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American Truck Simulator International 9900i Game Free Download Torrent
A longtime truck driver, the 9900i is making a triumphant return. American Truck Simulator International 9900i is a classic long-haul tractor that embodies your independent spirit without compromising on comfort, durability, power or efficiency. Feel at home during the long journey. The 9900i is efficient and designed to make drivers look good and improve your company’s profits. The all-aluminum cabin of the 9900i has a long service life, lower weight and maximum fuel economy. No other truck in the International portfolio is like the 9900i. From the swivel radiator grille to the forward-facing front axle, seagull wing bumper and classic wing lines, the 9900i is what big truck drivers dream of. Drive to the nearest American Truck Simulator and add Eagle to your fleet.
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  • Anna VS the A I maze v1.0 upd.13.05.2022 - DARKSiDERS

    Anna VS the A I maze Game Free Download Torrent
    Anna VS the A I maze — a physics-based platformer in which you emerge from a virtual maze. Solve a few mini-puzzles, fight with mechanical bosses and demonstrate amazing platformer skills based on physics, using jumps and hobbies. Elements based on physics have been the focus of the gameplay, hope you enjoy them. Onions are also very popular, both for capturing and for fighting some enemies. It was not easy to set up a sight to work with both the controller and the mouse, but hope it will be interesting to use. There are some elements of a random platformer, as well as some more complex elements of an accurate platformer. The game was created for a younger relative who is well versed in platformers, but everyone will like it. It also has several time modes in which the player can test their skills after the campaign.
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  • Dwarfenstein v1.0 upd.13.05.2022 - SKIDROW

    Dwarfenstein Game Free Download Torrent
    Dwarfenstein — fight countless waves of enemies in this storyline combination of first person shooter and Tower Defense. Powered by intense heavy metal, you bring death to various creatures in different worlds. Kill, collect crystals, raise the level, die and be reborn. Created entirely by a one-man team over four years. You play as a dwarf, or rather as a dwarf in space. Descendant of a powerful dwarf civilization that self-destructed thousands of years ago. Having lost your own planet, you are now wandering the galaxy to find your new home under the guidance of an amazing robot. Each of them with new enemies and secrets. After the campaign, survival mode opens. You play endless waves, defending your base in a certain arena with each ACT.
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  • Line War Build 8724948 upd.13.05.2022

    Line War Game Free Download Torrent
    Full game FREE DOWNLOAD Latest version TORRENT
    Line War is a strategy game where all actions will take place in real time, and we go to the open spaces of a dynamically developing, unpredictable world. You need to take control of the main character a brave and fearless leader of the army, who enters the battlefield with insidious opponents, winning victory after victory. As you follow, you must independently choose the size of your army, as well as constantly develop it in order to destroy a stronger enemy. Do not forget to take care of the combat arsenal, which should always contain powerful weapons and defense attributes.
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  • MythForce v0.3.2.0 upd.13.05.2022

    MythForce Game Free Download Torrent
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    MythForce — is a first-person action game with roguelike elements. The project was developed by Beamdog, known for Baldurs Gate Siege of Dragonspear and Axis and Allies 1942 Online. The game takes place in a magical fantasy land inspired by American cartoons from the 80s. Players take on the role of adventurers as they explore an underground world full of monsters and traps. MythForce is an action game in which the events are observed from the first person. The game revolves around expeditions to dungeons full of monsters and traps. The combat is very arcade-like, we use white weapons, bows and magic.

    This game has been updated 13-05-2022, 13:25 to the latest version v0.3.2.0 upd.13.05.2022.

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  • Effigy The Descent v1.0 upd.13.05.2022 - TiNYiSO

    Effigy The Descent Game Free Download Torrent
    TiNYiSO Full game FREE DOWNLOAD First Release TORRENT
    Effigy The Descent is a game developed by a team of 10 students during a 4 month project in parallel with regular courses. You play as a lost explorer who has to go to a cursed cave in search of artifacts, your only chance for freedom. Descent into hell through a progressive trail of statues that will come for you when you are not looking at them. The statues are stopped by the light. Your lantern is your best tool at your disposal, you need to be careful when using it to get further in the cave.
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  • The Centennial Case A Shijima Story Build 8603566 upd.13.05.2022 - DARKSiDERS

    The Centennial Case A Shijima Story Game Free Download Torrent
    The Centennial Case A Shijima Story — is an Full Motion Video adventure game in which most of the action takes place in the form of video sequences with actors. The project was developed by Square Enix. The protagonist of the game is Japanese writer Haruka Kagami, who specializes in detective stories. A woman takes on the task of solving a series of murders involving members of the powerful Shijima family. Crimes were committed for a hundred years. The first murder took place in 1922, followed by others in 1972 and 2022.
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  • Vesper The Age of Zero Light upd.13.05.2022 - TiNYiSO

    Vesper The Age of Zero Light Game Free Download Torrent
    Vesper The Age of Zero Light is a platform game inspired by the classics of the 90s, in which you will go on a journey with a seemingly harmless android, on which the fate of his entire race will depend. The events of the game take place on some destroyed planet in ruins, where a great race once flourished, and now there is nothing left but ruins and enemies that are eager to destroy everything in their path. Pursued by those same enemies, robots and ruthless killers, the main character must learn to control the light and get to the bottom of the truth. defeat Evil and try to revive the race in its former glory. It’s just that it won’t be easy to do so.
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  • Riftbound v1.0 upd.13.05.2022 - TiNYiSO

    Riftbound Game Free Download Torrent
    TiNYiSO Full game FREE DOWNLOAD First Release TORRENT
    Riftbound — is a role-playing adventure tower defense in the fantasy genre with an isometric look. In this game you can summon new spirits and discover options for their development. Change the defense strategy right during the battle. Choose from more than 40 spells, combinations and development options. A fun story campaign awaits you a journey through the Enchanted Forest and the conquest of the Snow Mountains, protecting the land from the impending threat. The heart of the forest will help you close the dark rift. The game is designed for gamers on the PC, it supports widescreen mode, keyboard, mouse and controllers, and has great graphics. In addition, it has added several features that make the game accessible to all users.
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  • House Flipper Pets Build 8727030 upd.13.05.2022 - FLT

    House Flipper Pets Game Free Download Torrent

    Will you find a place for someone special in a newly renovated house. House Flipper Pets you will have the opportunity to take care of a wonderful companion and have a great time together. Your new furry buddy presents one of the ten popular dog or cat breeds, but that’s not the end of the great news! DLC will also allow you to choose between other animal species such as rabbits, turtles, parrots or hamsters. Take your new pet, take care of him and make him feel loved. Make sure you spend a lot of time playing games, teaching them, and creating comfort in your new home. Build a unique relationship with your charming neighbor.

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