the protagonists past.

    This game has been updated 11-01-2022, 10:05 to the latest version v1.001 upd.11.01.2022.

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  • The Company Man v1.05 upd.11.01.2022 - DARKSiDERS

    The Company Man Game Free Download Torrent
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    Fight with the corporate machine in — The Company Man. A 2D adventure in which you can beat your crazy colleagues with the keyboard and shoot at evil bosses with emails. Survive in working life and fulfill your life path to the position of CEO. Jim is finally graduating from university, ready to begin his epic career at the Good Water Company. But everything quickly turns into madness as he struggles to keep his job.

    This game has been updated 11-01-2022, 09:49 to the latest version v1.05 upd.11.01.2022.

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  • Mars Horizon v1.4.1.0 upd.11.01.2022 - CODEX

    Mars Horizon Game Free Download Torrent
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    In game Mars Horizon, you operate a large space agency leading it from the dawn of the space age and transforming humanity into a multi-planetary form, landing astronauts on Mars. Will you strive to be ahead of other agencies or focus on testing and research? There are several ways to make sure that the first man on Mars is under your command. Any choice matters: will you invest in the most advanced technologies or take risks in the rapid movement to the red planet? Using real events and missions as inspiration, can you deal with the challenges that real space agencies face? Management is a vital aspect of the Mars Horizon.

    This game has been updated 11-01-2022, 09:46 to the latest version v1.4.1.0 upd.11.01.2022.

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  • LiBER v1.0 upd.11.01.2022 - CODEX

    LiBER Game Free Download Torrent
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    LiBER — Adventures in time. What happens if an ordinary student gets his hands on an ancient book with the texts of a forgotten civilization that can transport the reader through space and time. Find out in Liber’s action-adventure, where fragments of past eras are jumbled together like a kaleidoscope. We all dreamed of adventures full of mysteries and mysticism, dreamed of finding ourselves in unusual situations and emerging from them as heroes. Solve riddles, fight enemies, fight adversity and help the main character Alex unravel the hidden meaning of Lieber. We have to reveal the plot of the game at the same time from the point of view of two completely different characters.

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  • ENOH Build 7888515 upd.11.01.2022 - P2P

    ENOH Game Free Download Torrent
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    ENOH — horror-survival with a first-person view. The school is temporarily closed due to a series of unclear events. You become a medium and resist ghosts to break the magic of school bitterness. The disappearance of a missing student. Can you stop all the spirits in the school and restore peace in the school. Avoiding ghosts, you have to put Offuda in each class, solve puzzles and suppress ghosts in all classes. The location of Ofud is determined randomly within a certain range of each class. Please use the flashlight to find a place. There are tips and tricks in classes other than regular classes. Use them to your advantage. The main character has no opportunity to fight.

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  • MAGICAL DEATHPAIR v1.0 upd.11.01.2022 - DARKSiDERS

    MAGICAL DEATHPAIR Game Free Download Torrent

    MAGICAL DEATHPAIR — is an adventure game in which sixteen witches find themselves in a game not for life but for death. This game contains scenes of outright bloody and sexual content. November 2020 in a world where witches secretly guard the peace of Tokyo. The sudden appearance of the monster causes a huge increase in the number of missing. The sixteen best witches go to deal with the problem and find themselves in a game not for life but for death. You can enjoy the illustration and comments of the creator of the game Yatsunagi to MAGICAL DEATHPAIR.

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  • Medieval Arms upd.11.01.2022 - TiNYiSO

    Medieval Arms Game Free Download Torrent
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    Medieval Arms — this game is best described as a single-player version of the battlefield; instead of playing against other players in the traditional conquest mode, you fight with characters controlled by a computer. There is no multiplayer, only a single game. You can choose from three different classes, each of which brings something unique. The object of the game is to hold the flags of the base until you run out of enemy tickets and then you win the game.

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  • Cramits Keep Build 7997075 upd.11.01.2022 - DARKSiDERS

    Cramits Keep Game Free Download Torrent

    Cramits Keep — high in the Crescent Peaks, the supreme magician Kramit imprisoned his son for disobedience. The Archmages Fortress is constantly changing it’s an endless maze where the door may never lead to the same room twice. Locked inside, Kramit Jr. must fight to escape, saving his life. Make your way through the lower dungeons of Kramits Fortress. Engage in battle with many enemies and fight the evil Archmage. Adjust spells, powers and Cramits characteristics. Create unique structures to clear as many rooms as possible before enemies crush you.

    738.15 MB
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  • Runewaker Build 8001272 upd.11.01.2022 - PLAZA

    Runewaker Game Free Download Torrent
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    Runewaker — the desert city of Rune fell, its inhabitants went mad. Explore a once great city and use magical symbols to defeat terrible enemies and defeat a corrupt government in this first-person soul. Improve your statistics and improve your skills, look for the most useful equipment and open short paths, fight in the deepest depths with many dangerous enemies. Meet non-game characters to help you on your difficult journey, and improve your collection by fighting scary bosses and looting unexplored corners of Runewaker.

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