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POSTAL Brain Damaged — is a retro shooter spin-off to the series of the same name. This time your hero, the same fearless and insane Dude, finds himself in a real house of sorrow. Something is clearly going on here, and the patients and orderlies themselves are gradually turning into real monsters. Perhaps the nurse is to blame for this, who is distributing some creepy medicine, but her involvement has yet to be proven. An absolutely incredible and abnormal adventure awaits you inside the walls of an insane asylum.

This game has been updated 9-06-2022, 16:12 to the latest version Build 8904334 upd.09.06.2022.

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  • Spacelines from the Far Out Build 8869037 upd.09.06.2022 - DARKSiDERS

    Spacelines from the Far Out Game Free Download Torrent

    Spacelines from the Far Out — is an unusual game that combines the features of a business simulator and a space adventure. Go into space aboard a ship, travel, deal with tons of emergency situations and just enjoy the leisurely and fun atmosphere. Now you are the owner of a space travel and transportation company, and you have to do everything possible to make your company recognizable and popular. But it will be very difficult to achieve this. You will have to deal with heaps of problems, solve various problems, please passengers, and not only.

    1.90 GB
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  • Builder Simulator v1.0 upd.09.06.2022 - DOGE

    Builder Simulator Game Free Download Torrent
    DOGE Full game FREE DOWNLOAD First Release TORRENT

    Builder Simulator — for those wishing to master the profession of a builder. Thanks to this project, you can completely, independently build a house. Gradually master a variety of technologies. There are several levels of difficulty, at the simplest one you will have hints and help, on the difficult one you have to cope completely on your own. Here you can satisfy your zeal for construction work. You will be able to build not only ordinary houses. Create shops, industrial buildings. It should be noted that you will have all the necessary equipment and tools at your disposal. They are quite realistic. Use them wisely. It is necessary to ensure that construction materials are always available at the construction site in full.

    This game has been updated 15-06-2022, 07:07 to the latest version v1.0 upd.09.06.2022.

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  • At Dead Of Night Build 8600699 upd.09.06.2022

    At Dead Of Night Game Free Download Torrent
    Full game FREE DOWNLOAD Latest version TORRENT

    At Dead Of Night — horror movie that former game composer Tim Fallin has worked on for several years. The story tells about the misadventures of a student Maya, who wanted to hide from the approaching night in one of the local hotels, but eventually fell into the clutches of a serial killer and now has to fight not only for her life, but also for the lives of those fellow travelers who were also not lucky enough to stay in this unfortunate place. Also, the heroine will have to find out the secrets of the old hotel, communicating with its disembodied inhabitants. But she will have to be careful, since not all forgotten secrets want to be revealed.

    This game has been updated 9-06-2022, 11:24 to the latest version Build 8600699 upd.09.06.2022.

    5.1 GB
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  • Breath of Ghosts Build 8756392 upd.09.05.2022 - DARKSiDERS

    Breath of Ghosts Game Free Download Torrent

    Breath of Ghosts — a first-person horror, made in realistic 3D graphics, which immerses you in an atmosphere of horror and scares in every way. The gameplay consists of collecting notes, clues and scary photos, solving puzzles and escaping from various creatures or ghosts, as well as other mechanics inherent in any horror game. The main goal is to survive and escape. Our whole world is filled with one or another type of energy, even in a completely empty space, according to scientists, there will be a huge amount of energy that humanity has not yet been able to use for their own needs. And where there is energy, there are living beings.

    1.56 GB
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  • MORDHAU Build 24 upd.09.06.2022

    MORDHAU Game Free Download Torrent
    Full game FREE DOWNLOAD Latest version TORRENT

    MORDHAU is a multiplayer role-playing game in the setting of the Middle Ages, where you will fight with numerous opponents in a variety of conditions. Fight, kill, defend, besiege locks and just have fun. Initially, the developers of this project was positioned as a simulator of a siege of castles, in which players could feel to the fullest, like this, besiege locks, move over walls, grab key points and fight shoulder to shoulder with other warriors. But now it is not just a simulator, but also a medieval action game. Now here you will be engaged not only in sieges.

    This game has been updated 9-06-2022, 11:03 to the latest version Build 24 upd.09.06.2022.

    30.9 GB
  • Cantata v0.1.2 upd.09.06.2022

    Cantata Game Free Download Torrent
    Early Access FREE DOWNLOAD Latest version TORRENT

    Cantata — is a strategy game with an emphasis on deep combat tactics, set in a fantasy world of the future. All the action takes place in a strange universe where the world is divided into 10 factions, but there are 3 bases of their direction, these are aliens, people and robots. Each side of the conflict has its own types of weapons, as well as different buildings and technologies. This makes the game for any of the parties unique in its own way. The scene itself is a different planet, and the goal of the game is to expand its power to new territories.

    This game has been updated 9-06-2022, 16:25 to the latest version v0.1.2 upd.09.06.2022.

    750 MB
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  • Per Aspera v1.7.2 upd.04.06.2022

    Per Aspera Game Free Download Torrent
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    Per Aspera — is a real-time building strategy game set on Mars. The game is sci-fi oriented, which means that all technologies and buildings are quite realistic, and can be used in the future when colonizing the Red Planet. You have to play as a developed artificial intelligence, the goal of which is to build a prosperous colony on Mars, and make the planet habitable before people settle on it. To do this, you need to terraform Mars, changing the atmosphere on it to suit the needs of man.

    1.5 GB
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  • Rebel Inc Escalation v1.2.0.4 upd.07.06.2022

    Rebel Inc Escalation Game Free Download Torrent
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    Rebel Inc Escalation — Strategic simulator about politics and war from the creators of Plague Inc. Find a balance between rival civilian and military interests to attract supporters and prevent rebels from seizing power. But, they immediately deceive us. According to associations with the first part, we had to shut up some kind of rebel organization and organize coups. But, in fact, we find ourselves on the other side of the barricades. We are such a provisional government in a country where a 10-year war has recently taken place with foreign intervention and internal political struggle. And our main goal is to stabilize the region by rebuilding the economy, and other delights.

    460 MB
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  • Northend Tower Defense v0.1.6 upd.09.06.2022

    Northend Tower Defense Game Free Download Torrent
    Early Access FREE DOWNLOAD Latest version TORRENT

    Northend Tower Defense — is a brand new take on the waning tower defense genre. Not only is the game made in style and pleasing to the eye, you will find cool action with explosions and cool shootouts. To protect the fortified area, you will have 8 unique types of soldiers. Each type has its own characteristics, which you must learn to use correctly. Battles will take place on a small map where you need to hold back the enemy attack. To do this, correctly arrange not only your soldiers, but also various military equipment. During the battle, you will be able to upgrade many skills more than 40 upgrades for each round.

    This game has been updated 9-06-2022, 04:04 to the latest version v0.1.6 upd.09.06.2022.

    352 MB
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